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The module demente social isn’t on my module options. I did the clean install again, still not there.

This template rocks, the more I look at it the more amazing and clever coding I see in the css. Great job man!

I was wondering, I want to add three text columns to the home page and have them centered…Withen joomla how would I do this?

Also on the homepage, where are the css attributes located.

On my site, everything has way to much spacing



Hello Jesse,

If you are familiar with HTML you can add the columns directly in the article. If not you can always use the bottom column modules. More information about this is in the readme file.

What do you mean by where are the attributes located? If you are looking for a CSS rule for a specific element you can always use firebug.

The dementeSocial module should be visible if you installed the quickstart package. If you installed the template on an existing Joomla webpage you need to install this extension through the extension manager as well. Again, more information is available in the readme file.

Hope this is helpful.

I’m having two problems, which I’ll address here w/ two separate comments.

First, We’re running the Sobi Business Directory component, and every now and then we’ll load the directory page and the Helix CSS won’t load. This error shows at the top of the page:

Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in /path/to/server/httpdocs/templates/helix/index.php on line 58

This has only ever happened while on the directory (Sobi) portion of the site.



Hi Binaryorganic,

We don’t have any experience with Sobi but a quick google search suggest to look for errors in the database. If it only happens in that component it is possible one of it’s tables has an error. Let us know if this is the case.


Can you give me an example of a google search that yields these results? We’re only experiencing this issue w/ the Helix template, and the error line cited (line 58 in your template’s index.php) has to do w/ setting up colors in a way that seems quite specific to your template and not Sobi. Just hoping for further guidance on this.


Hello Binaryorganic,

Line 58 sets some settings for the color of the template, which are not a part of template.css so it should still load properly. A google search for “joomla undefined offset” shows results from the Joomla forums. The first link I find is this one. It does not relate to the sobi component but it’s the same error and if it’s a table issue it could happen in any component. Please do check for errors and get back to us with your results.

Second issue: I added a search module to the header of the template, and I’m getting a blue “x” that appears about 3/4 of the way across the search bar in Chrome. Clicking it clears the search field. This only displays in Chrome. Would like to come up w/ a way to remove it.



Hi Binaryorganic,

This is a webkit “feature” so only chrome and safari show it. I’m not aware of a way to remove it with CSS . If you find it really annoying you can edit root/templates/helix/html/mod_search/default.php. Change the type of the input from “search” to “text”. Also make sure you change the stylesheet accordingly. Hope this is useful.


Thanks much… this fixed the problem. Didn’t have to touch the CSS either!


Hi Binaryorganic,

You don’t need to change the CSS for webkit but the selector is important for ie7. Search for “search” in the stylesheet and change the type there, too. But if you don’t care much about ie it’s ok.

rtorres Purchased

How can I add the CAPTCHA feature for the tzmonials to the contact page?


Hello Rtorres,

Thank you very much for purchasing our template! The contact and testimonials components are different. The easiest solution is to install a plugin. Take a look at these extensions: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/access-a-security/site-security/captcha

The first result (EasyCalcCheck) looks like it integrates seamlessly with the template.

Supsurge Purchased

BUG with primaryColorDark

If you choose a primaryColor that starts with leading zeros, it will delete them during transformation to primaryColorDark(for the dark color).

I fixed the problem with str_pad: index.php somewhere at 50
// get the primary color and split it into rgb values
$primaryColorStr = dechex(intval(trim($this->params->get('primaryColor'),'#'), 16 ));
$primaryColor = str_split(str_pad($primaryColorStr,6,"0",STR_PAD_LEFT),2);

Hope it will find its way to the new release or help somebody.



Hi Lucas,

Thank you for purchasing and reporting the bug. Even with a solution! We’ll make sure it’s included in the next update ;)

hello; I have question; how can I change text in contact form for our language (name, message, send vs. )


Hello Rebeldeniz,

Thanks for purchasing!

If these words are not translated after you install your language pack they are in the file en-GB.tpl_helix.ini inside the language folder. Simply copy this file to the directory of your language and edit the few strings inside it. Make sure you rename it with the appropriate language code at the beginning. More information should be available in the readme file.