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How do I adjust the size of the picture in the Portfolio thumbnail? I can’t seem to find a setting to fix this.


I have no gotten a response to my post a few weeks ago. I’m having a problem, still, with the video. I make a page and used the video shortcode (I watched your video), but then nothing happens or it comes up as a black box then it says that this format is not recognized. I have tried mp4 among others. mp4 gets the black box, the others get nothing. I am self hosted with godaddy, and have a Maintenance Mode on, but I did upload the video to the media section. My website is dependent on videos. What am I doing wrong? thank you.

If you’re still there- this is really stalling the progress of my site. (see previous post) Thanks

I recently updated my server to PHP 5 .3.2.2 and now a site I set up with your theme is not working. Does the theme not run with this php version ?


I have big problem with google Tracking Code not work in Hi theme. greetings from berlin

The error log says this is the error: PHP parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in theme-functions.php on line 1141

Can you please take a look at this as soon as possible.

hi endor

I’ve submitted an update that fixes that error, i’m just waiting to be approved, it should be ready in a few hours depending on the reviewer.

Hi the new update is ready to download :)

Has enyone updated WordPress to the latest version 3.4.2? Did it all go well? Are there any issue I need to be aware of?

Could you provide a list of files you updates so I can just overwrite these instead of the whole theme?

Sure, the update was submitted, waiting for approval, inside the main file for download there’s a file called changes.txt, inside that file you will find all the updated files. :)

Hi the new update is ready to download :)

Hi!, I love this theme but I have some questions…

1. Are you working on an update for phones and tablets? if so, when will be available?

2. I changed the height of the images in the slider of single page portfolio following your instructions in another comment, but only shows that size while it’s fading. What can I do to keep it always the same height? I leave a link so you can see:

3. And the last question, can I add the links to Google+ and Pinterest on projects?

Thank you so much!

Hello Manuel,

It’s been a while. Our site has had some slow progress due to other priorities in the company right now. Needless to say, all is well with the site. I see you may have made an update in reading earlier posts? I’ll look for that and your changes txt doc.

I do have one question though. Can you put columns within columns? Its hard to describe what I mean but if you go to: you will see that I’d like put the line of text and list “Geometry Conversion” next to the “Meta Data Extraction” list. I’m having difficulties doing this. What shortcode should I use?

Thanks, EOS Design

Hi everyone

The new update 1.4 is ready to download, fixed some bugs, updated theme options panel, new documentation file :)

I made some customizations to the theme so I can’t overwrite all the theme files. I have overwritten the theme-functions.php file on my server after downloading your theme updates again but that didn’t fix the error… Are you sure the files are updated in my download section? The date created on the file is the same for this download as it was when I downloaded it first. Can you just send me this file to ?

Getting ready to update the files. In the changes doc you mention you’ve updated ‘style.php’ Where is this file? Did you mean ‘style.css’? I can not find ‘style.php’ in the 1.2 or 1.3 Version of the theme.

thanks, EOS Design

Hey there, I keep getting the “No public tweets” message in the twitter feed we’ve put in the footer. This definitely isn’t the case as it’s all public. Ideas as to why this is happening?


Still wondering if there is a way to adjust the size of the picture in the Portfolio thumbnail? I can’t seem to find a setting to fix this. Thanks.


The update went smoothly! Thanks. A while back though you helped me customize my Client page with the testimonial holder. Now it doesn’t seem to be working. I’d gladly send you our old email feed on it and what you had me change. It looked perfect then. I’m sure its just a quick update again with the updated theme. Here is a screenshot of what the completed version sort of looked like:

It had a grey box/rounded corners with the quote inside it.

I know at one point you had me update the footer.php, download jquery.bxSlider.min.js to put in the js folder, and we updated part of the functions.php file which I put that update in the new file already.

Would greatly appreciate your help!
Thanks, EOS Design :)

Hi! I’ve made the update to v1.4 and now I can’t exclude some pages from the menu. Any idea?

Styling options in typography still not produce any effects :(


I’d like to purchase this them. Before I do, I’m wondering if it is possible to edit the height of the portfolio thumbnail image size. In the demo, for a two column portfolio with sidebar, they are 302×205. Would it be possible to make them 302×100?

Thank you

Can anyone help? How do I change the slug “view-project” that leads to a portfolio page. I found that if you go into functions/theme-post-types.php you can change the slug ‘view-project.’ This fixes my url. I want it to just say ‘products’ instead of ‘view-project.’ But when I update the theme-post-types.php, my portfolio pages don’t work anymore. I get the 404 error. I hope this makes sense. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, EOS design Robin

Hello I just went to the “documentation” part of your theme and it said “this domain has expired” This is where the videos were to explain how to do things. Where are they located now? Thank you

I tried downloading, then uploading the new version, but WP says that it is missing the style.css sheet and I t will not upload it. That is where the new documentation is.