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Probably my favourite of yours yet, mate :)

Great theme….

Im getting a horizontal line three quarters down the screen in the preview. is that supposed to be there? using Google Chrome on os x..

ps.. its on the ‘Print’ and ‘Web Design’ pages

p.s.s… i figured it out…if you have the portfolio items on one line…..the footer text (Copyright © 2011 by Peerapong. Remove this once after purchase from the ThemeForest.net) comes has a line under it. Can this be fixed?


Hmmm… I used the latest version of Chrome on OSX and can’t produce that line.


Where can I email you a screen shot to show you? Because I double and triple checked! Just want to make sure in case I do go ahead and purchase theme.


Contact me via my profile page please.

As always, great template. Good luck in your sales!

Exellent. For photographers – that is necessary!

nice functionality one the home page. success with sales.

awesome as always :)

Great theme mate

Love it!!! :)

Will I be able to replace the posts image slider with a video player?

nice ajax implementation ;)

gonna grab this one

Hi !

Nice theme. There’s a bug on the contact page anyway.

See you,



Could you describe more, what’s bug is and on which browser?

nicodweb Purchased

Great theme !! One bug: On home page if I click on a thumb to see more informations and then if I want to close the page : -by clicking “X” (close btn) all works fine -but if I Click outside the page frame, it’s return to portfolio but thumbs stays invisible.

Can you give me a fix?

Thank !


Thanks for reporting. I will have a look and release the update very soon.


The updated version is already approved. You can download it from your account :)

Great job!
Look very nice krub :)

Thank you everyone for your kind words :)

stunning..good job!

Quick question before I purchase. If I click on a picture on the homepage, say the redhead, the page slides open to reveal a slider, and a new image with a right column of copy. I want to keep the slider, but the image that appears under it doesn’t necessarily have to an image, correct? If I would want the page to open up to the slider, one large copy block, or 2 columns of text, that is possible, right? Just want to be certain. Thanks!


Yes, the content after gallery slideshow, you can use HTML to change how it display.

One other question..sorry for all the emails. Is it possible to have multiple sets of slideshows? I noticed that no matter which image you click on the homepage, the resulting page has the same slideshow. I’d like to showcase some products I sell and I’d like each page to have its own set of slides. Is that possible?

Thanks! Love the theme


Yes, 1 portfolio per 1 gallery slideshow. You can select which gallery for portfolio item.

Hi again,

When I try and load the contact page with Safari, I get to a white page with only the map ; all the other information (form, texts, left column) disappears. It’s ok with Firefox anyway.




Hmmm.. I tested on the latest version of Safari and it’s working fine.

Is there a way to add controls to the slideshow within a project page? Or at least set it on a timer? I feel like the little balls confuse people


Thanks for your suggestion. I will add next/previous buttons in the future release.