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Hi, i’m very interesting to purchase your theme. It’s a very beautiful and dynamic theme. I’ve have few questions first. I’ll try to do my website by myself. Is it possible and easy to : Change to custom color Integrate google font or custom font Change toggle/accordion (to PPM accordion)

Thanx, Will

Hi Will, glad to see you like the theme!

Changing the font requires some modifications to the theme, if you are familiar with basic PHP and CSS this won’t be a problem, you can even hire a developer to do this for you. Theme also comes with a Customizer that allows you to change theme appearance easily (layout, background image, main color, etc). If you have any other questions feel free to contact me.

Thanks, Natko

Hi there, I would like to disable the ajax effect on portfolio title and thumbnail image and redirect it to the item single page? (go directly to the portfolio single page). Can you help with this?

Hey there, thanks for purchasing Handbook and sorry for the late reply!

This does require some minor custom modifications but I might be able to help you out, send me a message here. In the future please use the support form so I can see your question sooner.

Thanks again, Natko

Hi, I´m thinking of purchase your theme, it´s great! but I have a question, is it possible and easy… to put 3 columns instead of 4 in the portfolio?

Thanks, Serina.

Hey Serina, thanks for showing interest in Handbook!

Handbook does come with a 3 column layout but to convert an existing 4 column into 3 columns would require some custom modifications that are outside of theme support scope.

Thanks, Natko


First of all thanks for the awesome Handbook template :)

I have one problem though. I can´t seem to figure out why my portfolio pictures won’t display in the fullscreen gallery? When I click on the portfolio pictures a small picture of a broken document shows in the left top corner. Is there a special place back-end I should place the picture, or is it just in the portfolio thumbnail.

Thanks in advance :) And have a great day.

Hey Mikkelsen, thanks for purchasing and glad to see you’re enjoying the theme!

Could you please send me a message here with a link to your site so I can take a look? Also, check the theme documentation once again just in case, everything is explained there in detail but fullscreen gallery should work out of the box. I’ll be glad to take a look!

Thanks, Natko

some reason the comment reply button is not showing using wp 4.2.2, all the fields are showing, just not the button. no other plugins are installed other than the theme ones

Hey piglabs, you mind sending me an email or a message here? I’m aware of this, already patched the theme and it should be available on Themeforest in a couple of days. If you don’t want to wait just email me and we’ll sort it out in a minute.

Thanks, Natko

i actually fixed it myself, i guess neweer version of wp require all items in the array for comment form defaults to be entered, the submit ones were missing i functions.php, always worked before.

Yup, since the last update they made all of the fields required which isn’t documented yet, but still an easy fix.

Glad you managed to work it out!

When I post images, they will show up in color right?

Hey there, thanks for showing interest in Handbook!

Images will appear as you upload them, so yes, it will show up in color.

Thanks, Natko