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Really cool theme. I have one query though. I deleted some of the functions, (so it’s now just home, work, about, contact) and i can’t seem to work out how to make anything happen when i click ‘View’ on projects. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello, thanks for purchasing! You need to make sure you are working online on a server rather than locally on your hard drive for Ajax functionality to work :)

Thanks Craig! Not only the best theme i’ve shopped but the best support.!

Thanks mate!! :D

Hey Craig. Just one more final Question.

I was wondering is there a way to disable the autoplay on the flexslider? as i have embedded a video in there and want it to be disabled. I checked jquery.flexslider-min.js file but can’t find what i need to change.

Thanks in advance. Cameron

Just add slideshow: false in the slider declaration in scripts.js :)

I’ve updated mail.php with my address. When I click send (on the live server), I get the thank you response that the enquiry has been sent, but I never receive the email. I am running the site on a Windows server with PHP 5.x. What is mail.php using to send the mail and do I need to tweak something to make this work properly or is it expected users would be in a Linux environment (or does it even matter)?

this is strange, the server shouldn’t matter as long as it is PHP enabled.. could you email me at craiggarner800@gmail.com with your site so I can take a closer look? Thanks!

Hi there… Loving the framework. :) For some reason, the contact form won’t work for submissions though… Any thoughts? http://www.maiatoll.com/witch-camp/

Thank you!!

Hey, loving the theme. Only issue is the same problem as ‘swankboy’ that the contact form doesn’t work even though updated. I emailed you to the address you provided him but perhaps my messages went to your spam folder.

I use godaddy hosting and have seen some indictions the problem may be with them, but haven’t found a working solution yet. Thoughts?

Hi Cat, apologies, your email did go through to my spam folder. I’m afraid this might be an issue on your end as I’ve tried it on a number of hosting accounts of mine (and customers) and it seems to work fine.

Let me look into it a little more

Craig, I eventually found my own work around. I think it’s a GoDaddy hosting issue on my side. Other users might find it helpful too though:

I set up the ‘gdform.php’ via my hosting server as instructed by GoDaddy here: http://support.godaddy.com/help/article/8376/using-php-form-mailers. Within the theme, I replaced ‘mail.php’ with ‘gdform.php’ in both the ‘scripts.js’ file and in my web root folder. I now receive the messages fine (excepting that GoDaddy has slow servers and messages take 5-15mins to arrive. :P )

Thanks again for the great theme, Craig! It’s really working beautifully for my site!

Good evening from California. I am evaluating several themes at the request of a client. To that end, I have a few quick questions that I hope you can answer for me:

  1. Single page scrolling templates are great for story telling segments but not for a whole site of this size. Is mixing story-style pages (single page, parallax) with standard single-page sections (page.php) supported?
  2. Is it possible to create multiple parallax sections or is that a home page only feature?
  3. Are bulky JS files conditionally called on a page? Loading up the entire JS and CSS library for a slider on a single-post blog page is a waste of processing power.
  4. Does the theme use a hook/action model for child themeing or is it a get_template_part() model? Or is the code all inline in a few large files?

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Without access to the theme code, it can be difficult to evaluate the flexibility and quality of a commercial product before purchasing it.

Best Regards, Ian Armstrong / Imperative Ideas

Hi mate, this is an HTML template and therefore includes no PHP functionality beyond a simple mail function. So no to all of the questions

I removed one of the images from “Our Team”. Is there a way to center two? I’ve looked through your css and still can’t seem to figure it out.

Sure – just make the divs do this: <div class="four columns push-2" /> using ‘push-2’ will push the columns 2 columns to the right; thus centering them :)

Hi, I’ve noticed that the panel with the business names in it (div=”clients”) disappears when in mobile view. Is there any way to change this to have it show? It’s not crucial, but if I put business partners in there they might be unhappy to not show up in mobile screens!

Sure; just remove line 36 from responsive.css :)

How do you add in the text that’s laid over the background image? Where it says Elegant & stylish We love the web.

