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Wow, Great Job! i wish best sales for you :) 5*


(: Thank you very much buddy We’re waiting for your marvelous works too ;)

Great work!!! Good luck with sales :)


thank you jagutierrez ;) we need to work harder to promote Drupal, Good luck to you.

Great work here ‘jackncoke’,

This ‘Hibernate Premium Drupal 6’ D6 template / theme may restore my [broken] faith over other ‘various D6 / D7 Themes’ ! I have tried so many…..

Evaluate per the Drupal end-user presentation [client-side]:

Most Drupal themes lose over Joomla on clean [white-space] styling and user typography [the ‘looks good’ factor].

If you could / will add bread-crumbs and I will purchase this immediately [FACT]!

[Sorry, I am being code lazy here.] ;-)

I am content to use Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, or even STATIC HTML5 / PHP5 but the end result is about clean code and good presentation.

For me, you have come very close to my ‘ideal’ in this new Theme release. Well done +2 points

‘Waiting’ in the ‘BUY NOW ’ loop to see what happens here with this cool theme [+bread-crumbs]!

Hmm, well facts are that I liked this Template so much that I just became the first buyer!

[though I would still like to see you add breadcrumbs – please!]

..... see my previous comment above …..

I have bought other D6 themes you have designed ‘jackncoke’ and they are all well done!

Thanks for some great code for D6! [Well done]

I am a back-end / front-end PHP5 designer but I get so little ‘grunt’ time, I find it time effective to recognize and harness talent in such good work [as yours]!



Hi Peter,

Thank you for your comment and puchasing the theme :) actually breadcrumbs already existing on Hibernate, just activate in theme settings. if you have any trouble, let me know

many thanks jack

This is a gorgeous theme. I am tied between buying Smooth theme or this one. Two questions - 1. Will this theme work with the Emvideo module (some premium themes don’t display the videos) 2. Will a gallery page with this theme look as great as the Smooth theme gallery page?

Thank you for sharing your beautiful theme.


hi kls010, 1) I have not added “Embedded Media Field” this is a bit confusing for new users but probably will work. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems. 2) Many examples come with the demo installation, contact me for more customization.

many thanks, jack

Any chance this will be available for Drupal 7?




Yes, it’s possible to convert to convert Drupal 7 but this is not really suitable for the production sites for now, still critical updates coming.

many thanks, jack

kls010 Purchased

I bought the theme and have installed it on an existing site. It is lovely, but would be much easier to use on a brand new site as no instructions for creation of specific views and content types are available.

There is a problem with nodes not displaying a link to post comments, although existing comments on each node do display. I installed the theme on a fresh install to compare and comment display is visible on some content types but not others. Is there a way to get the link to post comments to display on all nodes?

Thank you again.


Hi Karen,

Thank you for your purchase. I sent the required information to you via e-mail.

For any further questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me back. I would be glad to assist you.

many thanks, jack

I am thinking of grabbing this one but need drupal 7 support and forum support (advanced forum). Are those planned?

wila Purchased

Hi, Very fond of the theme, but when I’m trying to install, i cannot install the demo profile, and content types are not loading. Could it be that being in a multisite environment have anything to do with it?

Any advise would be appreciated ;-)


wila Purchased

Found out a workaround for multiinstall issues, all items and content types are just fine now.

A few other questions though – the featured content is a totally separate content type. It would be more effective to keep the portfolio content type, and to have a checkbox ‘feature on home page slider?’ instead of a separate content type.

Could you help me out on how to accomplish that?

Would be a great ‘featured’ feature ;-)


Hi Wila,

Thank you for your purchase. Please send me an email. Featured module is ready to use.

many thanks, jack

kls010 Purchased

Thanks again for all the help and support on this theme. As I said before, it will be extremely easy to install on a brand new site, but thanks to the support from jacknoke, it is also brilliant on an existing Drupal site.

Lovely theme. Look forward to using any future themes you create.

Thank you.


Just purchased the theme and am having difficulty installing on an existing Drupal install. Would it be possible to get instructions that would assist in this?




Hibernate contain “hibernate_6_x_1_0_features-6.x-1.0.tar” file to install all features on your existing website. only need to install the Features module (http://drupal.org/project/features) and hibernate_6_x_1_0_features-6.x-1.0.tar

If you need further assistance, please take a pm via contact form.

Hi jackncoke This is a nice theme, however I would like to know whether the background color can be easily changed through the theme configuration settings page. If so what are the options?



Hi jackncoke,

I am minutes away from purchasing this theme; however, I really wanted to be able to dynamically filter the portfolio categories and use video embedding instead of only pictures. Is this a featured that can be built in? A module that can be downloaded? Or just not available on this theme?

Overall, it is an awesome theme. In fact, it is cool enough to sway me from using a WordPress theme and explore Drupal instead! Not bad at all, man!


Hi eastmac,

Filterable Portfolio already included in the theme, Filtering driven by taxonomy module. You can easily create categories. You have to install Embedded Media Field module for the video portfolio. http://drupal.org/project/emfield

For any further questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me back.

Looking forward to your Drupal 7

missing style sheet


Hi, I think there is a misunderstanding. “Hibernate” is a drupal theme and does not require the style.css file like wordpress. If you think that you need assistance for installation, please contact me via the contact form.

Thanks, jack

Hi Jack im trying to install this theme on an existing D6 site I have set it to default settings for now in theme layout however none of the sidebars appear, the menu has turned to a vertical list and i dont know how to make features work. in addition none of the slideshow modules you say it supports have a d6 version im a bit stuck – can you help? Thanks Tim


Hi Tim,

Thank you for purchasing the theme. Of course, I’m here to help you. Now I’m checking this issue, Please send me an e-mail I need to send some instructions for installation.

Thank you.


Thanks Jack – i think i have most of it figured out – had a lot of modules i needed to add. but i would love to see your instructions as well in case i missed anything. email is tim@jethromanagement.biz. the site im using it on is www.jonomiller.com – its live now. i do have a couple of specific questions ill work out in email with you. cheers. Tim