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Nice works!

But your theme displays incorrect in retina and high resolution (just testing with 27-inch (2560×1440) )

Please see this http://awesomescreenshot.com/0661bakt13

Kind regards


Hello. Thank you. Fixed!

Awesome theme. Clean and elegant design. Perfect work and GLWS.


Thank you!

Very well done, as always!
Good luck with the sales :)

Your themes keep getting better and better! I wish you would do some with WordPress (woocommerce) I think you would have more sales too ;-)

It’s beautiful, you’ve done a great job!

I dont see the shop by on the demo, Can you point that out. Does this have and an Advance Admin Panel? and the Drag and Drop Editor.

Any video abilities as well?


Hello. Added shop by block, check the demo. It has Advance Admin Panel with theme options but it hasn’t drop and drop.

Hi Meigee Team,

I just keep thinking to myself why in the hell don’t you have a CRAZY amount of sales on here?! All your magento themes are AMAZING!!! I can tell you that the ONLY reason I have not bought any of your themes is because I just don’t use Magento anymore….. Once I have made the switch to WordPress (using WooCommerce) I just cant bring myself to ever use Magento again. I am thinking that I am not the only one in this mind set as well, based on the CRAZY amount of ecommerce wordpress theme sales people are getting and a LOT of them are NOT EVEN CLOSE to the design quality of your themes! I keep coming back hoping and praying that you will come out with a wordpress version of both this theme and also your Fresh theme as well….... Maybe you could partner up with someone here on themeforest to help you convert your magento themes into wordpress themes for you? Like maybe http://themeforest.net/user/Sara_p for an example? They seem to be killing it and know their stuff with woocommerce wordpress themes? I think your sales would increase dramatically by doing this!

One of your big fans and rooting for you, Thomas


Thanks dude!

Hello there, Would this work with “Magento Go ver.”? I’m very new to Magento so I can’t be sure. Thanks – great design!


Hello. No, it’s not compatible with magento Go

KICKSUSA Purchased


I there a way to make the images crisp clear on category and product page before hovering over?

As you can see on this page the image before zoom is slightly blurry but as soon as I hover over it’s crisp clean.

Is there any fix for this?



Open up app/design/frontend/meigeetheme/default/template/catalog/product/view/media.phtml

find in it:

$imgSize = 498;

and replace it with following:

$imgSize = 510;

lamine Purchased

Hey MeigeeTeam,

first of all thank you very much for creating this beautiful theme. I have a question concerning the homepage. How do I add the labels “new” and “sale” to a product. I ve been looking for that option for hours and could not find it.

Furthermore, how do I link the footer to relative URL’s and how do I link the three images below the slider of the homepage to relative URL’s?

Thank you for a short reply. Lamine

lamine Purchased

Ok, can you please tell me where I need to declare that products are either new or on sale? Where in the product detail page do I need to set this up?


New: Product edit page -> General tab, you need to set “Set Product as New from Date”, “Set Product as New to Date”

On Sale: Product edit page -> Prices tab, you need to set “Special Price From Date”, “Special Price To Date” and “Special Price”

lamine Purchased

Hey! I did everything you’ve said and I ve added 7 products in total, marking every product as “new” and “on sale”. However, the homepage says: “Warning: Please make sure you have 5+ products to display in the slider, otherwise widget won’t be displayed” (see here: http://cloud.cheloufi.com/Q7Nm)

Even though I have added 7 products as you can see here: http://cloud.cheloufi.com/Q7gN

Thank you for your help!

Hello Nick,

I emailed you through here, can you check it?

Thank you!

Awesome, killer design! Congratulations dude!

What version of Magento do I need to have? Does it work with latest Magento Go?

Best, Alexandre


Hello. No, it’s not compatible with magento Go platform.

Hello, I just saw that your template only works with Magento Community.

A few questions: - There isn’t sizing option available for the clothing, is it possible to configure? - Can I move the “my account, wishlist” section above the menu “Home, dresses”?

IMPORTANT: I do not know anything about coding

Best Alexandre



You can’t do anything you mentioned about without coding except sizing option – this you can configure just from the admin panel..

Thanks for replying, but I’ve gave up on it. It is extremely complicated to customise, not as easy as promised.

I would like to know what I need to do to have a refund.


Euhenio Purchased

Hello, I need to translate this beautiful tamplate in to Russian. Is there any ways to do this? If it is, please email me!

Thank you very much!

KICKSUSA Purchased

Hi, I am trying setup for each product the related product section and up-sells. For some reason up-sells work perfectly buy related products does not. Any idea why I cannot make it work?

Exibir Purchased

where can I change the size of the slide home as inserting a photo and even accompanying the size of old photos where is the size control?

Hi, I have purchased this today (using a company account) – we have a bug in firefox where if you view the wish list then scale the browser down to mobile size it totally crashes the browser.

Any ideas on a fix?


Hello. Thank you for reporting. We will send you the fix as soon as possible.

Hi I have a problem with the totating banner at the top. When screen is large it displays on the left and wrong. Nick sent me an initial fix that I thought it worked but didnt at the end. Ive contacted him 2 or 3 times with no response. I need help. You can view the problem at iamglitter.com if you enlarge teh browser window over 1600px wide. I sent separately admin details for site. Ive been waiting for a few days. Thanks

Hi, looks like a great theme. I would like to know how easy it is to translate to other languages other than english?

Do you support translation files or how does it work?



Hello. yes, this theme is translatable. Link 1, Link 2