Inside the list item for the slide, it’s in the HTML

Hi I was looking for a reply to the two emails I sent. I found that there is an issue with the menu in Chrome on a Mac. The forward slashes drop down out of line (sent images on email), and last night I thought I would look on my iPad for the mobile responsiveness. Was a little shocked that in the Safari on iOS7 the background images don’t resize, and follow the panels up instead of being fixed. Also, many of the elements get reshaped if the icon set is larger than the themes 2 icons. The About me text columns doesn’t respond and oversizes the page on iPad. The project view box is misplaced. and the contact elements mess the contact form up (even though I replaced the contact form with a new one with security check, I used the same div elements and CSS, so should work the same. Any advise or fixes thanks in advance

Hi Rob, first of all, thanks for purchasing Haven.

1. Let me look into the Chrome for Mac issue

2. The iPad backgrounds do indeed follow the flow of the page because ‘background-attachment: fixed’ does not work on iOS touch devices, this is due to how the viewport is manipulated on a touchscreen vs on a desktop browser

3. I’m not sure what you mean by this point so please clarify

4. That’s strange I’m looking at the demo now on my iPad and it’s working fine, resizes fine for both portrait and landscape

Please send a link to your site so I can take a look

Hi, BTW, very nice template (that’s the reason I bought)

Point 2 you didn’t clear up the resizing of images in background issue on iOS7,

3. I will send a screen shot so you understand

4. I will send a screen shot so you understand

OK, give me a moment :-)

Replied via email :)

Hi again. Found a new issue I’d like resolving. I added a link to an external site in the project html. However when it’s rendered in the index.html as an open project folder, the link doesn’t appear. How can I fix this?

One comment I had was is it possible to have rotating images on the top background image. Everytime the title slider changes to have the background change too?

Found that one :-)

no worries Rob – I replied to your other queries via email :)

Hi Craig, thanks for the help with my previous issue :) I was just wondering if there was any way for the email form to send the email as if it was coming from the message sender? Currently it comes through as from my server address, so when I hit ‘reply’ it’s not going to the person who sent the message, but my server address. It would be very handy to have their email address set as the sender. Or do I need to look at a different email script for that? Thanks!

Hello, you might be able to achieve this by editing the mail function found in mail.php, you would need to edit the headers. Here is a link that might prove useful: http://php.net/manual/en/function.mail.php

Hello there

I love your theme it looks great :) I’d like to buy it but first I have 2 small questions for you (that may be stupid…) : is it easy to change the background color to black or dark grey ? I would of course have to change the font color… Is it easy to change the font ?

Thank you so much in advance


Hello Lika, yes you would make this change in the css to the body element, then you would edit the paragraph and heading elements to change the text to white (or a lighter colour) this would be done in style.css
Hope this helped :)

Hi Craig and thanks alot for the beautiful Template. I do have 2 Questions:

1. Is it possible to have the flexslider always showing the full width of the image? 2. When changing from Ipad portrait to landscape, the site is not resizing. Other way around works well.

Thanks in advance,


Hi, I downloaded the theme and I have not made any edits to the code however, when i click ‘view’ on the thumbnails the larger image is not being generated. Please help thank you!

Hello, do you have it uplaoded to a webserver? the ajax projects will only view if you are live on a server :)

Absolutely love this theme! This is probably a very basic question but how do I get the navigation to have the same dark gray background before the scroll as it does after instead of a transparent background? Thank you!

Also, I’m having the same issue as robCODE above but it looks like you answered in email so not sure how to solve. When viewing in chrome the slashes on the menu drop down a line. Now looking at the live preview provided here it looks like it has the same issue.

Hello, remove the spaces between the slashes and replace them with   instead

& n b s p ; <- without space ;)

Hi Craig,

I have a problem with the mail.php. I followed the instructions given, but no test email ever shows up in my inbox. I am using a GoDaddy hosting and here is the test page.


Hello, this site does not load for me..

Where it says Elegant & stylish We love the web is that the header or home page template? How would I change the text?

Hello, this is in the html file index.html inside the div with class ‘hero-title’

In order to view my pages I have to click the tabs in the menu how do I make it so it scrolls to each page on the home page without having to click the tabs?

Hello, is it possible to disable the responsiveness for the site? So that it looks the same across devices and different screen sizes? Thanks!

Hello, not easily, the site is built on a responsive framework so you would need to remove all media queries in the css