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I just want to use the suit section as a one page shopping cart. I dont need any of the other stuff, how would you suggest I get rid of all the other stuff? what lines of code shouldI delete to get rid of the bamboo header?


Please send me an email with your testing area link, so I could help you ;) Thanks


email sent

Hi, i need a php mailer for this. I dont need checkout process. just a php mailer for the script.

I thought this is already included :(


There was no such option by default


could you make me a simple php (or SMTP) mailer for the formular? (its just a form, withhout checkout process and paywall) ?

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so this really not a functioning store? i just bought it and just figure that you can’t connect any payments from it or prices are set in the html code


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how do you make the clock work?

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i guess i won’t get any replies


Hey! Is there any info in template purchase page, about php scripts? NO :/

First of all, thanks a lot for very useful and well made template.

On the other hand, I have a slight problem and would love your support with it. I tried adding Youtube video to the page and as soon as I do so, navigation goes crazy and doesn’t work as expected: You are still able to navigate between “pages”, but it shows as if you’re stuck on the topmost one.

Will this work with Opencart and what is involved in set up?

Great idea. Are you going to make this into a wordopress plugin or theme? That would SELL.

Woocommerce – even better :D

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the checkout button does not work.

<form class=”order” id=”a-order” action=”payment_method.php” name=”formular”>

how can i send the input values with post method to payment_method.php??

please help.

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upps send the wrong form tag:

<form class=”order” method=”post” id=”a-order” action=”payment_method.php” name=”formular”>

Really nice work guys!;

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Im sorry I just bought this item, but i cant make the checkout form seem to work. Could you help and or make one? I’ll pay ofcourse


this is not a working store!! please send manual or link to a FAQ

regards Max


YES ITS NOT! Read please next time descriptions! Have a nice day


Can this be integrated with 2Checkout?

Also, is it possible to add a newsletter sign-up?

Your item description has disappeared. Are you still supporting this? Is the order form set up to be setup with any payment system?