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Hello, i don’t know why but the video post its not working anymore! Can you help me please ?

Hi, please visit our support forums and open a thread about your issue there.


Is there a way on the Contact form to add: - Arrival dates - Departure date with calendar - and number of nights?

As well would like to know when we click to an icon that it opens in a new page.

Thank you


The first one would require significant customization of the theme’s sources. The second one we could help you out with over on our Support Forums.

Trying to decide if this theme will work for me. I know some One page themes are limited in what can be done. Can I create a normal About page as opposed to a staff page or is that the only option? Also, I have a client support page that I want to build using form builder. Can I add that to this theme?

Hi, You can make a page using the default page template, which consists of a centrally aligned title like the other section and then you insert content via the normal WP editor. The form builder I’m assuming is a plugin. That may be more troublesome, your form would definitely not have the same look as the theme, it would require custom CSS to look like it belongs. We haven’t tested that plugin with this theme, so there may be other issues.

the menu ” see what we do” of my theme not want to work can someone help me

Hi, Support is only available to users with a confirmed “purchased” badge. Please login via the account from which you purchased the theme, to receive support.

Cool theme! Congrats !

A question before purchase. Is there a way to put a Qtranslate button in the main menu ? Thanks


You can include custom links in the main menu, WP provides this possibility, however they will look like normal menu items. If the button would need to look differently or behave differently thank a normal menu item, then you would need to do a bit of custom work.

Hi Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t wan’t traditional link but to integer qtranslate flags to translate post indifferents languages. Thanks

I’m not familiar with qTranslate plugin, but if its anything like WPML, then they will provide you with a php shortcode which you can place then inside a php template file of the theme. You would need to do this manually.

You can put a banner on the home page through plugin?

Hi, we’ll that would depend on the plugin and the CSS of the banner. Impossible to say in general.

hello, I’m having difficulty with the “portfolio” section. I followed the index steps exactly on how to create a new project but it is not working. When I create a new project, set the featured image and then “update”, nothing shows up in the portfolio section. Also, if I try to change the featured image of one of the demo projects, it makes that project disappear in the portfolio section. The only way I can make it come back is to reset the featured image to one of the gray boxes that are in the image library. I am even making new images that are the exact same size, etc… and that doesnt work. Additional, how do I make the pages that will hold more images, a gallery or video, etc…? That is not in the manual either.

Can you please give more detail instructions on how to create/update the portfolio section?

Everything else seems to be working fine.

Thanks, H.


We are seriously considering buying this theme (its good!), but we have some questions beforehand to make sure some things are possible (or not):

1) Is it possible to create a filterable portfolio? Are there options for this built in the theme? - And with that question, can the portfolio display random items?

2) How many ‘team-members’ can I add, and is it possible to make it work in a caroussel?

3) Is it possible to add a google maps map to the contact piece?

Anyhow, nice theme, and we hope to receive some good feedback so we can make our decision.



all the features you mention are supported by the theme, you would need to customize its code in order to add them.

Hi, I just took my site live and the blog page isn’t linking for some reason.

“The Making Of” link in the nav bar is what used to link to the blog. In the backend I have a custom menu setup to display what is in the nav bar. All of the links were brought over using the “page” attribute under appearance/menus. I also have the front page set to display a static page (Home) and for the posts page to display (blog) under reading settings.

I’m assuming WP is trying to find the ”/blog” directory and since there isn’t one there it is displaying the 404.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Steve

Please disregard this, I was able to figure it out (permalink problem).

Hi, after upgrading to wp 3.6 my client wasn’t able to add new project to be featured on main page.

More specifically when editing pages, “Portfolio” was checked in screen options but not showing below comments, and by re-check “portfolio” was able to see “Portfolio” section,

however, after added new selection and updated pages, still the original selections nothing new was added

any solution?



please head to our support forum and create a new thread there

Hi there, just wanted to start by saying this is one bad ass theme. With that said a one questions. How do I change the slider width & height? I want that entire container to be bigger not just the image within it. I tried changing the dimensions on the projects edit page, but that only zooms in on the image. Doesnt change the full container.

