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Did you use the visual form builder on the guestbook page? It will not allow you to make a form without using the verification. I prefer to not have it. Thank you.

The guestbook page doesn’t use Visual Form Builder. It actually uses Wordpress’ comments system, but is styled uniquely to feel like a guestbook page.

To create it, create a new page and select Guestbook under templates.

Cheers, Eric


Thank you for the reply and great theme so far! When I selected the guestbook layout, it only had the normal WP form. It looks like the one that you have on the demo is a little different. Am I correct? If so, how do I use that one?

Thank you!

The guestbook uses the normal WP form. The one on the demo uses the normal WP form, but just displays it inside the panel, so it’s a little different from the comment form on the blog posts.

Cheers, Eric

First, this theme is fantastic, exactly what we were looking for.

The first question I have is how you can change the order photos are displayed in the slider. We have a humorous photo we want in there, just not the first image they see! I’ve tried changing the order in the gallery and it seems that doesn’t have any effect they display in a seemingly random order.

Second, I don’t know if this is a WP 3.6 bug or something but the styles drop down in the visual editor isn’t applying any of the styles. I tried selecting the text and changing it and changing it before typing, doesn’t seem to work. Have to go into the text editor and write the HTML to get it to work (which works fine for me, but might be tough for others to follow).

Thanks, it’s gorgeous!!

Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you’re enjoying the theme ;)

The photos are ordered by menu_order by default. However, you can customize this when creating the slider. When you have put together your gallery via the media manager, insert it into the slider as a post. If you view it in the Text mode, you can see the shortcode that it has been output as, and you can order this with the orderby parameter.

See here for more about the gallery shortcode: http://codex.wordpress.org/Gallery_Shortcode

Regarding the second issue, this seems to be working ok for me. Note though that not all styles can be applied to all element types—some can only be applied to headers, some only to lists, some only to paragraphs, etc.

Cheers, Eric

Hello and congrats on your elegant wedding theme.

I have a problem that is mentioned twice in the comments section. I cannot set up the home page properly. I create a slider and a carousel gallery (with the recommended image sizes) and I asign them on the front page like it is described in the doc.

The galleries do not appear in the home page and as a result of that the menu is overlapped by the header with the names.

Is there a know solution to this issue..?

Thank you in advance for your time, Syd

Hi Syd,

Could you send me a message via the contact form on our profile with a link to your site?

Cheers, Eric

Hi! a few questions… 1. Something is screw-y with the portfolio section. Here is the link: http://www.littlelillyspaperpad.com/portfolio/ for the first few images, they are 496 × 746 for the second few images, they are 900 × 340 for each gallery, the settings are at 1 column. Ideally, I’d like the page to be like your 2-column gallery example here: http://themeforest.net/item/hitched-responsive-wordpress-wedding-theme/full_screen_preview/3787396

Can you tell me what I need to do and what is wrong??

2. How can I change the css so that I can insert a logo into the ribbon instead of text? I understand that this might be complicated and beyond the scope of my purchase… so, if you can help, that would be greatly appreciated!

thanks, eliza

Hi Eliza,

To use the two column layout, you need to set the size parameter to “large”. For example:

[gallery ids="10,9,8,7" size="large"]

Replacing the text inside the ribbon with a logo is going to require you creating a different version of header.php inside your child theme. You can just copy and paste it into the child theme, and then edit line 27 to include the logo. Line 27 looks like this:

<div id="site_title"><?php echo hitched_get_option('groom') ?> <span class="ampersand">&</span> <?php echo hitched_get_option('bride') ?></div>

Cheers, Eric


Maybe I’m not doing it right but I can’t seem to upload any pictures right. All the photos I upload (Both in Gallery and Media) just shows up as this blue little box with the question mark in it. The files are in jpg.


