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Thanks a lot for this great theme ! I have made some modifications after reading all the comments. But I still need your help :

1) For the menus only : I would like to change the font (make it bigger) and to have it centered (with the images of the portfolio).

2) For the widget in the footer, I would like to align the social icons on the right.

You can have a look on my site here : http://www.myagencyandi.com/new/

Thanks, Marie-Christine


Hello Marie-Christine,

Please add to the Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS:

.menu { text-align:center }
.social { text-align:right }

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Dear Team

I want to insert the social media icon at left navigation of portfolio page.


can you tell me the short code?

and I want to change the character from (CLIENT) to (Client).

Please check and let me know.

Thank you

Best regards ki-hun


Hello ki-hun,

> social

you may use html codes, e.g.:
<p class="social">
<a href="http://twitter.com/helloalaja">T</a>
<a href="#facebook">F</a>
<a href="#google">g</a>

> and I want to change the character from (CLIENT) to (Client).

Just add a line-break after the ‘PROMOTION / WALL GRAPHIC’ text

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I must be missing something, but I can’t for the life of me find where I can set the slider speed. Could you tell me?

Also, is it possible to set different speeds for different posts?



Edit: I found it for the home page, in the custom fields, but can’t find it in the case of a gallery introduced in a work… help!

Hello! Please open up file theme / extend.php on the line #28 and add custom fields support for works:
'supports' => array( 'title','editor','thumbnail' )
'supports' => array( 'title','editor','thumbnail','custom-fields' )
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Hey again,

It seems that when the slider for the home page pulls in the pictures, it’s not bring the alt text with the image? Is there a way to fix this?

I’ve checked another page where the image is embedded and it seems fine, it’s just the home page that’s the issue.




Hello! From the design and SEO perspective it seems that h2 & h3 description titles works better for each slide than alt text that will be used to describe the image which used just as background.

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Hey Alaja,

Thanks for this. If I really wanted to add in the alt tags how would I do this?

Kind regards,

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Hi again,

Thanks a lot for your previous answer.

I have now a few questions about the blog (journal) : 1- I don’t want to show ‘comments’. So I would like to suppress the box ‘discussion’ at the right. Is it possible ? 2- For the moment, I create only two categories. But only the one attached to the post appears. Il would like all the categories to appear in the left box. Is it possible ? 3- I translate the research box in french but the text (recherche) is no more centered beetwen the two lines. 4- I would like to translate ‘older entries’ in french, but I don’t find which file to modify.


Thanks a lot for your help ! Best regards Marie-Christine


Hello, I finally find the answer to the question 1 and 4.

1- To suppress the box ‘discussion’ at the right in the jounal, I modify the file tile-entry.php and I suppress :

<?php _e(‘Discussion’, A_DOMAIN) ?>

<?php comments_popup_link( __( ‘Pas de commentaire’, A_DOMAIN ), __( ‘Un commentaire’, A_DOMAIN ), __( ’% commentaires’, A_DOMAIN )) ?> And it seems to work well !

4- To translate ‘older entries’ by something else, I modify the file tile-navigation.php.

I still need your help for the questions 2 and 3. Please help me.

Best regards


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I’d like to ask If it is possible to place lists inside of the tab items. I tried to just place the shortcode in but it does not look like I intended it. Also, if this is possible, what is the code for placing several lists paralel to each other, as collumns. http://i.imgur.com/OiKx0Un.jpg – my try I’m sorry to bother you with this, I’m sure your other users were more advanced than me :)
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Hi there,

I’m interested in changing the color of the horizontal lines above and below each page section. How would I go about doing this?




I would also like to change the font for the whole site to Andale Mono. Is this possible?


I see that an update a year ago allows for 6 slides on the homepage. My dashboard only shows 3. How can I activate the 6 slide homepage?