Hope that explains my question, thanks.

Also can I change the container size for the staff member picture?


please head to our support forum and create a new thread there

It seems to be a great theme. Just a small question before purchase:

Is it possible to assign several background images (and make it a slideshow) to main page (in livepreview of this theme – blurred computer on the desk)?

Thanks in advance! Best regards, Andrew


that’s not a supported feature of the theme.

I have a problem with my WP, I installed the theme but I am under constantly hacking attacks…. I don’t know if the theme, has a back door or something open, that permit the hacks get in…. could you please help me? :crying:

Our items have no backdoors / open ports, if you have a security issue in your wp installation it has nothing to do with our theme.

Try to contact your host and/or install a wp security plugin.

Hi there,

Really considering this theme for our video-based service company, but I’m concerned about how easily we can embed video (from YouTube and Vimeo) in the theme.

In a previous comment query, you replied that videos can only be shown in project and posts. Does that mean if I create a regular page through the default page template, I can’t embed a video there?

I did see one user (who provided a link in his query) had a full screen YouTube video playing, so that was promising.

Also, are there any text shortcodes? I don’t see any reference anywhere to that.

Thanks in advance for providing clarification!

Cheers, Michael


you can include videos in default page template as well using the provided shortcode. Fullscreen youtube video isn’t a supported feature of this theme, if present in a site posted here then theme has been customized by the buyer


On the background of the homepage, can I change a static image to an HTML5 video background and make the logo static without the scrolling text?

I noticed that it can take in in-line youtube and vimeo videos, but I want to know if i can use HTML5 video on the background on the homepage.

Is your template flexible enough to customize the code and wp-admin wise?


background video for the home isn’t a supported feature of this theme.

Ok. Can I do a feature request for this template on your next release?

Alternately, can I use gif instead of a static image? Will it scale?

A fullscreen gif image won’t render well for sure. About the video feature, if requested by a good amount of other customers, we may add it in future update.

Hello Can I open the website of portfolio in other page.


There’s not an admin options for that but it should be easy customization (just set “target” attribute)

Where I must add Target=”_blank”¿?


Once you have purchased the file, we can help you with that over in our support forum.

Hi there, very beautiful theme! Just some question before purchase:

1. can I choose any color that i want or just your default colors? 2. is there a possibility for mouseover in the portfolio section? 3. can I put more than one picture in the details of one portfolio part?



1. Yes, there is a color picker in the theme admin which allows you to choose any other color for the primary color of the theme.

2. Yes, but you would need to add a little bit of CSS to achieve your desired hover effect. As long as you dont need to change the markup (eg. adding a title reveal) then the CSS should be easy.

3. Unfortunately not in the expanding preview component, but you can link from there to the single project page where you can place other photos in the project content area.

Can I have larger portfolio images ? Is it possible to use the lightbox function in the portfolio ?


Both of those things are not features of this theme and hence would require theme customisation to achieve.

Would like to purchase today but need to know if i can have external pages that doent exist on the home page? for example, if i were to a hidden blank page that wasnt on the “one pager homepage”... would it still keep the menu up top and the footer at the bottom? would it show the content just as one would expect using the normal wp editor? i only ask as sometimes these “one pager” themes dont allow for this, and i do need this feature. thanks… the theme looks great and hope i can get a quick response in order to buy today.


Yea you can have separate pages. In face all the parts of the one-page setup are themselves single pages, just added to the on-page arrangement. Single pages will have a title/subtitle just like the one-page sections, and their text content is center justified by default, but a tiny css tweak would change that if you wanted.

I really want to purchase this theme but my wordpress account states that you can not add themes that are not available by them. So…do you think it would work fine if I use dreamweaver and modify the css? Might be a dumb question but I just want to make sure before buying something that I can’t use.

Hi, This theme is not good then. You will need to have your own independent WP installation on your own hosting space before a custom theme like this one will be usable.