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Hi Ansimuz,

I just bought your theme and I noticed few errors in the backend and frontend that seem related to:

/wp-content/themes/halftone/functions/scripts/jquery.miniColors-0.1/jquery.miniColors.css /wp-content/themes/halftone/functions/scripts/jquery.miniColors-0.1/jquery.miniColors.min.js

I tried to replace these files by newest file from https://github.com/claviska/jquery-minicolors/ but no luck… I still have the issues…

It seems that the javascript errors cause conflicts with hover menu in the wp backend and also on frontend… the dropdown menu get impossible to reach… Also, many of other features don’t work like logo upload button or any other images front the theme options…

I checked back on your demo site and my “chrome sniffer” confirmed that the site is running on 3.8.1 wp version and you don’t seem to have the same kind of issues that I’m currently experimenting…

Could you please help me out with that. I also created a post on your support forum to accelarate the fix process.


Thanks in advance,


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hi, is there any way to use an alternative font to Mensch? if so please advise how to, thanks!

Hi, I’m interested in this theme. I need to know taht it’s translation ready?

hey I am not sure if you are aware but there is another theme on wordpress called halftone for wordpress version 3.9.1 and if you “update” the halftone theme it changes it to a different one than this. It’s blue and grey and ugly. I am trying to get my site up and running and it keeps changing to this ugly one. Are you going to update this theme for support for 3.9.1? If not than I can’t use it and then it is no good to me.

Your Demo is throwing the following message/error:

ATTENTION! (by Comprehensive Google Map Plugin)

Your blog/site theme or one of your plugins uses jQuery javascript library which is older than the version 1.3.0. The Comprehensive Google Map plugin will not work with such outdated jQuery version.

The minimum jQuery requirement for Comprehensive Google Map plugin is version 1.3.0. Apologies for the inconvenience

Hello, I purchased your theme and cannot make the slider work. I’ve noticed that this is a common issue in previous comments. Your answer is to check your forums, but I am unable to register for them. Could you please give me access to the forums? Thanks,

To whom it may concern:

Please be aware that this theme is no longer supported!

The theme developer is no longer working developing themes…