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WHy only one staff appear on the page? Thanks

Just checked our preview and all 4 staff members are shown in the “about us” section.

what i mean was,mine was showed only 2 staffs after i imported from demo content. So what do you think the problem?thanks

Hi, This kind of support is only available to our confirmed customers. Your comment is not showing the “purchased” badge. If you have purchased the theme from another account, you can head over to our support forum and register there using your purchase code. Our staff will then help you out.


I am trying to create a page that will allow me to utilize widgets, without it being a blog layout. Every time I try and add a widget to the default page template, it never takes.

Any suggestions?

Also, is there a way to get Instagram and Vimeo social icons?



please head to our support forum and create a new thread there, staff will help as soon as possible


I have an issue with this theme. Once i press the send button in the contact form nothing happens not even, email was sent message or error message.



please head to our support forum and create a new thread there, staff will help as soon as possible.


How do I change the main picture behind the logo on the home page?

That’s changed via the home page template’s custom options (under editor)


please check Docs “9.3 Page template: Home”

hi, does the the theme support drop down menu’s

Hi tinavive,

no, only top level menu items are supported.

Excellent design !! I like it that’s why I wish you more sales in the future :D

Hi. When I first installed the theme, I added 4 staff members. Now I’m trying to add new ones but it’s not working. I can enable/disable old members though. How can I solve this problem? I checked page-staff.php, meta->staff always returns old members. Newly added ones does not show up. This is annoying :/


please head to our support forum and create a new thread there, staff will help as soon as possible.

Hi bitfade,

I really love your theme. Before I buy it I have just one question. I want to use it as a photography portfolio. The Google Images gallery style is very nice. I just don’t need to click on a button to go to a dedicated page. Can I change what is visible in the light grey area once I’ve clicked on a thumbnail? Right now it shows left the image and right text + button. Can I make it show multiple images, or make the image itself open lightbox? Also, is the gallery limited to 9 images?

I hope to hear from you. - Koen


The portfolio grid is not limited to 9 images, you can insert as many as you like there. Unfortunately though, the expanded preview content cannot be varied without customization of the theme. The button can be removed though, so the link to the single page doesn’t appear, but please note that your text content there is very limited in that case. Only one image is supported there and no lightbox either. To achieve those things, would require customization.

Hi, beautiful theme, I’m interested in purchasing it but I wondered how hard it is to change the text that appears on the front (alternating at the beginning) as well as the logo there above it. Thanks!

Hi, If by “change” you mean, to swap the existing text and logo fro your own, then that’s super easy via the theme admin functions. But if you mean, changing their layout/composition, that’s not as easy.

Hi there,

How hard would it be to use this theme but build out sections similar to this site?


Essentially, I’m wondering if this theme supports columns and other shortcodes so I can build some custom sections. Let me know.


Hi, That link shows a website with full width content in each section. This theme can only support one homepage splash section which is full width, the remainder is boxed. So I don’t think its a good choice if you want a result similar to that link.

Hi there,

I’m interested in purchasing this theme for my upcoming project.

I would like to know if I can customize the contact form? Like adding more fields and dropdown option.

Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks a bunch.

Hi, No unfortunately not. For that you would need to use a form building plugin such as gravity forms.

I am new to Wordpress and working with themes, so please excuse the naivety of this question. I’m interested in using this theme for my personal portfolio, so would like to include a résumé section instead of a team section. Is this possible?


all features included in the theme are shown in the demo, anything else would require you to customize theme files.

Please make it retina proof :)

Hi, We took care of the HTML—>WP conversion, this feature was not part of the feature set of the original template, but if the original authors ever adds it, we’ll gladly port it to Wp.

Hello, I really want to buy your theme, but I have one question.

- My website gonna be a News feed(blog) page. But, also will have others blog page with other author in other pages.

For example:


-Home -News feed (blog page) - blogpost Autor: Leon - blogpost Autor: Jonas -Contact -Guides —-Jax (subpage from Guides) - blogpost - blogpost —-Ammy (subpage from Guides) - blogpost - blogpost —-Dennys (subpage from Guides) - blogpost - blogpost

In other words. blogpost from Dennys, have to just appear on Dennys Page. And, News feed, have to appear just blogpost from Leon and Jonas.

Got it? :D:D

Please, I need to know this fast.

Thanks a lot.


The theme supports multiple blog pages. On each blog page you can specify that posts only appear based on either a specific category or tag, which means that you would need to use a specific tag or category for each of your authors, then you would be able to filter the posts shown in each blog page based on this tag/category.

Another thing you would need to consider is the main menu. This theme does not support sub menu items, so there is a limit on how many items you can insert in the main menu. You should keep this in mind.

Its OK. The menu pages and submenus it is just a example. Can you answer me about edit one page on php?

Hi, Yes you can edit the php page template files if you need to, they are in the theme root directory. However because your external API modification is not part of the built-in theme features, we will not be able to offer support on that specific work.

I will implement on a page, a system that uses API. So I have to edit some code in PHP / HTML. Is this possible?

Answered in your other comment.


Could you tell me why the youtube video in this site im trying to build will not play?

Also in relation to the slider is there a setting that will just resize the images to to sliders dimensions?

Many thanks


please head to our support forum and create a new thread in the appropriate subforum. Our staff will help as soon as possible.

Hi, I am wanting to buy this theme, but here is my question: does this theme work well with an Ecommerce plugin? If so, which one would you recommend for it?

Thanks :]


halfcreative is a one page theme, as such, it may not be the best choice for an e-commerce site which requires a more “standard” multi-page layout.


How do I take the gray background off of the portfolio templates? I want it to be a solid white background.



please head to our support forum and create a new thread there, staff will help as soon as possible (Work days: Mon-Fri)

Hi there, Is there a way to get a layout with columns in pages (like two columns or three columns)? I don’t see any shortcodes relating to that? Thanks!

Hi, The contact section is based on a 2 column layout but the theme doesn’t have a ready to use variable grid system, however this topic is discussed on our support forums several times and snippets have been posted to help customers achieve columns. Here’s an example:

Hi There, Just seeing if it would be possible to embed a video on the home page instead of an image?


video isn’t supported in the home splash area