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Contact form is extremly easy to setup. Very simple code and great documentation.


Thank you for purchasing!

bee78 Purchased

Great work!

Nice looking theme.

2 questions:

How hard is it to make the text boxes on the home page link to another page? (Ideally the title of the text box would hyperlink to another page.)

Is there an option to include a menu somewhere with links to other pages – About, Staff, Contact, etc.?

Thank you.


Linking text boxes is trivial – after you purchase email us and we’ll help you do it. The menu is not built-in but if your requirements are really simple we’ll add it for free.

Fantastic template, and the support from these guys has been awesome!


Glad we were able to help! Thank you for purchasing!

Hello, I have gotten the email to work but the code is not firing the

alert('Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! We will not abuse your address.');

So the user can’t tell if the email got sent. The page is here:




Hi thank you for purchasing!

Your server doesn’t have json encode/decode functions. Please contact us via email and we’ll help you sort that out.

Thanks! That’s just what was needed. I appreciate your time. Bruce :)


Glad we could help :)

mdowden Purchased

I have two issues.

1) the twitter feed just seemed to stop working. 2) In the piecemaker xml, it shows that you can use a URL inside the element if it is defined in the CSS . But I can’t seem to make that work.

Any ideas.


Hi, thank you for purchasing, sorry to hear you’re having problems!

Please contact our technical support via the contact form. We can’t give site-specific support via comments.

I brought this template because it said it was built with HTML5 but it is not working in a iphone browser. What is the point of claiming built on HTML5 if it does not work for iphones?

I would like to get my money back, on top of the $2 this site charges using PayPal, over 25% fees to use Themeforest?

I thought the sportsbooks were bad, please let me know how to arrange a refund

Love the template but I need this to be viewable in iphones


Hi, sorry to hear you’re not satisfied with our product.

It says it’s valid HTML5 and it is. And as far iPhone goes I just checked it on iPhone and it looks exactly the same as in a “normal” browser – screenshot.

Please contact Envato for a refund. Only they can give it.

Forgive me for speaking too soon. I used a iPhone emulation browswer and it did not do what your screenshot showed me.

I brought this template because of the quality and because of your support provided to your customers.

I am not going to contact Envato and would like to ask you to help me get this amazing template working as you have shown.

Thanks for your reply and your help!!


Please contact us via email for any support requests. Also, don’t forget that all of our items come with extensive docs.

Please turn this into a fully functional website with multiple pages and I will buy!!!


We have that planned!

When can we expect the full website version? I would buy it in a second!


That’s hard to say. I’d say a few weeks but it’s probably going to be a WP template, not an HTML one.

Is it possible to add more pages (and a simple menu) that will have a fullpage text block and no header images? If so please let me know and I will buy the theme. I love the look and feel.

What does the “working ajax newsletter script” mean. Can newsletter be send from the backend of the website or is it just a subscribe script and a list will appear in the backend of the website?

kind regards Bas


Is it possible to add a menu? Of course but you need to know HTML to do it.

Subscribed emails are saved in a TXT file. That’s it. There’s no backend.

I suggest you contact us via email if you need some item customizations done and we’ll send you a quote.


We would like to use the service mailchimp to handle our contact form and the newsletter subscriber section.

I am able to get it to work but not with your stay on page function.

Can you please explain how to integrate this, so the function you create remains the same but parses the datat to our mailchimp account.

Thank you


Hi, thank you for purchasing!

Please contact us via email. We can’t provide site-specific support via comments.

Even if I do not use another mail service like MailChimp, there is zero indication on the contact form that any action has taken place?

At least with the newsletter sign up, it gives a response, why is there not one with the contact form as coded?


Upon a successful contact form submitting the user gets an alert, just as with the newsletter.

If you’re having any issues with our items please contact support via email. We’d be happy to help.

Hi, I liked your theme a lot, just a few questions before I buy…

Can I customize the homepage layout by removing the contact us form and the photo gallery? Also, I too need a menu bar… could you work that in the theme? If I need more pages, what will they look like?

Thanks, Vanessa


Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

This is a landing page and has only the elements that you can see. A WP version will be out shortly and will have menus, sub-pages and everything else.

Hi, I would like to purchase this theme, but I would like to ask two questions regarding the fonts used.

1) Does the font used in the theme support Extended Latin characters? (like ?, ?, ç, ö, ü, ?, ?...)

2) If not, how hard is it to change the fonts? Do you supply any documentation for that?

Thank you in advance.


1) this is the font used http://www.google.com/webfonts/specimen/Yanone+Kaffeesatz so you can check if it has all the chars you need

2) font can be changed with 1 line of CSS , but no there’s no documentation on that because we consider the font a crucial part of the design

I am trying to alter the twitter feed at the bottom of the template to follow “my” twitter feed. What do i need to make these changes? How do I make these changes.?......Thank you



Thank you for purchasing. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

Please contact our support via email with your site’s details. We can’t provide support via comments.

AlOakley Purchased
Hi, I sent an email yesterday about having problems with the contact form not working, but didn’t get a reply? The latest error I get is; Fatal error: Call to undefined function: json_encode() in /homepages/36/d129703868/htdocs/*/*/contact-us.php on line 21 The page is at http://mightyoak.co.uk/kernowmassage/ If you could get back to me please? Thanks Al

Hi, thank you for purchasing. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

Please contact our support via email with your site details. We can’t provide support via comments. If you’ve already opened a ticket please be patient. We reply to all tickets as soon as possible.

AlOakley Purchased

I’ve now updated the php version on the server t& now get the message {responseStatus“}


Please contact our support via email. We can’t provide support via comments.

AlOakley Purchased

Forget it, got it all working…


Glad you got it fixed.