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Really Awesome! GLWS! :)

Well thank you good sir!

Love your design. Congrats!!!

Good job!Good luck again :)

Thanks for support ;)

Nice style! Good luck! :)

Nice work mate ;)

Thank you, appreciated.

Nice job! Keep it up!

Well we do our best :) Thanks

Awesome work !GLWS :)

Any news on a Joomla or Wordpress version? This is exceptionally well done! GLWS!!!

PS… I Noticed a menu error in Single page main menu. After clicking on the main menu in Firefox it turns to white pill shape :)

Oh yes, thanks we will fix that one.

There sure will be Wordpress and Drupal versions of the theme. However we dont have Joomla developer.


1. takes time in loading. 2. any thoughts on drop-down.

Hello, its image based theme so if you have slow connection it can take a short while to load the images. Dropdown will be included in update.


Nice work – very polished. GLWS

No drop-down menu included?


Not right now but its going into next update :)


Works fine on desktop but when it comes to mobile (tried it on iPhone iOS 7 + iPad iOS 7 both mini and standard) it doesn’t work what is it supposed to i guess. Whats do i have to change to make it work? Best Regards.


what is wrong on iPad or iPhone? I’m just testing the site in iPad4 without problems. Would you mind to provide the screenshot?


Have you tried it on iPhone and can you provide a picture of how it should look on an iPhone, on the iPad it’s fine i guess.


I just updated the demo. Found some minor bugs but I will appreciate if you share screenshots of elements which you think that are broken.


Beautiful Creative Template, make more features… Best of luck


thanks for kind words. Which features do you want in the next update? Thanks

Parallax style. Portfolio masonry /RECENT WORKS masonry style.


Just downloaded this template. I was wondering if we can change the colors of the icons and text? If so, How?


sure you are able to change the colors. I don’t know if you are familiar with SASS & Compass but you are able to change .scss files in assets/scss. After change use “compass compile”.




I can not find the icons (in. png) Telephone, adress in the file and also the next and prev slide.

Is this normal?

It’s rather urgent …


we are using font awesome for icons. Please check



I place the folder then bookstores? “librairies”


would you mind to be more descriptive? Thanks

Icons is not good in FIREFOX its normal ?


here is my screenshot from firefox


would you mind to provide the screenshot? I need to see what is going on.


I’m unclear on the what’s going on with the drop down menu. The online example has a drop down but what I downloaded didn’t. You mention the drop down functionality will be included in a future update. When will the update be available? How easy will it be to add the drop-down code into what I have downloaded?

I see the update is online now. I must have purchased/downloaded just a few hours before the files were updated.


Yes update was issued yesterday, but it took several hours for approval process

Kind regards

Hello. Very nice job! Clean and efficient.

Does your contact form is fonctionnal? Or need to creat a .php file?

Thank you


The package contains pure HTML so you would have to create your own logic for contact form