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This is a little late for me to use this year, but if you can get a Christmas one together real quick, I’d be very interested in using it for some holiday promotions I do.

Nice theme!

We have a pretty aggressive release schedule for the 4th quarter so keep your eyes peeled for lots of goodies :)

Many thanks for the comment and don’t forget us for next year!


This is awesome. Nice job :-)

Thanks! We appreciate the feedback! :)

Hot damn this is an awesome Halloween themed email template! All the best in your sales bud!!

:) Thanks for your support!! The email template will be coming very soon.

Ooops, I had meant landing page ;) An email template though will be a nice addition to this. Sorry, kinda late. Brain is half-working lol Nonetheless, great design and concept!!

:) Understood and I can sympathize! None the less – thanks for the kind comments!

Great job, I’ve enjoyed all the way scrolling down :)

This is a fantastic template. Love the look and feel of it! =)

Thanks for all the kind comments everyone!


Just what I was looking for, but the layout seems a bit rushed for our taste. Going to keep looking.

If you can get a thanksgiving & christmas landing page out more then 15 days before the holiday, we’ll buy it.

Keep it up!

The layout follows good practice for landing pages as do all our landing pages – it has all the details you require without any unnecessary fluff – but thanks for the comment! :)


Hi!! I just purchased your template and its fantastic…. I just have a “noobie” question:

- How can i change the tweeter gadget in order to connect it to the porject’s account???

Thanks! Regards

Sorry but you don’t have a purchased badge… at all… for anything..from anyone!?

Please sign in using the account you purchased with – thanks.


thank you :) really nice … lets see how it looks when i integrate it with my site :)

Hi Jonathan,

Love the landing page. Small question about the 3 video files.

How can I change it to run video’s NOT on

I have 3 .mov files (on my server) I’d like to use instead and keep the functionality of how you’v got it set up…moving from one video to the next.

Problem is after my little movies have played, YouTube presents other options that aren’t necessarily keeping with the goal of the page…



We use prettyphoto for the lightbox which supports the most file types it can – please take a look at the script authors page where he gives demos and code examples on how to play direct mov files -

Hope that helps and many thanks for the purchase!


What is the latest version that this theme works with?

It definitely does not work with 3.6.1.

Please help!


Oops. =[

Ignore my support ticket.

Thanks for the quick reply in any case.


I can’t seem to get my Twitter feed to work.

And I noticed yours on the Theme Forest website doesn’t work either….

How can I fix this?

Hi – unfortunately twitter have stopped the usual way of bringing in via their API and it no longer works – there are several scripts available on the net that claim to work and you can try those if you like however we haven’t found a suitable one yet sorry.

This happened about 6 month + ago and stopped everyone’s from working.