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Hi everyone

We spend the last couple of weeks working on a custom support forum because it became really hard to provide a good support for everyone with the comments section and emails.

I know that this might be frustrating for some of you but it was necessary, we needed a way to get notifications when an new question or bug is posted, let the users search the forum and have everything in it’s place so we can provide a fast and amazing support.

We created the support forum because it’s the only way for us to provide a better support so please if you have questions or comments, please use the new support forum: http://support.mcstudiosmx.com/

Please note We will not answer support questions through email anymore, only for specific cases. Thank you.

AlexMD Purchased

Hi Manuel,

I see that now you have a forum support which is great but it would be nice for you to try and answer at least the questions that were posted here before you made the announcement with the forum.

I’ve been trying to register on the forum but I do not know what is my Purchase license. Seems I do not have any mail from themeforest since last year…

Anyway my problem is this: I bought this theme when it was still version 1.0 and I haven’t update it since then. I would like to do it now and I do not know from where I can download the latest version.

When I try to use the “Download it here” link from the themeforest menu it downloads a theme that says v1.1. Can you help me with how to get the latest version?

AlexMD Purchased

Hi Manuel,

there is no need to answer anymore. I managed to solved it myself.

Thank you, Alex


Hi Alex, sorry for the delay, i’m glad you solved your problem, not sure what was the error, i just downloaded the theme to verify it and it’s the latest version, anyway you will see a file called changes.txt, this file contains all the files that were updated.


Its been a while! Just wanted to find out why my lightbox works in Safari, but not in Chrome or Firefox. Looking forward to some support on this.

Thanks, Robin

EOS design

endor Purchased

I´m still waiting for a fix on a problem I posted some weeks ago. The site won’t open up on my server after PHP update. I received an update on some files but that didn´t solve the problem. This needs to be fixed !

The page, http://blog.toyota.is not working with the theme and when I delete the theme folder through FTP the site is ok.

Please tell me how this can be fixed !

nwhidden Purchased

will i run into any issues upgrading to wordpress 3.7.1?

Hi ! Will you release a theme upgrade for WP 3.8.1?

Hi Admin,

I am facing a small problem with this theme, would it be possible if you assist me with it.

I am trying to paste Google Analytics code in “Hi options” of the theme, but its not working. I also tried to put the code in header.php and footer.php but no success. Would it be possible to assist me where i can put the Google Analytics code in order to track my website visitors ?

Looking forward for your professional reply.



most of the images are not loading for me…

most of the images are not loading for me…