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Hi, fantastic and very beautiful template, thanks very much. Just one thing – I haven’t been able to get the contact form to work; when I press send nothing happens. I’ve put my address into contact.php. Is there something else I need to do?

Sent it back, did you get the email?

Thank you, just found it in my spam folder. The contact form is now working almost perfectly – it sends the body of the message and the sender’s name and email address, but not the subject line. If there’s an easy fix for this it would be great, otherwise it’s ok as the most important fields are coming through.

Thanks for your help, and thanks again for making this wonderful template – I love it!

Ok—go ahead and send it back.

Hi , I love this template. Where can i get similar background photos and footage on the net? (i want to buy the template)

Hi there, can you email specifically which images? i can send you to the links: info@yoktemplates.com


frano8 Purchased

Great theme, perfect for creative businesses.

Can I suggest a pricing plans/packages section to show services/pricing?

Are there any plans to include these in the future?


Hey! Thanks. This definitely something I will add, but may not get to an update for a few weeks.

Great theme!

I’ve used this theme successfully for about a year and my agency loves it. However, we would like to break the website into multiple pages for tracking purposes. When I do this, the template pages scroll up to reveal the image slider in the background at the bottom of the page. (Try it at fahrenheitcreative.com/edit)

Also, I am not able to link the new pages in the navigation without having the pages open in a new tab. Any suggestions?



Carolyn—I’ll take a look. Can you email me at info@yoktemplates.com?

Hi. Love the theme. I’m having trouble with the contact form. Click the ‘submit’ button and nothing happens. i’ve zipped it up and have sent to info@yoktemplates.com. Could you have a look?


I’ll take a look!

Thanks, I really appreciate it!