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Hello, I’ve problems with visual composer. It says that needs an update. I’ve haxon 1.4 version installed. Thank you!

Hello mate, please send us your website URL and WordPress login information using http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow so i can help you.

I have a pre-sales question:

On the demo site, home static layout, near the bottom there are fours tabs on the left called “Partners, Clients, Our Team and Workplace”, which when clicked bring up some scrolling text/images on the right hand side.

Can you tell me if this is done using a plugin or a shortcode in the theme?


It’s called “Special Intro” in our theme and it’s a post type. :)

I am having issues uploading this to a 3.8.2 Wordpress directory, are there more inquiries about this issue?

Any solutions?


-Ben Aggressive Graphix

Hey mate, we had no report on any issue with uploading, please send us an email using http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow so i can investigate the issue.


We’re having issues updating WPBakery Visual Composer to the latest version. Haxon says there is a license for this plugin included in the package, but we cannot find it. The plugin is currently heavely outdated (Version 3.6.13, while Version 4.1.1 is the newest).

Where can we find the license for WPBakery Visual Composer?

Thanks in advance,


Hello Brian, we had to remove the license due to copyright concerns, but don’t worry about it, please send us an email using http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow and i will help you with updating Visual Composer.

There is a new version of WPBakery Visual Composer available. View version 4.1.2 details. Automatic update is UNavailable for this plugin. Dowload new version from CodeCanyon

We will update the Visual Composer for haxon in next 4 weeks, but you can send us an email using http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow so i can help you with update.

does this work with wordpress 3.9?

It has no issue with WP 3.9, but we haven’t updated Visual Composer yet, we are planning to do that in next 5 days.

2 Questions. 1 When team members display on the ‘About’ page the full text (entered when they were set up in ‘Team Members’ displays with the featured picture. Is there some way to only display the first paragraph. After all there’s no point in linking to the members page if it displays the same content. 2. At the botton right hand corner of the ‘About’ page there are a forward and backword arrow. I thought these would be for sliding to the next page of team members, when the page was full. However no matter how many team members I had, they all appear on the same page. Is this meant to happen? Thanks

Hello mate,
1) you can put a more link in team member information
2) That arrows are for seeing your partners, if you see our demo page you can see how it works: http://demo.sacredpixel.com/wp/haxon/about-us/

Yes – But if I do that the ‘more’ link will display in the ‘About’ page, which I don’t want. Anyway I think I’ve found a way to get the end result I need, but I need to change ‘Related Projects’ on the Portfolio pages to “Similar”. Where can I make this change? Thanks

You can change it from “lib > core > portfolio.php” line 58.

Thanks v much. That did it.

You’re welcome mate.

Hows it going? We are just about to go live with this site, and I noticed there is a javascript issue occurring on the portfolio template and on the paginated slider. Please assist.



Hello Ben, please send me your website URL and WP login information to pxflow@gmail.com , so I can investigate the issue and assist you with that.

I want to buy the template. but I have some questions: - Accessed the Live Preview on an Android tablet with Firefox and should not be responsive? The site was all in miniature, but the menu has not changed, not repositioned elements, etc.. Desktop if I decrease the window browse the website will be adjusting, including changing the dropdown menu. Why not exchange the tablet?

- Can I put photo gallery? Must use the gallery is a large image and thumbnails below.

- Can I use this template with the Revolution Slider plugin? Your Revolution is what makes Slider?

I am in urgent await your answers to make the purchase.

Julio Albuquerque

Hello Julio,
Try visiting Haxon on tablet with this URL and see if you still have issue with tablet menu: http://demo.sacredpixel.com/wp/haxon/
1) That’s the biggest portfolio size you can use: http://demo.sacredpixel.com/wp/haxon/portfolio-2/
2) We used Layer Slider in this theme, but revolution will be fine too. :)

Hi there Am I able to demo this theme for a period of time in Wordpress before purchasing it? In other words, I want to check out how the back end works and see how customisable the template is before buying. thanks

Hello mate, unfortunately this option is not available, but I can send you the documentation and several screenshots. Please send us an email via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com :)

i´ve bought your nice theme but would need help to customice it, any guide?? thanks!!!

Thank you mate, please send us your customization list to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will talk about it. :)

not customice need… for the moment it doesn´t work!!!!

We need to check your website anyway.

Hi, is it possible to only have portfolio link to full item (page detail) .. currently you have to click on the portfolio title text to get to the main page and when you click the actual image it brings up a slideshow. I would prefer not to have the slideshow and have it only click through to the full item page. Please could you tell me how this could be achieved? Thanks

Hi, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will guide you.

Hi there,

Is this theme compatible with WordPress 4.1?

Thank you

Hello mate, yes.

Perfect, thank you!

You’re welcome.

Hello, Does this theme (or it’s plugins) use allow_url_fopen? I am on a server that is very strict with that and have run into quite some trouble before, if so, is there an easy way to get around it? (no php.ini or htaccess)

Hi, I’ve searched through our codes and couldn’t find any allow_url_fopen , but it might have other functions which are not allowed on your server, is your server suitable for WordPress?

Hello, I’m using Haxon Theme for the new edition of a Festival, the edition 2014 was made with Haxon too and we kept the backup. Now in the new wordpress Haxon Theme doesn’t seem to work, I can’t update any information , visual composer doesn’t work either.

It is because I need to buy the theme again for the new wordpress?

This is the link for the new edition http://www.catapulta.org.mx/es/home1/ And this is the link of the edition of 2014: http://www.catapulta.org.mx/2014

Hello, you’re 2014 version doesn’t work either, please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and explain the issue.


voxace Purchased


I have installed Haxon but the Visual Composer doesn’t seem to work correctly.

When I edit a block of text in Visual it has nothing, I have to go to Text to see anything.


Hi, I’m not sure if it’s a bug, we don’t support front-end editor in this theme. Still you can send us an email via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will investigate the issue.

Hi, I’ve a question, if I buy this nice theme,can I add more circles in main page?where “start here” located? I saw a theme that had this option but I like your theme.


Hi, unfortunately you need to customize the theme to add more circles.


J’ai un probleme avec la mise a jour de visual composer, j’ai mis le compte et la clé d’activation mais la mise a jour ne passe pas.

D’accord pourrais je avoir le lien pour télécharger le theme Haxon child et un fichier de votre du layer slide a importer car j’arrive pas a creer un avec il y a trop de parametre a configuer

D’accord pourrais je avoir le lien pour télécharger le theme Haxon child et un fichier de votre layer slide a importer car j’arrive pas a creer un comme pour vous car il y a trop de parametre a configuer

Se il vous plaît nous contacter en utilisant ticket.pixflow@gmail.com et nous allons vous donner le curseur et vous aider avec d’autres questions.


Je vous ai écrit depuis 2 jours mais j’ai pas eu de réponse, pourriez-vous m’envoyer un fichier de votre configuration layer slider pour que je le modifie car j’ai créer un layer slider mais il ne marche pas. Je voudrais aussi le thème Haxon child.


Bonjour, je ai répondu à votre premier commentaire, hâte de vous e-mail.