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How insert to slider in my homepage?, i insert shortcode in menu homepage but not work, please help me.

Hello, you can change it with the help of CSS. Just add the bellow code to your style.css file: body { background-color: #ea624c; }

I hope not bother, my last question is, since my subject translated into Spanish but can not find where to translate this into wordpress, can you help me? http://s9.postimg.org/d220ziq6n/Sin_t_tulo_5.png

Hello, you can translate this word with the help of PO/MO files. Our theme is translation ready and includes English version of the PO/MO files, so all you need is to translate it to the Spanish language. We use Poedit application: poedit.net

Hi, We’re having some problems getting the clouds and grass background images to display – we did send an email – please could someone get back to us. Thanks Eoin

Yes, that’s right. They are being positioned at the top when image slider is on. Currently the balloons have no room at the top.

OK got it – thanks

You’re welcome. Have a nice day.

Hello there,

Where can I find the shortcode generator toolbar?
Do I need to install an extra plugin first?
Thanks for your support.

Is the CWS builder compatible with TinyMCE Advanced editor? Thanks

You’re welcome! Have a nice day.

Sure, it’s compatible.

Hola. He creado un Callout box en mi home page. Pero salen mal. La imagen está alineada a la izquierda (al elegir la imagen he seleccionado “center”), y el botón al lado del título, no debajo. ¿Cómo puedo arreglarlo?

(Perdón por mi inglés)


cws-support Author Team

Hello, I’m not sure how did you manage to select center somewhere, because shortcode generator for callout boxes in this theme don’t have any icon alignment options, that’s how it was designed – icon to the left, button the right, text and title are inbetween.

Can you show us your web-site with this callout box?

Hello, I select centre when I choose the image. I choose an imagen, not an icon. Is it possible to do

image title button


The button appear over the next box. I cannot enclose an image of my web. And now is maintenance.


cws-support Author Team

I see now, and no, this alignment option will be ignored since it’s breaks design of callout box. I would recomment you to create something similar to what you need using text module. If you send us login and password to your website using Support tab on top of this page, we’ll help build one.

I am also having issues with the Revolution Slider short code. The theme is up to date. Revolution Slider is up to date. I insert short code into the theme options panel and it still isn’t working.

Hello, please send us your WP url, login and password so that we could sort this. Seems like you’re just inserting wrong shortcode since RevSlider added some kind of alias.

Ok, done.

I set homepage to be static HOME page. In it are some words which I want to change, but I don`t know where to change it. Please, where to change words: Recen Projects View Project Recent Posts About Happy Kids

And where to disable parts Testimonials, Mini Gallery and right charts?

Where is file for this static HOME homepage?

Thank you very much

I send but nobody answer

Why nobody answer?

Hello, sorry for the delay, we don’t work on weekend. We’ve already replied to your email three times, did you receive any or our emails?


JoanneYu Purchased

urgent! After I moved the site to a new hosting, I noticed all theme widgets gone, for ex. copyright,benefits..How can I get is back? other contents all there.

Hello Joanne, it depends on the way you move your site to the live sever. If you’re using the right plugin, no problems should occur. What method are you using?


jake2071 Purchased

i keep getting this on my theme update. When i update it says the same thing. You have version 3.3.3 installed. Update to 3.3.3.

Hello, seems like you’re using a child theme which version is prior to 3.3.3, so please edit it and you will no longer see the message.