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Hello, Can you provide a demo site?

Kind regards, Jose

Well not at the moment.

What are you interested in exactly ?

The whole theme is made by using drupal standards – views, custom build views plugins and nodes + context. if you know how to use these, you wont have any problems with this theme.

Thanks for your prompt. Is there integration between views and revolution slider?

No, thats actually not possible, as views are displaying structured content, and revolution slider often creates slides that dont have any similiar structure or components. There is an custom built enviroment to create revolution sliders.

Can I view the documentation for this? Can I change the blog view to list view?

Thank you for the reply. Is there a way to make the menu floating or sticky menu so it won’t scroll down?

Also, Is there a way to create mega menu with this theme?

Hello I baught the template, having some problems. the first one I like to handle is the menu that does not get it’s design. can you advise on this one? please have a look at: Thanks, Eyal

Ok I loaded the demo data base so you can enter now, I dont have a way in now… you can contact also at

credentials are admin/demo

You didnt copy sites/default/files folder. and you also did not enabled all the modules which come with default package.

ok got it. I will proceed and come back if I get halted in the way. many thanks again.

hello I am with the following problem in theme Fatal error: Cannot call method self::sortSlides() or method does not exist in /home/footwork/public_html/novo/sites/all/modules/pragmaticmates_revolution/includes/entity.slider/ on line 18

Hello, what version of php are you running ?

You can disable pragmaticmates_revolution for now to continue working, before we resolve the problem

Hi, open the file


and replace this line

usort($this->slides, 'self::sortSlides');
      usort($array, array(__CLASS__, "sortSlides"));

or upgrade your php :)

Hi and thanks for the great theme!

I’m having some issues with the hover effect over the “works” views, and trying to align the box so that it consistently is the same dimensions as the image it is slides over. I am a able to adjust by selecting the ”.work-detail-wrapper” and giving it width percentages but, when the responsive styling kicks in for different browser window widths, then it requires new styling. Is using media queries for this in the CSS the best way to solve this? I notice the same problem in the demo as well…

Thanks again

Yea I had already made the mistake of updating it. I tried to revert to the old module file, but I think something with the database tables is still causing problems.

I am able to add new works properly, but can not edit content once it exists….The mediabox content seems to be stuck and not accepting changes once the node is created. If that helps diagnose anything… (this is using the original mediabox version that came with the bundle)

And is there any error ? If you check watchdog or enable error reporting to higher level?

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very nice, like! good luck with sale.;