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exahost / Reyaltec


Hm, can you send us your hosting provider’s Cpanel credentials? We’ll take a look what’s wrong there.

My slider has stopped working. It wont load… Any ideas


Hello Natalie,

Please send us your WordPress credentials so that we could login and see what’s going on there.


Is this your website: http://www.kiddynastix.com/ ? It works fine here at our side.

Hi, can anyone tell me what size the graphics need to be for the slider, I mean in centimetres not pixels, the ones I keep adding are getting lost around the edges


Sure, in pixels it’s 1150×400, in centimeters is 40,57×14,11.

scoppc Purchased

i am going to update the HappyKids theme to the latest. however I saw that the website width is now wider. will there be any problem?

also, please guide me on how to update? thanks.


Hello, you should make a fresh theme installation if you’re using outdated v.2.1. Our latest version doesn’t support migration from 2.x and earlier.

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how can the logo be made clickable to serve as method of returning to home page as is widely used , have posted this once but it has not shown in comments

hello pre-sale question

i already red previous comments about that but i didnt understand.

is there a way to make portfolio section works like

ALL | sub1 | sub2 | sub3 …

not like current form? ALL (under it the others)

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I have been working on configuring my theme and I have some issues:

1) I want to reduce the width of the slider. I found the settings area for Slider Revolution and was able to reduce the width of the images by reducing the GridWidth settings. However the width of the slider remained the same and now I have white space. How can I reduce the width of the slider as well to match the width of the image?

2) I have been playing around with new background images. Is it possible to change the background image for the whole page? It seems to be split in different locations and only in certain areas.

3) Related to 2), I also want to create a specific background image for the area to the right of the Slider. At the moment it changes both the left and right. Is it possible to do just the right?

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