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I have both the wordpress and the HTML theme, is there any where I can look to find out how to add a shop page to my website? I don’t see any options for it in wordpress and I’m a beginner when it comes to html. any help would be appreciated!

Hi, we updated the HTML version with shop, it is not implemented in WP version yet.

i’ve buy the html version and the menu disapear in the one page when i scroll into the page…

Yes, we did not add a fixed menu, will update theme.

how can i have the update please

We will make a future update, now we are working on a new theme, after launch we will make a update for Hercules.


How are you today? I bought your Hercules theme in December 2014. Please how do I create a boxed layout of the website?



Hi, we answered on your email.

Hi, I am trying to figure out what is the i for when looking at the first un-ordered list class under “Start Header Section”. Specific code I am looking at is this:

  • +555 234 762
  • what is the i before class for? I have never seen that, please advise

It’s the phone code, it’s a telephone number.

I am interested in this theme, I bought the wordpress version and am finding it a complete nightmare to edit because it uses the Redux framework, and the documentation is terrible. So I am thinking to buy this, as I know ( if the code is logically designed) I should be able to make lots of changes. I have a couple concerns, first, the wordpress version of hercules also says “well documented” and it is terribly documented. Is it actually “well documented”? second, I see you said months ago in the comments there was a update coming with a nav bar sticking to the top. Yet, it appears from the update history, this still is not done. But maybe updates have been released, just not documented. Is this the case? Or just that updates are very slow to be released? Thanks

Hi, the html is not very documented because its html, if you know html and css you already know about coding. The menu must be sticky, if not i will see if the update is not done yet, and reupload.

I think there is a bug in the main slider. The slider text does not align properly in IE (looks fine in Chrome and Firefox). Is there a fix available? I am running IE 11 on Windows 8.1

Here it is:

Hi, in style.css find .slider .slide-text and remove the: max-width: 1440px; and it will be aligned to center.

P.S. IE has to upgrade ;)

Thank you!


TAGrafx Purchased

I can not get the contact form to work on my server any settings I need to change to make it work????

Hi, you have you mail system configurated?

Hi Great theme wonderfull work thank you!

how can i change the color of the whole site into pink, and how to remove the box on the left side, i thoguht it is just visible in the demo…

thank you very much!!

thank you very much! And how to make the whole site pink? is there like an pink.css like normal??

and what are the height and with of the Map?!

Well you can and a pink color code to the body background, but then you copy paste the code of iframe you have width and height change how you like.

Hi ,

I have purchased this item , I have download this item , unzipped it but no images are loading .. This is not working for me , In Microsoft edge it is not working .. Actually No Image in the folder … Pls help me

Hi, it has al the placeholder images, empty only with resolution size written in the middle because we don’t have the right to put the pictures in the zip of the theme.

J’ai un problème (qui me semble être minime) mais je ne peux pas installer le thème car apparemment il manquerait le “style.css”, et donc le message d’erreur suivant apparaît : “Décompression de l’archive de l’extension…Installation du thème…L’archive n’a pas pu être installée. Il manque le fichier style.css à ce thème.L’installation du thème a échoué.”

Si vous pouviez m’aider, je vous remercie à l’avance (je travaille sur Mac).



Hi Anthony, this is a HTML theme, not WordPress, that’s why you’re getting this error.

Y’a t il une possibilité de l’intégrer en en faisant un thème wordpress ?

Hi there, Thanks for the great theme! For some reason when the website is snapped down the mobile menu is hidden behind the slideshow.. Any pointers on how to fix this? The url is any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks :)

What exactly do you mean behinde a slideshow?


Can you please share the PSD file as well for the design as we need to customize the design and was expecting the PSD file to be present inside the document.

Please help, it’s really important for us.

Regards, Vimal

Please contact us at

I accidentally purchased the HTML version instead of Wordpress. May I have the cost refunded, please?

Thank you

Please contact us at


pootis Purchased

what is the point of a schedule if it is neither responsive nor visible in mobile? I just bought it and I see that you say a year ago that you were going to fix this. Was this ever fixed? As it is, the schedule page (the main reason i wanted this theme), is useless.

Hi, it seems you don’t know but the theme was, without schedules first time, people wanted and we have added it, but we were unable to make it responsive at that moment, the scheduled was not in the design from the start, sorry for the long time, i am one guy trying to fix all, will make a update, i promise.


pootis Purchased

Thank you for your reply. I can understand your position, but please understand that i paid for it as i saw it – a nice theme, clean and responsive, where only later i discovered it was not fully responsive.I do appreciate the way you’ve structured and coded it and made it VERY easy to work with and modify but i have a kickboxing gym and with no schedule for the 60+ % using mobile, i can’t use it now because for a gym with any kind of classes, everyone needs to know the times.

How soon do you plan to update it?

I will try, to finish a update this week, thanks for understanding.