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Hi pragmaticmates, Great Template. I´m using internet explorer 9 and I have trouble to see the submenu under the About item, , I can´t see the submenu list unless I place my mouse on top of each submenu Item. Also this submenu is under the titles of the slide. Also the sutitles with the small fonts in the second slide with the ” Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exerci tation ullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.”

It´s all mushed up into one line ontop of each other Is impossible to read it, is this possible to fix before I purchase the template ?

Hello, we will check this issue in IE9 and provide a fix.


Hi pragmaticmates, I have problems with internet explorer 8 , also your demo have problems with it , could you please give us some more CSS code for the I8.css , Looking forward for your help


In item description is written that this theme is supported for

IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

IE8 support is slowly but surely being dropped by all the authors. It provides lot of coding/codes overhead and it introduces only drawbacks as lot of design/stylish features has to be omitted in order to have compatibility with IE8. The % of users still using ie8 is smaller and smaller and can no longer be considered as major browser.

IE8 is just no longer in play.

Have a nice day.

How can I change the slider items and behaviours (as I will neither use chart nor that woman on clouds). Unfortunately your tutorial (which is more an information) is very poor. Would you might adding this? Thank you!


this functionality is completely coming from Revolution slider. I found the documentation for Revolution Slider here:


Feel free to contact us if you a problem.


Hi pragmaticmates, when I put a few subitems in the menu and I see the page with the movil phone, the submenus are cut and I can´t see all the submenu list or scrool down the scroll bar does not appear, check it out in the following link http://prueba.alphaomegahost.org/salturi/index-menu.html

The template is working really well, thanks! One thing: how do I get the Recent Posts and Recent Projects background colors to stretch the full width – 2560px – instead of just 1920?


this is not possible cause we are using Bootstrap 3.1 which width for container is 1170px so you need to set different width for your resolution.

Sample which may work:

@media (min-width: 1920px) and (max-width: 2560px)  {
   .container.extra-large { width: 2530px; }

Play with the numbers to fit your needs.


Thanks for the suggestion. This didn’t work but I understand if it can’t be done.

Sorry, there was bit of confusion :)

This can be done, you just need to adjust wrapper a little So you just need to override the class .fullwidth with following
.fullwidth {
margin-left: -830px;
margin-right: -830px;
padding-left: 830px;
padding-right: 830px;

if its not enough (830px) you can adjust it, its variable.


Hello, I have a big problem! When I want to install the theme, I have this error message: “Broken theme and / or stylesheets missing”. I tried to install it manually, but still the same message!

Sorry for my english :/

Sorry… it’s not a wordpress theme :/

Well that happens from time to time :)




nope, we are providing support here.

The contact form is not functional if you are asking that. Its simple css/html template.

Is there a version of this theme for worpress or joomla?

Hello, not yet but wordpress version is in progress.


Hello, Very nice template again!

If i looking in W3C Validator (normal) the demo have 10 errors. And W3C Mobile a score of 66.

Normal or i,m not looking for at the good place?

Thank you

Hi, first I would like to thank you for the Great Template. I am experiancing some problems at; new.irismore.com 1. the first item of menu is showing twice, the first is not linking enywhere, can I make it show only once? 2. can I disable third level menues? 3. if the color of the slider picture is light, the menu dropdown is unreadable, can I put some grey bg the support readability? 4. the last leaf of menu get identification, sometimes, please see at the right menu item. 5. at http://new.irismore.com/he/blog the tags cloud is alighned to the left, should be to the right. 6. the tags cloud wasn’t working till I added hypen – but it doesn’t look good. can I add it only to the link? 7. the layout of the tags page http://new.irismore.com/tags/%D7%94%D7%A2%D7%A6%D7%9E%D7%94-%D7%90%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%99%D7%AA is not like the one of the blog, http://new.irismore.com/he/blog it gets spreading all over the page.

please advice many thanks

Ehm, you removed output rewrite for the tags, you know if you can really give me access and i will fix lot of things in couple of minute : )

Btw, update the codes its really important, also you didnt do

7. In new update there is taxonomy_display module, enable it, then head to taxonomy vocabulary settings – > enable views for it and set as taxonomy view -> Article Category, then it will look all fine.

