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I need help on troubleshooting the contact section. It is not going through. I’m on a GoDaddy hosting. Please email me at 12style@gmail.com


Some customers from GoDaddy have reported issues before, check with GoDaddy that your host Ng plan has php5 enabled and can use the native php mail function

its on php 5.3, i will call them also to ask about the native php mail function. can you also check the php mail codes to? I emailed you a copy.


I was about to buy this template but found out that it goês all glitchy on chrome… sure it has something to do with Chrome’s latest update as once I found the glitch I’ve teste the template on another computer with an older Chrome and it worked fine. Thing is are you gonna sort this out and make sure it works on latest Chrome? If the answer is yes I’ll buy it! :) Nice job BTW! :) Hope to hear from you soon!

I’ll take a look, thanks for reporting :)


Website: http://www.designlatina.com/tittarelli/haven_j321_qs/

Using Chrome browser, the background image of Brand section doesn’t work.

I spent one day without finding the solution. Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello, you are referring to Haven Joomla, that is by Erwin Scrho, so you will need to make a request on his Haven page :)

This is a great looking template but does this support drop down menus?

Hello, thanks for the compliment! No it doesn’t support dropdowns

Hey there, how can I make sure that the first background picture is fitted to the whole screen? When looking at the website from different resolutions sometimes the ‘about us’ white box appears. Thank you!


You will need to add a class “fullscreen-element” to the desired element and then add in your css file: .fullscreen-element{ height: 100vh; }

Cheers, James

I’m still having problems with the form and my GoDaddy hosting. Any chance you can respond and help me to get it sorted out?

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