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Nice theme! On the home page, is it possible to do video instead of image? thanks!

Hi, Unfortunately video is not supported there.


I’m trying to format my text in pages’ content with no success. Although in the visual editor everything looks aligned and formated as I wished for, in the live page nothing has changed.



Hi, please head over to our support forums. As I remember this questions has been asked and answered already for another customer, so have a look in this forum.

If you don’t find a satisfactory answer, open a new thread about your specific problem.

It mentions that this theme is built on wordpress load on demand framework. Does this mean the “sections” are handled like individual pages in the backend and then it builds dynamically upon loading? Or is this set up with one page with code calling sections to stack on top of one another?


“load on demand” feature refers to how php code/classes are loaded (just when needed).

sections are normal pages whose parent is set to the home page, this way you can control what goes into the one page layout and what has to be shown as separate page.

You can use the Page Order field to alter section ordering.

i have a question before buying the theme. is it possible to make a particle Animation (like this: to the first site? Or will i get Problems with the text Animation there? thx a lot for your help Regards Thomas


that would require a good amount of theme customization on your side. Additionally, since not our code, we can’t really predict how the end result will look like or if you’d run in any sort of issue after the change.

Hi there,

I am using this theme for a personal resume/CV and would like to add text under the “staff” section on the home page. Because of the layout, the text will not appear on the main page. Is there any direction you can give me to go about adding a text box?

Many thanks.

Hi, Head on over to our Support Forums, check if your issue has already been answered for another user. If not, open a thread about it in the appropriate sub forum for your purchased item. A member of our support team will reply to you asap.

Hi there,

Before buying this theme, I need to check if it allows more than 9 portfolios and if I can see an example view of the same?

Hi, Yes the theme supports unlimited portfolios however they must be on separate pages. Only one portfolio can be inserted in any one page.


I have purchased the Theme and I am not able to go to the support Item Purchased code says it’s not recognized.

I have read the threads on how to add language flags but it isn’t working.

Thank you for your help,


Are you sure you are entering the correct code? See here:

Hello and congrats on your great theme. I would like to add a second button in the first page. Is it possible? Thank you in advance!

Hi, Please head over to our support forums for that theme and open a new thread about your request. One of the guys there should be able to help you. See here for the forum:

Ok thanks, but how can i see my Item Purchase Code? Thank you in advance.

Nevermind, found it. Thank you.

This theme is great! Congrats and thanks!

You’re welcome! Are you thinking about adding Google+ to staff members social profiles? For G+ Page I could modify Dribble icon, but in “who we are” section I’d like to have FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+. Thanks in advance! Luca


A G+ icon can be added to the staff profiles with a small change in the staff template file. Head over to our support forum and our staff will help you out with that.

Thanks, I’ve created a new thread in that forum, right now!

I have registered in the support forum but can’t post or download the child theme. Same username there. Can you fix it? I really want the child theme :)

Thank you for the quick reply! I can’t find any email regarding this. Is it possible for you to re-send it? :)

Hi, I’ve manually activated your account, you should be able to log in and post now :)

Thank you!!

Hi, I purchased your team and I love it, I just have a few questions. When I want to make a slider that’s under the portfolio tile, it won’t show up, I’m afraid i’m doing something wrong. And also, the email adress at the bottom doesnt link to my email, but to the top of the page. Any help?

I meant videos btw* sigh im a disaster

Okay, after some research, I managed to explain my problem in proper english:

I want to make a projectpage with a vimeo on it, but I can’t seem to get it to display a bit of text and then say ’’continue reading’’ so I can link the project preview to the original post.

Hi, To make the “continue reading” button appear and link to the full post/page you have to use a “More Tag” (icon in the Wp editor’s toolbar) Perhaps you should refer to the included help documentation, because all of these things are explained in detail therein.

I installed my google analytics code in the header.php file but google does not see that the code is installed. If I look at the source code of the page, the code appears to be there. Have I done something wrong?

DonĀ“t worry I solved that.

Glad you solved it.

How can I add askimet or capture to the contact form? Im getting a load of spam.

Hi, please open a thread in the support forum for this theme, found here:

One of the guys will reply asap.

Looking for a solid template to customize for an athletic coach, just wanted to ask a couple questions: -Can the blog be added to the home page as a single, current post that links to the blog Do you have a faq on other “sections” that could be added to the front page? I need a spot I can work out for “events” and “skills” ..

It’s a beautiful theme and I would love to be able to customize it to fit these needs unless you could recommend a different theme for that you work with. Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately the blog cannot be used in the one-page layout. All sections available in this theme are already shown in the demo, so therefore any other type of section you would need, would have to be added manually. If the sections seen in this theme are not sufficient, you could try either one of these themes, they are both sold and supported by us and might offer more possibilities.



The first one supports the blog as a section in the one-page layout. Both should have a few more elements to play with.

Hi, i have just brought this template but i have no idea how to find or download wordpress. can someone help me?

Hi, You can download it here: or you should first checking with your hosting provider, because these days they usually have a one click install WordPress service, which will do the installation for you and set up databases etc. Because trying to install and setup databases manually is not recommended. There are many many tutorials about WordPress to be found online, which will help you with all things not related to the theme. Our support is only related to our theme and does not cover WordPress use in general.

Thanks very much for helping, The theme is just what i need for my business. Its simple, not to many pages to look through.

Hi, Before to buy Halfcreative, I would like to know if there is a possibility to make a 2 columns or 3 columns content in a page. thx :)

Hi, its not a feature of the theme, but another customer asked about this and we helped him achieve it via our support forum, see this thread:

The menu header doesn’t stick at top in small screens. I tried opening the theme on a Nexus 5 and even Galaxy Note, but the header doesn’t stick. Is there a hack to it or are you planning to resolve it?

Hi, This is done purposely, because small screens require max viewing area for content. Also if the header is sticky, then there would be problems with scrolling through menu items.

Hi! I would like to know how I can enter different texts for each job in the widget text? the theme is wonderful :D

Hi unfortunately that’s not supported. Each project page displays the same default sidebar with a single set of widgets & content. You would need to customize the theme to change this behavior.


First of all, happy new year for everybody. I have a question about the theme. I have read in the comments that is possible to have two portfolio pages in this theme, and I would need to do this for the project we’re working now: I need two portfolio pages that shows different portfolio types or categories. Could you tell me how to make this?

Thank you very much

Hi, Simply create multiple pages using the “portfolio” page template, then in each page’s options, insert projects into the portfolio using either the manual selection option or using the “tags” filter. Now just add these pages to your site either as sections in the one page setup or as separate pages. See the help docs included in the download package for more info on how to do this.

Oh, that’s perfect (and very simple, hahaha… ;) ). Thank you very much for your answer…

See you…

Hi. We like this theme very much and purchased it and use it here

Looks like the toggling headline texts get squeezed in vertical smartphone displays. Horizontal smartphone display works fine.

Do we just have to cut the texts shorter or is there any other cure for this ? Thank you for a nice theme.

Hi, Those headlines were originally designed to be shorter. However other customers have encountered this issue and a css snippet has been posted in our support forums to reduce the size of the font there in mobile phones only, hence allowing longer headlines. You should have a look through the support forum for this theme here: