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no live preview ?


Thanks for asking, I see the live preview has not been added to this one yet .. will fix it!

Anyway, you can go here to view Headlines: http://themes.addonbakery.com/?name=headlines


What about localization terms? Is it easy to translate ?



There is currently no localization support implemented in the theme, so you would have to go through the templates manually I am afraid :-|

Okay, so we are trying to make this theme work on v2.1.3 and the CMS simply outputs error 500 as soon as we upload any jpg to /themes/site_themes/headlines/images/uploads/. We have no idea why it happens, but it looks like the script is out of memory while generating previews. Any clues?


Hi prokoudin, might be a problem with teemthumb. Please download the latest version using this link:


unzip it in system/expressionengine/third_party/teemthumb/ (replacing the pi.teemthumb.php file already there)

See if that helps. That said – if your files are very big it might be memory issues indeed – if that is the case I suggest you increase the memory on the server (or alternatively resize the images before uploading).

btw – if updating teemthumb doesn’t help please provide a link I could look at to see the error message.

I bought this theme for my first ExpressionEngine installation 5 days ago. It absolutely blew my socks off. Installed a charm, just had to create one /cache/ directory in the home directory which was the only issue I encountered. But I was totally AMAZED that I could get this new client’s website up and running so fast. I had planned to work on prototyping my client’s new website using Photshop while i got the hang of EE + Forum + Theme, but it all worked so smoothly, I’m building the website live as we go, and I jetisoned the prototyping. Anyway, GREAT WORK BjornBjorn on the Headlines theme! I’m looking forward to buying more units of your themes going forward, and new ones you come out with too.

This is what I was able to do in about 8 hours:
  • purchase and install EE and EE Forum
  • purchase and install Headlines theme
  • get it basically all working after a few hiccups with EE
  • transplant the header banner, remove embedded ad
  • swap out footer icon and link
  • change all the default categories to my client’s categories
  • swap out a few images so that I understood how
  • set up the Forum, linked to it from the website.
  • made a bunch of other tweeks:

This is what I have after 8 hours work: I am delighted!!! thanks again!


Hey, thanks a lot for taking the time to provide this positive feedback, liamscanlan! :-)

Here’s a pro-tip for skinning the forum in this design as well:

1. Download iain’s scaffolding theme and use that as a starting point: https://github.com/iainurquhart/Scaffold

2. Make sure you are “Running the Forums Through Regular Templates” see here: http://expressionengine.com/user_guide/modules/forum/other_features.html

3. Then you’re set to go. In the forum_global/ you’ll find templates for header and footer. Since you’re running the forums through regular templates you can do embed the global header and footer like everywhere else in the Headlines theme.

Should be a pretty good start! Good luck with your site and thanks again for stopping by and giving your opinion on my theme :)

wowgogs Purchased

I can’t get the

tags to show up in IE9 …. can you do a fix for this?




wowgogs Purchased

it seems my message was cut off… I downloaded this and installed it. works great. only one problem. the H2 tags do not show up in IE 9 !.... ahhh could you please create a fix for your files and then I can upload it to my site?

Thanks Ryan


Hi Ryan,

do you have a link to a page where you experience this problem? I just browsed the demo myself with IE9 and couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

wowgogs Purchased
http://thepennybin.com none of the H2 headers show up in IE9 .

I have had other people say the same …

they don’t see it. Thanks


OK, so I see the problem over at your site – but if I visit the demo over at http://themes.addonbakery.com/headlines/ with IE9 the H2’s display just fine. So I’m thinking maybe this has to do with a change you’ve made (a javascript and/or css change might have caused this). In that case it would unfortunately fall outside the standard support for the theme :-/

wowgogs Purchased

only problem is I didn’t change anything to do with

great support!! thx

wowgogs Purchased

go here which is your demo http://themeforest.net/item/headlines-stylish-magazine-ee-theme/full_screen_preview/183688

the h2s don’t show up in IE 9 ither…


Hi, it does show up in IE9 if you visit this page:


So it seems it’s the TF theme switcher messing up?

Anyway, it’s using JS to make the headlines pretty. What I would do in your case is either remove the js you have added until it works (to find the issue) – or alternatively place an if not IE 9 around the cufon.js code to only execute that if it’s not IE9 (then headlines will not look pretty in IE9 but ..)

wowgogs Purchased

thanks for your customer support…. please let me know what you find out. much appreciated!

its a pretty big thing not showing up in IE9 …

wowgogs Purchased

ok I will try that.. thanks

Bjorn – I’m now working on my latest customer site and I opted for the Headlines theme again. I love it! Here’s what I got working in about 45 minutes: 1. Created a new gmail account to dedicate to new customer 2. bought a new domain name 3. bought license for EE 2 .2 and Forum 4. bought license for Headlines theme 5. set up a new hosting account with hostgator.com 6. installed EE, Forums, Headlines (your product) 7. got the whole website working without a glitch.

Well done on this spectacular theme! what I like most about it is, you have included complete website content of different types so all I have to is swap content out for new content then adjust theme appearance one step at a time. It’s like painting by numbers! ha ha! I wanted to point that out for people who are considering buying the theme, because it will same them tons of time. You’ve got a good “whole product” approach.

Thanks again. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your themes coming out in the future.

Liam (Seattle)

lcallif Purchased

I followed the instructions very carefully, however when I get to the item: Now we’re ready to install, visit http://youdomain.com/system/ and follow the EE install wizard until you get to the page that says “Enter Your Settings” I am taken to the Login page for my site. Which means I am not able to install or use Headlines.

So, what am I doing wrong and how do I complete the installation ?

Thanks in advance for the assistance!




These themes are meant to be installed with a new installation of EE. Seems like you already have an existing EE installation up and running, if so you cannot use the theme on it (automatically at least). If you have further questions please head over to our official support area over here: http://getsatisfaction.com/addonbakery/products/addonbakery_expressionengine_themes


I bought you theme and i noticed that even in the demo when switching from page to page the browser refresh very slow(1sec of white screen) why is that? and how to solve this problem ?


You can try to enable cache, either the internal EE one or CE Cache (search devot-ee).