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This is freaking awsome! Just love how clean and simple the page is.

But I got one qustion right now, how to use only One picture as feature-bg and not one that´s keeps repeating it self. :)


Thanks for purchasing the template. Send me the details of the image you want to use and I will sort out the code for you.

The code is right now,

feature {

position: relative; background: url(”../img/feature-bg1.jpg”) repeat; height: 550px; }

But I think it´s the position and repeat that need to be changed. The image is 1084?×?411 and the original is 542×411.


Send me your email address please? Info@kobusswartz.co.za

Any chance of a responsive version?

Hi aledmann, if there are more purchases I’ll do a resposive version.

Hi mate, sent you a PM!

Hi aledmann, replied. Thanks

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description Hardboiled Stylesheet is missing.

Hi, this is an html template amd not a Wordpress theme. Regards, Kobus

Hello – I’m thinking of buying this. Love the design.

Question before I do though – within your design, would it be fairly straight forward to have the image at the top be an iPad instead of an iPhone? Is it just an image that you’re loading that could easily be replaced?

Thank you in advance.

Best, Mike

Hi, the image can easily be replaced. If you need any help, dont hesitate to contact me.
Regards, Kobus

I purchased this template but I am unable to install it to my site can you help me please.

To install the template, copy the entire folder to your public_html folder.on your server. If you get stuck just let me know and I will help you. Regards, Kobus

Hi, you’re not available for custom work, are you? I’d like to purchase this template, love the look, but would like some professional modification and actually less of what is displayed, displayed. Just the top with a few changes for our site at NE1UP .


Just send me an email at onfo@kobusswartz.co.za and we’ll discuss. thanks

i would like to add video to the ipad image gallery is this possible?

where ca i get the photos you used?

Are the images of the people included? If not, can you link me to the resource?

Hi, Vebdesignfudge. I do not understand how to set the page. Where can I find the manual?

Hello there. Love the design and have it installed. However, the rendering for iPads and iPhones is wonky.

see how it should look here: http://hyku.me/img/hardboiled-browser-view.png but instead on iOS devices it looks like this: http://hyku.me/img/hardboiled-ios-version.PNG

you can verify yourself by going to: http://hyku.me

thanks for any help / advice you can offer! it’s a great template!


nice one! i love it!;

It doesn’t look good on mobile :(