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Hi, I just downloaded the theme, How would I get homepage editor content to display on the homepage below the slider?

Thanks for your help.

i want to add homepage box. i want to see four boxes. how can i add this item?

thank you?

Can you please tell me how I can stop the slide show from transitioning on the home page and how I can change the transition style if I want to?

Hi, anybody knows how can I set the personal avatar (the little image) in the blog posts? Thank you guys.

Hello, I have had problems with the template, it behaves strange. Most of the time, the menu items are not visible. When you refresh the page the problem persists. Menu items appear only when the mouse is passed over.

Please fix the problem.

Thank you.



We will check this out ASAP. What browser / OS do you use?

I’ve the same problem of cvaldivia.

Pls, I can’t set the A image in the blog post and also the right column of the blog post doesn’t appear like the theme (with categories, calendar, other posts..) How can I set both things?

Anybody knows?

Urgent please!


Can you please email us with your log in details and we’ll see what’s going on.



Can you please give me your email? Log in details means user and password?

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Hey, I love the theme but everytime I try to change something in the Theme Options, I press “Save All Changes” after that, but it justs keeps on loading and never saves…

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Problem still isn’t fixed.

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It’s OK, finally got it fixed.


Is there anything else we can help you with?

This is among the worst designed back ends for a wordpress site I have ever seen. Your documentation is remarkably awful.

I can’t find a way to rate this product but I’d give it a single star if I could. I’d like a refund, though I won’t get one, but if you are reading this do not buy this theme.

I have never been able to use this theme. Everyone I’ve tried to work on with it had not been able to crack it. It should seriously be brought down. The developer never even responds to the forum.

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Hello! I’m using the template but I cannot find the way to change the avatar image… can you please help me with this? Is the A image on the beginning, I will like to customize it with my company logo, thanks!!

URL: http://vivawg.com/generando-ventas-online/

Hi! I have a couple questions.

1. I can’t set the A image in the blog post and also the right column of the blog post doesn’t appear like the theme (with categories, calendar, other posts..) How can I set both things?

2. I want to change a lot of color codes, for example the testimonial box on the main page needs to get red and the letters need to get white. (see my website http://danielledietz.nl/)

3. I want to remove the borders. With my white background it doesn’t look nice.

Can you please help me?

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After a week still no reaction… I have tried to reach them by mail. No reaction. Really crappy… Without help this theme is useless for me. Want my money back, so I can buy a theme that is working and the author reacts on questions…

Hi there

I am having a lot of problems with this theme and it is very hard to work with… I had a few questions.

1. Why is there no drop down navigation? Can this be added easily?

2. Can we add anything different to the homepage that’s not actually part of your set sections. I want to add basic html text about the company but the only way to seem to be able to do it is through editing the php file directly…

3. The responsiveness on many of the pages is completely broken… please fix this.


We are working on an update for Hexagonal, and we expect it to be live on themeforest within the next 5 – 10 days.