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Hi Alaja,

I think I might have run into a bug – or at least something strange.

Whatever I do just before “div id=”head” class=”wrap group” in ‘tile-head.php’ causes the slideshow to stop running. It doesn’t matter what I do or change, it just stops running.

It’s not what I put as an id or class before it, anything will cause the slideshow to stop. Only the first slide is visible, that’s it.

The only thing I want to do is put a full width border in between header and main, but that’s impossible now, because it affects the slideshow.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance! Tom


We’ve checked this out extensively by now and it’s clear that whatever is added outside #header and before the slider “ol” will cause the slides to stop cycling. Place anything after “ol” and still before the content and it works fine.

Appreciate a quick solution :)

Thanks! Tom


Hi Alaja, do you think you can check the above out? :)



Bug resolved. Modified wrap, etc.

Hi. Beautifull theme but i have no idea how to post in the journal ! Thanks


Thank you! Just create your Journal as it described in manual (p. 1.3 Setting up the Journal) and just start posting ;)

Hello. We have this problem:

The entries (posts) has as a permanentlink a bad url. Should it be http://erdosainediciones.com/blog/entryname, instead shows like this: http://erdosainediciones.com/entryname

Where are the problem?



Hello! Please try to use default permalink structure to see if it’s working Settings > Permalinks

Hey there!

My english is not that good… i’m from germany, cologne, but i’ll try to explain my problem:

My website is about 1 year and a few months old, and everything was pefrfect, but since a week or longer, my contact formular doesn’t work anymore.

It s very important for me that the contact on my page is allright. So i asked a lot of friends with know-how, what has happend, but they can’t find the reason for the failure in the code.

I had always the same e-mail-adress in the contact formular. And before a few weeks i tried to change it in a new one, so the only thing i did was to change the adresses in the formular – code… and then it starts to fail. I cant receive messages to my mailadress over the contact formular at all.

can you help me? or have any tipps?

I would be very happy to hear from you.

Best regards,



Hello Jana,

All support is available for one year after the initial purchase date http://themeforest.net/item/hati-wordpress/4426076/support

p.s. 1) check the plugins (especially cache if exists) 2) try any another contact form plugin that suits you

Hi just bought the theme.. love it! just one question.. how do i remove the twitter box on the footer? its not working and I just get “Here should be the Twitter line but it’s not since Twitter has discontinued its unauthenticated v1.0 API :(”. Pleas help, cheers, Gavin

Sorry for this, something went wrong. Please open tile-twitter-share.php file right inside the theme folder and replace line
<p class="list"><a href="http://twitter.com/share"><?php _e('Share on Twitter ?', A_DOMAIN) ?></a></p>
<p class="list"><a href="http://facebook.com/sharer.php?u=<?php echo urlencode(get_permalink())?>"><?php _e('Share on Facebook ?', A_DOMAIN) ?></a></p>

Another link https://gist.github.com/anonymous/6791ded47bd810e0d4f1


Awesome! thank you very much!!


You are welcome ;)

Hi there Love the theme. Is there a way of combining the filters? For instance: Click ‘Filter by Type’ and then click ‘Filter by Client’ and the items only display for the chosen filters type + client – rather than choosing one or the other? Cheers Jon


Unfortunately, no. It will require a custom theme modification. But, there is a method to create another category so you may create custom collections:

open theme / extend.php and uncomment the line #38:

// register_taxonomy( 'industry', 'item', array('hierarchical' => false) );

after that you will have the new works category called industry (you may easily change that slug in uncommented line) that you can view by the View link and use this for separate portfolios

lienna27 Purchased

Hi there,

I installed this template within the last year I think. I just realized that even though it says that it’s responsive, it doesn’t work on a smart phone. It is supposed to work on a smart phone as well as a computer?


Yes, It is supposed to work on a smart phone. Please read the Support terms here http://themeforest.net/item/hati-wordpress/4426076/support and contact us directly. Don’t forget to attach the screenshots from your phone

visnia Purchased

I have a question. I create ”contact” page with your template and set Shortcode. But contact form is not working. I’ve translate few words and filled it like this:

contact email=’s.zukowska@minimastudio.pl’ send=’Wy?lij’ yourname=’Imi? i Nazwisko’ yourmail=’Twój adres email’ yourmsg=’Twoja wiadomo??’

I don’t know what’s wrong. Can you check it on my page, please ? http://minimastudio.pl/

If you received a “Thank you…” message after the form submit, then message was sent successfully by server. So please check the email attribute in the [contact] shortcode on the contact page and check your spam folder on this mailbox. Please use rational and good form values for contact form to test it.

If problem still remains and “Thank you…” message don’t appear, then problem probably related to server’s mail settings. Please test any other WP contact form plugin to see if it works.

visnia Purchased

The problem is that i dint’t receive a “Thank you…” message after the form submit, so i think i haven’t done everything in the contact page correctly.


Please test any other WP contact form plugin to see if the mailing works on your server.

Hi, On the homepage the “view all” button does not work. Please see http://www.oxbowlighting.com.au Awesome theme.. 5/5 stars Cheers, Gavin


Hello Gavin and thank you! “View all” button related to [heading] shortcode, so please check rlink attribute of the shortcode on your homepage.


thank you.. all fixed!

lapkat4 Purchased

Hi there!

I read through all the posts about editing gallery rotation time and am left with one issue:

(1) Once I have added the custom slider speed menu to a work page, what medium do I type in the “value” field to change the speed? Just adding a number doesn’t seem to do anything.

also (2) Is there a way I can add arrows into the slider for manual changing?



Hello! Support for the items is available for one year after the initial purchase date http://themeforest.net/item/hati-wordpress/4426076/support


I just love Hati theme. I have some pre-purchase questions: 1/ Is HATI Wpml ready? 2/ Is it possible to disable “page flip” thumbnails loading effect on Portfolio page? 3/ Is it possible to disable onmouse hover overlay (white rectanglew with text caption) on Portfolio thumbnails? I just need simple hyperlink to single item page.

Thank you in advance for your reply.