Hi again :)

Thanks, I downloded a older version of wordpress and now it works perfectly ;)

But I also wanted to make a RSVP form, like in the demo. But i keep getting this error: Call to undefined method WP_Screen::get_columns() in /var/www/web/wno638489/kariannmarius.com/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/visual-form-builder/includes/admin-form-creator.php on line 43 </stong>

I tried deactivating and then activating the plugin but it still doesn’t work…?

Not the </stong> at the end of course! :P

Are you using Wordpress 3.4+? It looks like this error is most likely due to using an older version of Wordpress.

Cheers, Eric

Hi Eric,

How can I change the order of the Bride and Groom? Especially in the headline. But also in the footer. Are you able to make an option to change the order?

Cheers Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

You could change it in the template if you are familiar with a bit of PHP. Alternatively, the absolute easiest way is to put the groom’s name in the bride’s field, and vice versa. That will switch them :)

Cheers, Eric

hi wonderful theme !! does this come with dummy data?

It does.

Cheers, Eric

brilliant! thank you eric, just needed to be sure i can change the back ground images to one of my choice

I have same issue as allanhal:

I have been following the instructions and am stumped at the “Creating Your Site Menu” section on page 3. I have a menu on my site that is working when I chose other themes but when I chose this theme and preview my site. . . there is no menu on the interface at all.

http://arifmakhdzir.com/lilian/ I have gone through the instructions several times. . . deleted the menu and re-created it making sure to pick it as the Primary Navigation field but. . . it seems to never show up. :-(

It’s fine I got it. I needed to put image in the slider then the CSS works fine. Thanks!

Glad you were able to resolve the issue!

Cheers, Eric

I purchased your theme after asking a question about changing the theme colors a while back before purchase. You mentioned it comes with PSD files. I decided to purchase and change the colors in the PSD files, but I haven’t found any great way to export it so the slices match yours. Do you have a layer anywhere that would have the slices to do the export, or do you have any suggestions? I realize this is more advanced and likely out of the cope of your normal help, so if you have no advice, I understand!

Thanks for considering tho!

I’ve talked this over with the designer. Inside the theme folder, go to the media/images/charcoal_peach folder, which will show you all the graphical elements used in the theme (in the charcoal peach skin). Currently that’s probably the easiest way to put together all the graphic elements you need, change their colours over, and then create your own modified CSS skin that references all the new images.

This is definitely something we want to improve in the theme though. Customisability in general could be improved.

Cheers, Eric

Thanks Eric! I did exactly as you said and used the replace color feature in Photoshop to get the coloring as I needed then I did the CSS changes as you suggested. This worked like a charm and did exactly as I needed! I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this on my own.

Thanks for the awesome theme and support!

I discovered that on my page on an ipad, if I go to the “wedding” page there is a very small gap between the repeating center image and the sprite image on the right. It’s the h2:after sprite image. Looking at your demo, it also has the same problem. Do you have any suggestions to take care of this?

I have tried moving the h2:after margin via css, I have added some meta info to the viewport to start at a scale of 1.0 and have a max scale of 1.0 (essentially eliminating zooming) and I have tried slightly adjusting the background-image coordinates on the h2:after sprite image location.

Please let me know if you have a solution to this problem!



Congrats on the great template. I am new to WordPress and trying to set it up for my wedding (only 5 days left-super late I know!) just like the demo. I did not download the 13 page documentation when I purchased the theme. Any chance one of you can send it to me or give me directions on how to set up the home page just like the Demo? MANY THANKS IN ADAVANCE.

Fabiola Veronica Stressed bride

At the top right of the page, hover over the area where your user profile name is shown. A dropdown menu will appear. You’ll see the Downloads link under there.

Cheers, Eric

Yeah I just saw it, Browsing thru the files now.. thank you so much- For my wedding tab I downloaded the WP google plug-in. I tried using the same code you had on your demo to ry to fit the map on the home page but it did not work. What do I use for google map in your theme.. is there a shortcode for the google map ?

here is the link to my site http://www.fabiandrodwedding.com/ you can see my map overlapping the third column – how do I do to make it fit?

Thanks again!


I have a presale question.

