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I’m very impressed with the Hiker theme and the awesome customer support from the Explora team! Thank you!

Glad we could help! Let us know if we can help with anything else.

Regards, Sebastian

Hello! Where can I find the settings like on the demo?


Hiker includes an XML which contains the demo data, you can import it using the WordPress Importer plugin. This does not include the homepage though I’m afraid, you will still need to build your own Homepage Grid and Main Slider.

Regards, Sebastian

Hello, I read in this forum that you are preparing Hiker theme to be compatible with WPML. Is this theme already compatible with WPML? If not, which options I have to translate to other languages? I want to buy your theme but I need to make my project in 3 different languages so do you recommend me any plugin or any valid option to make it in three different languages? Thanks in advance for your answer!


Not sure where you read that but I’m afraid we have no plans to add compatibility with the WPML plugin.

I’m afraid Hiker is not compatible with any multi-language plugins. You can translate the theme into another language but not have a multi-language site.

Regards, Sebastian

Hi guys so far your theme was performing great however we have had some issues wit the homepage layout builder. Two times when trying to update the homepage grid after saving the layout the whole work basically disappeared. We worked hard to build the homepage grid, than some time later we wanted to update image or two; when we tried to rearrange the elements of the grid the whole layout becomes very unstable and after saving everything disappeares leaving us with the default theme yellow welcome image and the welcome text.

Please could you advise what can we do to avoid such behaviour in the feature; this costs us a lot of effort to produce the desired homepage layout and we can not create the DB back up every time we want to make changes to it…


Kind regards


We haven’t had any reports of something like this happening before… We are not sure what could be causing this. Could you open a ticket in our support system and include your WP login so we can have a look?

Regards, Sebastian

Hello, we love your theme.

BUT (yes, there is always a but :)) instead of a picture gallery like the following:


we need the exact same functionality with videos as well.

When a thumbnail is clicked, we want the video to load just like the photographs are loaded and play in fullscreen mode.

I searched through the comments and I noticed you said over a year ago that this type of functionality was in the pipeline for a future update. Has this type of video gallery functionality been added to the theme?


No I’m afraid not. I don’t quite remember when I said that, but for the moment we have no plans to add such functionality.

Regards, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian, asked in recent days sent me my username and password from your page Explore Support because I lost. but so far it has not been forwarded to me. I could send my login again please ?. I want to raise a ticket by a serious problem that I have on my site. Thank you!


I apologise for the delay. I just emailed you a new password.



we added text to the footer field in the “theme settings”, but the footer is not showing anywhere, not even in the gallery. Do we have to enable the footer anywhere else?

Nevermind, it seems that some of the files weren’t uploaded correctly when we uploaded the zip to the server. It’s working now.

Hi guys, just wanted to ask if you planning to release a HTML version of the theme?



We have no plans to do that I’m afraid.

Regards, Sebastian



Hey Sebastian, I use this theme and I loved it a lot. Thanks for that.

While integrating the content, felt like having few options and changes. I’m just putting it together here.

1) While we hover the slider in the homepage, its suddenly jumps to the other items in the slider. I think it just calculating the total length of the slider and divide that by number of items and accordingly moving to the item in that measurement. How about it stay right there where we mouse hover. And once we start moving the mouse in x axis, the slider start moving in that direction with an acceleration.

2) Currently the Gallery takes the images as ‘Cover’ which cuts most of the images especially portraits. How about showing it like how you show that in the Portfolio pages?

3) The Front page grid option is awesome. I wish it loads the items in a ‘Last in First Out’ manner. As we add new pages in time, it shows as the first thing in the front page. For instance if I have 3 pages in my ‘Home Layout Builder’, 3rd page will be shows first in the home page and as we click the ‘View More’ button it loads the 2nd and then the 1st. It makes sure that I can show my next post as the first item of grid, just by adding to the last page of Home Layout Builder and I only need rearrange within that page instead of rearranging all the pages.

Not sure if that seems more of my case, then is that something can be changed at any CSS or JS files?

My site here : http://www.rahularavind.com

Thanks Rahul Aravind


1. Yes that’s how scrolling works on the slider’s thumbnails. Unfortunately we are not planning to change this for the moment.

2. You can actually change the Cover property. Please see: http://docs.explora.com.uy/02-gallery-photos-properties/

3. Changing this would require quite a bit of customisation. We understand what you are saying but still we believe that page number 1 should be the one displayed first and unfortunately we have no plans of changing this.

Best regards, Sebastian

I like the theme very much! Easy to install if you are doing this more often. I only mis one thing on mobile browsing. Back to top. While browsing I realise I use this option a loth on other sites :)

Thanks for the feedback, well take it into consideration! :)

Hi guys. I would like to submit a support-request but the link to set a new password does not work. It always says: “Error: You key has been expired, please reset password again!”


Can you please send us an email at contact@explora.com.uy so we can reset your password? Don’t forget to include your username!

Regards, Sebastian

Hey – love the Hiker theme! Two issues I wanted to check about before I buy.

First issue I’m seeing on the demo site (http://demo.explora.com.uy/hiker/) is that the cart icon in the upper right of the page seems to be misaligned (it’s shifted down rather than centered vertically.) I’ve tried it on a couple different browsers, including Chrome 46.0.2490.80 and Firefox 40.0.3 and 41.0.2, but all show the icon seemingly out of position. It’s shifted down whether there’s anything in the cart or not, btw.

