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This is a very nice Theme, Good luck with Sales! :)

Thanks Pirloa, Glad you like it.

Good Work in style.

Thanks logomaster!

oh wow this is more awesome.. good luck!


Thanks for the compliment!

hmm good work

Nice theme! I want to implment a simple page with a video background, and only 2 menu items: About and Contact.

1) can I hide everything else on the page, including the social icons? 2) Can I put my company logo or watermark over the video while it is playing? 3) Will this work in all browsers? On Apple iPhone and iPad?

Best, Mark

Hi, is there support for audio?


There arwnt any built in functuons but you can embedd.

I was thinking about purchasing your template but I have a quick question. I noticed in your code that the video loop in the background is a .flv with the loop. Can I use any format and have it loop or does it have to be a .flv?

I just purchased this theme but when I try to install it to wordpress it says this:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please help!!

you can change the flv video to youtube? thanks Eduardo

can we have the background video to a youtube video ?please confirm before I buy?

I like the template, but your customer service skills make it a bad choice….answer your comments. :confusedsad:


I just buy your theme and is awesome. I am using the theme for a video background intro but for some reason the video appear to be streched. Is any way to fix this.

Here is my site url


Any help to my question

I changed the image location and now none of the images are working at all, I need support help asap!

I need to add mute button to site. I found info about video controls at documentation. But some how it didn’t work. Dou you have clear instructions about it.