Is it possible to use your theme as a blog only ? If so, is it possible to have a slider like the one on the homepage and the blog section underneath?

Kind regards,


Hi Chrys,

You could use it like that, but it would require a few changes to the theme template files using the child theme, as there are a couple places where wedding-related things are expected (like the bride and groom name, and the date of the wedding).

Cheers, Eric

The Carousel on my site’s homepage shows the proper 4 photos I put in the gallery it’s associated with, but if you click the left navigation arrow, it moves over two spots like there are two extra photos in the gallery. The example at http://164a.com/hitched-wp/ does it too, actually. Is it supposed to do that? Thanks!

Hmm, that is a bug. I have added it to the to-do list for the theme.

Cheers, Eric


I am having another issue similar to what one of the users here reported. My carousel does not display – on the front page. It did the first time I set it and then it refused to refresh the picture order. I switched to another gallery and now it will not display at all. Any ideas?

When editing your homepage, check the gallery that you are using for the homepage carousel. Then check the carousel itself and make sure the content of the carousel includes the [gallery] shortcode.

If not, follow the instructions on page 4 of the documentation (under the Create galleries for homepage slider and homepage carousel heading).

Cheers, Eric

Hi, love your theme ! I have a problem, I want to create a gallery page like yours but I don’t know how to do this. I tried page 12 method, but it display page as a blog post. I would like a page just like yours : http://164a.com/hitched-wp/gallery/2-column-gallery/

Thanks for your help, Grégoire

Hi Grégoire,

I’m happy to help you. However, your profile is not coming up as having purchased this theme. Could you log in with the account that you purchased the theme with and re-post?

Cheers, Eric

Hi I’m now connected with the account I use to purchase the theme. Here’s my answer : I have a problem, I want to create a gallery page like yours but I don’t know how to do this. I tried page 12 method, but it display page as a blog post. I would like a page just like yours : http://164a.com/hitched-wp/gallery/2-column-gallery/

Thanks for your help, Grégoire

Hi Grégoire,

To set the gallery up like on that page, follow the instructions on page 4, under “Create galleries for homepage slider and homepage carousel”.

Cheers, Eric

I got an email update last night about the theme being updated, but I’m not seeing any update notes in that email or here on the TF page for the theme. Could someone please let us all know what’s changed? Thanks!

I’m updating the product page now, but I’ll post the changelog details below:

1.9 -- December 13, 2013
- Removed built-in support for columns shortcode — instead, we have added integration for Justin Tadlock's Grid Columns plugin (http://wordpress.org/plugins/grid-columns/), which now provides the columns shortcode functionality. This has been done for greater portability of your content between themes.
- Fixed bug in carousel making it possible to move backwards past the first carousel item.
- Tidied up button hover effect.

Cheers, Eric


Hi Eric,

Just a quick question before I download – is the ribbon on the front page easily to change to something else? I’m guessing it’s part of a layered psd file but wanted to check before I go ahead and purchase.

thanks, taryn

Awesome, thanks Eric

One other quick question – how do configure the guestbook to show the most recent comment first? Currently it’s adding the newest at the end. thanks Eric

Hi Taryn,

You should be able to do that by overriding the comments-guestbook.php template in your child theme. Specifically, change the line that calls wp_list_comments(), passing the reverse_top_level argument in the first parameter. See http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_list_comments for documentation about that function.

Cheers, Eric

Does your theme work OK with latest WordPress 3.8? if not are you updating it?

Yes, it does work with Wordpress 3.8. I have just updated the product page to reflect this.

Cheers, Eric

Hi there,

I love the theme and have it 90% configured.

My question is about changing the colors. Would you recommend doing this through the PSD’s or PNG’S?

I notice a lot of the pictures come from one PNG.

I have photoshop just don’t have a ton of experience. If you could point me to the right direction. Either tutorial or YouTube video that would be great.


I was able to figure it out… Hue Saturation and created an action to do it for all PNG’s in the folder. Turned out great!

Great – let us know if we can help you with anything else.