The second issue is whether it’s possible to change the background color of the table on the cart page. The white background in the contact page’s table, for example, makes the text so much easier to read.

I’m guessing both of these are easy css fixes, but wanted to make sure before I buy. Thanks for the great work on an awesome theme!


Sure you can change the table background with CSS, we can help with that.

About the cart icon, I can’t see the issue you mention, here’s how I see it on my end in Chrome 46.0.2490.80: http://i.imgur.com/IzeGF0x.png. Also we haven’t had any comments about this so maybe this is happening in your computer only? Can you share a screenshot so we can have a look?

Thanks! Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for the quick response! Great news on the css. And that’s weird about the cart icon. Maybe it is just something with my computer? But I can’t think of what would be causing the same issue across three different browsers. I took screenshots of how it’s rendering in both firefox and chrome and (for the heck of it) also in microsoft edge – all three are linked below.

If there’s anything else you’d like me to try, just give me a shout. And thanks for humoring me and my (possibly) wonky computer.

Chrome http://imgur.com/T7DvrFl Firefox http://imgur.com/65DCRWJ Edge http://imgur.com/VACVG1c


So after investigating this we found that it happens in Windows (we were testing in OSX), due to a bug with the Entypo icons font. We have now fixed it and released an update with the fix.

You should be able to see the changes in our demo now (you may need to clear your browser’s cache)

Thanks for your feedback!

Regards, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian, I’ve tried to reset my password through Explora so I can submit a ticket but I still haven’t received an email after about an hour or so. I’m hoping if you have a look at my public site (justinharringtonphoto.com) you might be able to diagnose what is happening. You’ll see that I am receiving strange characters at the top of each page. I also cannot access my Wordpress admin login as that page displays only characters. Any idea what’s wrong here?


Sebastian, after much digging I discovered that the old js.composer plugin (not the one I recently installed) was still active. I deleted it via cPanel and my site restored itself to normal.

Cheers, Justin

Oh well, great to hear that! Cheers!


I saw someone else ask this awhile ago, but I couldn’t find a clear answer.

My wordpress directory is in a different directory than my site. In the admin panel’s general settings, the wordpress address is www.sitename.com/wordpress while the site address is www.sitename.com.

Unfortunately, clicking on the site logo or the retina display site logo directs visitors to the wordpress address rather than the site address, resulting in a 404 error. Trying to change the wordpress address by removing the ”/wordpress” I believe will cause lots of problems for the site, so I don’t think that will work.

I haven’t been able to find an option anywhere for changing the links used for both the regular and retina site logos, so if you could point me in the right direction to fix this, I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you!


I apologise for the delayed response.

Can you please open a ticket in http://help.explora.com.uy/ and let us know your site’s URL so we can have a look? Also if you could send us a login to your site we can have a look and see if there is anything wrong with your configuration.

Best regards, Sebastian


CamillusL Purchased


I have a little problem with template on my site kamilcervinka.eu. I did an update of template today and from this time aren’t portfolios or blogs part on homepage linked. Its look like it is link but it isnt. And its same on smartphone, its look just like a image. Nothink linked.


Do you mean the links on your Blog and Portfolio Blocks on your Homepage Grid? They seem to be working just fine on my end. Maybe you need to clear your browser’s cache if you just updated the theme.

If this doesn’t solve the issue please open a ticket in http://help.explora.com.uy/ and elaborate a bit on the issue so we can try to spot it.

Best regards, Sebastian

Hello, I like the theme and I think it would work well for my upcoming website I’m putting together. I’m especially liking the portfolio views how it displays location, camera, and date, but have a few pre-sales questions:

1. For pages, blog view, and blog posts; is it possible to center the content display instead of having it float to the left? If so, how would this be done? Would it be done inside the theme settings or would it require custom CSS?

2. Gallery views (not portfolio) seem a bit limited and doesn’t show any examples of vertical images (at least that I can tell). How would vertical images be displayed in the gallery?

3. Is it possible to display the homepage as just a gallery slider? Long term this wouldn’t matter as I’d want format the demo home page is in.

I appreciate your feedback and I hope the answers lead me to purchasing this awesome theme :)


1. There isn’t really an option to change this but it has been requested by a few clients before so we can send you the CSS code you need to achieve that!

2. This is how it would look like: http://i.imgur.com/np9zIAp.png... just centered with a grey background.

3. Do you mean you want to display the slider only, and not the grid that is below it in the demo? Sure you can do that..

Regards, Sebastian

Ok cool,

So for #2, it seems horizontal pictures is really the best way to display the photos aesthetically in this theme?

Looking at the blog now, do individual posts allow to specify a ‘featured video’ of sorts? And if so, would that video show in the blog feed?

Does this theme have any other video support?

Overall, it looks like this theme focuses primarily on portfolio posts rather than blog posts. Is that correct?

Thanks again!

Hai, I would like to add Google Maps next to Contact Form 7. I’ve obtained embed code for my location from google maps. I tried to add it using Visual Composer, but unable to add it to the right/bottom of contact page. Thanks