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wow, it’s great theme. Congrats ..

finally WP – nice! But navi doesn’t work on iPhone 5… ;)

Sticky menu is disabled on mobile, see my other comment about it. Menu bar doesn’t fit so we have a dropdown instead.

alrighty right – thanks!


If you want to give us feedback, please do so via our profile page.

As we have already explained, this theme has been fully tested on iphone, the menu is working fine. If you scroll up slightly from the screenshot you posted the menu is there, it remains at the top on mobile because it is not a sticky menu as on mobile resolution there is not enough screen space for such a menu.

nice! but nav doesnt stick on iphone4

that’s by design. On mobile you don’t have enough vertical space so sticky nav is disabled.

Looks fantastic, wish you the best with sales. Congrats!


is the background image included and licenced? if not, could you tell me where to buy it?

best regards, N

Hi, The background image is not included in the download package but is for demo purposes only. You will have to ask the designer about it’s source. (See the note at bottom of the description page)

nice concept. good luck with sales

Nice. Good luck with sales!

This may sound silly, but with this theme, can I create pages to put the “About” content on, etc… so that it’s not all on one long scrolling home page?

Like, how the blog is separate than all the others?

yep, that’s possible. Each section is technically a page already, for instance here’s portfolio:

Great! Love the layout and splash page.

I had the same question as chrisluck…Single page is great and simplified which I like but I would like to know more about your focus on SEO.

If you are in Firefox 20.0.1 and navigate to a section of the page via anchor menu and then jump to the blog and then back to any other “page” on the menu page takes you to whatever previous selection you had navigated to previously before you visited the blog instead. I’m guessing its just firefox remembering what part of a page section you were reading before. Any way to override that?

Also any way to stick the nav to iphone or have an option at the bottom of the posts page? It seems strange to have to navigate all the way to the top.

I guess so because i cannot really replicate this with my firefox.

Looks like the issue only occurs when I x out the pixelentity menu overlay, If I keep the menu overlay up while browsing It works fine :)

oh, yeah, that makes sense now.

this theme looks really cool. but i have some questions/doubts: 1 – there is a video sample to see the implementation of the splash page? how it works? The image background can be a slideshow? 2 – The portfolio thumbs in the homepage can be with different proportions, to respect the original photos? 3 – The portfolio single page can be without the right column? 4 – Can i give a diferent name to the projects custom format posts?


  1. The splash image is fixed, cannot be a slideshow
  2. Portfolio thumbs must all have the same size
  3. That would require javascript customization
  4. You mean the slug ? then you’ll have to edit the custom post type

For the Portfolio section,

Can a vimeo/youtube video be in the place of the featured image without loading the project fully?

No, project preview in porfolio must be an image

Hello guys from Bitfade!

I Love Your theme and looking forward to buy it!

Before i do that – i have to know:

- is ist possible to create a “products”-Page which is shown as menuepoint in The Main Navigation and also On The Main scrolling Page?


i’m not sure if i understood what you’d like to do, could you please add more details ?

I Need a menuepoint like “contact” which are Display my Services/products. But This menuepoint also Must be a Part of The scroll-Mainpage!


Yeah that’s possible but if you want a menu link to point to the separate page and the main page section, you will need 2 menu items. For the 2nd menu item you would use a custom url item type, while the first one would scroll to that section as normal.

I’m trying to make sure I understand. We cannot load a video instead of a image on the portfolio/project drop down? Great theme! If that can work I will definitely be purchasing.

No, video (and slider) are only supported in the project page which is the one that you reach by clicking “continue reading” button as seen in the last row of portfolio.


Version 1.0.1 – now available

24/04/2013, 1.18.06 CEST

If you have purchased this item before this comment then you got version 1.0.0 and need to update to version 1.0.1

Either download the theme again from your download page on Themeforest and update the whole theme folder via ftp or follow the instruction in this thread to manually overwrite the single updated file

If you have purchased and downloaded this theme after this comment, then you have the latest version already and no further steps are required. Enjoy.


Firstly the Theme Options are so easy to follow and this theme is great. I need help with getting rid of some of the social media links at the bottom on the page. Specifically I just want to have the facebook and twitter icons.

How can I hide the rest?


Hi and thanks for your nice feedback,

please post your question in our support forum, staff will help as soon as possible

Hi folks,

Theme looks very slick – well done.

Does it support shortcodes for pricing tables, accordations, blockquotes and so on?

Cheers, G

Hi, thanks

no, only what is shown in the preview

Hi Do you think, HalfCreative can be multilingual? Where I can put the menu languages ??on the homepage? thanks in advance your theme looks great

We do ship a wpml-config.xml in the theme, however wpml (or other multi language plugin) integration (as in where/how to place the language menu) would be on you because to offer support for 3rd party plugin is not feasible for us.

Great work F.

thanks J