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Thank you very much!

Good luck with sales ! :)


Excellent template, I am considering buying.

One problem, though. Menu looks strange on iPad.


Could you fix it, plz?

Thank you for the comment. What do you find strange about it? The colors for the drop down menu on mobile devices was a design decision but we are always open to suggestions for improvement.

In any case they can easily be changed with CSS so if you purchase and would like to change the mobile menu colors we can help you with the necessary CSS.

> What do you find strange about it?

The way it drops down and pushes the main slider off the screen. I think the menu is supposed to stay on the top when opened.

I see what you mean. This is the mobile functionality of the Foundation 3 menu that is used on the iPad portrait layout and below. The regular menu becomes cramped within the 768 resolution so it automatically adjusts to this mobile style menu. If you turn the iPad into landscape mode you will see the full menu.

Here is some more information about the Foundation 3 menu : http://foundation.zurb.com/docs/navigation.php That functionality can also be controlled with CSS so if you would like to customize the menu to have the standard appearance in iPad portrait mode we can help you with that.

gud 1. best of luck


Our thanks to all of you who have purchased Haiku, we hope you’re enjoying it so far! We will be releasing an update early this week with some bug fixes and some refinements to the full install and demo content. If anyone has any bugs they would like to report or features they would like to request please let us know. If you need support please sign up for the support forum (http://refaktor.co/support) and read the forum rules on how to gain access (http://refaktor.co/support/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=3).

I am really enjoying this theme. It is very easy to implement and the design is quite clean and professional. Without doing anything the theme shows great in my mobile device too. Quite happy so far.

Thank you for your business and for the kind words, we greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for the nice theme. Need you to point me to the documentation page for Haiku. I also would like to know if there is a way to add more colors to it. Thanks!

Thank you for the purchase. The documentation can be found right inside the theme in the /documentation folder. In answer to your second question yes you can customize the theme any way you’d like. I saw that you registered for the forum (same username) so I will give you posting access. Go ahead and ask your customization support questions in the forum.

Hi, I don’t know if you prefer to post issues here or in your forum. Please let me know.

I found that the slogan overlaps with other content in several pages. See for example: http://conductual.com/user

The photos of the people seem also to overlap with the person name in mobile phones.

We do prefer to use the forum, it makes it much easier to manage support. This issue may require some discussion back and forth so please register for our forum at http://refaktor.co/support and contact us using the following form with your forum username for posting access http://themeforest.net/user/refaktor#from Then you can post your question on the forum and we can help with support.

Thank you for your business and for your patience and understanding.

Hello everyone. Just a quick note to everyone who has taken the time to leave a rating. First of all we thank you very much for doing so as ratings are very helpful. If anyone feels that the theme deserves less than 5 stars (which is completely fine as you have every right to your opinion) please do us a favor and let us know what you don’t like about the theme or what caused you issues.

We take customer feedback very seriously and we do our best to help customers with any issue they may have. We always welcome constructive feedback and criticism so don’t be shy!

Once again a huge thank you to our customers for your business and to those who have taken the time to rate the theme. We greatly appreciate it.

Love the theme, however I am attempting to make some changes. I’ve signed up at the forum, but it says I can’t post or reply to anything. Could you help??

Absolutely. What is your forum username? I will get you access right away.

Great, thanks! It’s rwebber1977

Alright you’re all set! We look forward to helping you in the forums.

Hello, just bought it from France. Looked after a file text with a tutorial? What to do with the folder? Drupal is the normal cms? Haiku is the Them? so you just have to send and install drupal, and then download the folder haiku? what about the two others folders? haiki_custom and documentation? Thank you very much.

As I said im my previous reply you need to tell me your forum username so I can give you posting access.

If you did the full Drupal install and imported the SQL file we provide then you do not need to use the Haiku Custom Content module. That module is only for people who use Haiku with an existing Drupal install so they can easily install all the Views data and content types. All of that is already installed for you with the full install.

ok, my username is tykern… tank you!

You’re all set!

I’ve registered for the support fourm but I can’t post. Username is dc4u2. Thanks, Debbie

Thank you for registering. You now have posting access and we look forward to talking with you in the forums.

Hi! Can you tell me, (im new to CMS themes here), am i able to install Haiku theme as a theme-only on my current drupal installation? I have many functional modules and content which needs to be preserved. Am i still able to configure this theme when i do?