Hi, I sent you 2 mails at friday, please respond.


We dont work during weekends.


I red that a wordpress version is in progress, comment from 2 months ago. What’s the status on that? I have bought the template and I have a wordpress website..

Before theme gets launched on themeforest it needs to be reviewed by envato stuff, if it has bugs and works correctly. We already uploaded the item and it usually takes 1 day to get it approved.

The theme is ready

you can see it here



Ok thank you. I see from here that is only a multipage template. Are you planning on releasing the onpage template as well? Thank you


well we dont have specific plans, visual composer is used and i believe there is some direct integration for onepage, try to search for the plugin on code canyon, i cant remember the name right now ( or maybe i am just imagining there is one )

Anyway we wanted to push out at least multipage for now as the development process took bit longer than we expected


Hello, all. First of all, I want to say that the template is beautiful and worked immediately upon uploading to my testing site!

I think I can help some users with cybersphinx’s issue.

I looked at the Revolution docs – they weren’t a help. I then commented out the CHART section in the classic page’s index.html – and in my editor the section was correctly grayed out, then commented out the easyPieChart section in heaven.js, but the darned chart still was there animating its little heart out. For the hell of it, I deleted the whole CHART section from index.html, and for whatever reason, that worked! Yay!

Perhaps there is some conflict of js. But thanks

Have a nice day.

Hi and thanks for the great work. I would just have a few questions : everything is going right during the installation and the configuration of the theme, but when i download the plugins… i can’t understand why nothing is configurable in this section (Appearence > Widgets). Everything was until i download the plugins. Could you help me find why ?

Then i try to go to ‘appeareance > Custom’ and here is what i find :

” Modifier Ajouter Pragmatic Mates: Contact Pragmatic Mates: Contact “

Thanks for the help.

Of course. Could you join me by mail that i can give you the login for the backoffice ? My mail : pro.hypermail@gmail.com


Thanks again. Awesome work.

Does this theme have fixed with option? rather than full width version?


No, unfortunately this theme has only full width option.


Love your design!

I noticed the images don’t zoom is there a pretty photo or similar plugin included with this html theme?


first of all, thank you for kind words. Regarding the image zoom we are not integrating any lightbox but it should be piece of cake for someone who is little bit experienced in development. If you need further assistance with lightbox integration don’t hesitate and contact us.


Very good theme and simple to use. I hope you can fix to next update. I need better Google pagespeed score. I love the theme.

Google pagespeed score: 53 of 100 . CSS files: 5 Too many CSS files.

Scripts: 14 Too many scripts.


thanks for idea. Did you try plugin for CSS compression and script concatenation?


Hi there. Not sure how active this is, but I downloaded the template and changed the header background graphic. It appears there’s some kind of opacity or ‘film’ if you will over the image that fades it out and dulls the color but for the life of me I can’t find it to remove it. Do you know what or where this might be?


.navbar-inner { background-image: none !important; }


Thanks! Love the template :)

You are welcome

Hi There! Great template! Im about the make the purchase, before that just needed to know if I would be able to use dreamweaver to edit and view live the updates that I make without the files uploaded on the server. Appreciate your help, Regards! Ric

Hi Ric,

we have no experience with Dreamweaver.


Hello there.

I am interested buying the theme, but i came a cross one thing, i saw in the source code that the menu, slider, and the sub page heading are all in the head tag, and int renders the background to it with a class attached,

The only problem if i use it this way in my project is a bit painful because i use a layout template file to render my page content, and i would need the url segments to break in to parts (to load the slider on the welcome page, and for sub pages)

My question is is there any way to seperate them without breaking the background?


what about to set background image from body class? Hope it helps you.



please tell how to disable completely responsive for this template ;) i need just desktop static version and responsive some times has problems on non standart screen widths.


template is built with Bootstrap 3 which is responsive by default and it is not possible to disable responsiveness by changing one value.

Only way how to disable responsive is to edit Bootstrap core and refactor whole template.


ok, but your menu on demo and downloaded is not working on tablets and mobile (some menu items is hidden and not fit on screen)

Do you have a screenshot?