Thank you.


Yes absolutely, we offer both the full install as well as well as just the standalone theme for people that already have a full install with their own content and modules. We even offer a custom features module that will install all the views data, content types and custom fields necessary to take full advantage of all the features of the theme.

Thank you! Going to prepare my site now, and play arround with this theme in the weekend :)

Thank you for the purchase! If you run into issues please register for our support forum as it is our preferred method of handling support. you can register here: http://refaktorthemes.com/support and then just reply with your username for posting access.

Hello there, there is a problem with IE8. I would like to know how to fix it. The Menu on the top loses all the style and goes to the right. Here is a preview of the error. I hope you can help me http://www.screencast.com/t/kfK6lvZh


For future support questions please refer to our forum as it is our preferred method of handling support. Register and reply with your username for posting access. Thank you.

Which version are you using? We just released an update yesterday that includes some IE8 fixes. You can download the latest version from your downloads tab here on ThemeForest.

Unfortunately it is quite difficult to achieve the exact style in IE8 and below. We do our best to make sure we get as much functionality as we can out of the older browsers. The update did include some menu fixes so please try the latest version which will improve the appearance of the menu in IE8.

Thank you for your purchase, we really appreciate your business.

Hi there, great theme! I’m having some difficulties with it though, I register on the forum but it seems that I need to be approved before posting please help.

1- I really didn’t like the idea of having to edit the CSS for the subheadings so I went ahead and removed them! (Don’t really need them) 2- I don’t seem to be able to display my custom logo, I followed the Drupal steps (Appearance-Toggle Logo off -browse an image and save) it shows there the name of my image but the site is displaying the Site’s name in letters (not in a bitmap) any ideas?

Thank you in advance

Hello, thank you for the purchase! I’m sorry you’re having difficulties but don’t worry we’ll work with you to overcome them. Yes you’re right you needed approval for the forum but seeing as you used the same username I went ahead and gave you posting approval.

We actually have our own option for that under the theme settings. Visit /admin/appearance/settings/haiku and click under the Header tab in the left hand menu and edit the Branding option.

Once again you have forum access now so go ahead and post as many questions as you need there!

The support is amazing! I regret that I had made so many changes on the CSS files but it seems to be working ok so far, I got the logo to work. Thank you for the amazing customer service!

You’re very welcome, thanks again for your business! Look forward to speaking again in the forums.

I need help doing a clean full install. I followed the steps in the documentation….but i’m stock in the middle

1. Created a blank database and imported the SQL file that came with the theme. 2. Follow the steps to create the settings.php file. 3. Copy the entire contents of the Drupal_7 folder to my sub-domain 4. copy the settings.php to sites/default 5. When I point to the url…it is asking me to do a clean installation with the two default installation profiles a. Standard (Install with commonly used features pre-configured) and b. Minimal (Start with only a few modules enable).

This is where I’m stock at… 4. Login to your site with the username Steve and the password admin and visit /admin/people to change the admin username….


Did you edit the settings.php file and add the info for your database? If not you will need to open /sites/default/settings.php file and enter the information for your database. You will want to replace line 213 with the following and just add the necessary information for your database:

$databases‘default’ = array( ‘driver’ => ‘mysql’, ‘database’ => ‘databasename’, ‘username’ => ‘username’, ‘password’ => ‘password’, ‘host’ => ‘localhost’, ‘prefix’ => ’’, );

If you’re still stuck please follow up on the forum as we prefer to not use the comments here for support. Thanks!

thanks…I will surely do that

@aspa124 Just edit the settings.php and add the username and password of the database you’ve created. It works like a charm!

Thank you for offering help, you beat me to it!

Why not sharing what we can :) I’ll have some questions later that only you could answer! thanks again!

@Aurumnonvulgi – Thanks. it works.

Glad you got it sorted out. As I mentioned in my reply to your question please post any follow up questions in the forum. Thanks!

Love this theme, however, tried to load cck editor. Shows up in the modules folder on the server, but not listed in modules listing on the site.

Thank you for the purchase, we appreciate your business.

That doesn’t sound theme related as modules are global regardless of the theme you are using. Switch to the default theme to confirm, I’m sure you’ll find the same issue.

Also for support please refer to our forum as it is our preferred method of handling support. You can register at http://refaktorthemes.com/support and then reply here with your username for posting access.