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Hi, it seems that the menu is broken on all pages but the front page when accessed on a tablet. Here is the quick start site showing the issue: http://hli.katerva.net . When I access the site on a tablet where the menus are fully visible, clicking on a parent menu does no show the sub menus. This works on the home page as long as the slider below the menus is there.

I would really appreciate a quick response as we are in the final phase of testing our main site for release.

The issue shows in both Android’s default browser on a Google Nexus 10 and in the latest Safari on iOS 9.3.2 on an iPad Air. Again, the menus expand as intended on the home page but not on any other pages not containing the slider. It’s hard to see how this is a browser-version related issue.

here is a quick video of the behavior on your own demo site: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4cM0QRnPqPVak1nblBTYjFpM1k/view?usp=sharing

Hello, thank you for the video and for your reply.

Yes, this is related to the browser version. Looks like the same issue occurs again in the latest version of Safari and in the basic browser in android. Basically browser have problems, if visibility state is included in CSS3 transitions, after changing the page, visibility state is not refreshed, so in this case the submenu remain hidden.

Please contact us directly via contact form from our profile page at ThemeForest, in a reply I will try to provide you a modified files for a test.

Thank you in advance and thank you for your report.

Kind Regards, 7Studio

Hi 7Studio, HLI template is really great and easy to custom. I only have one thing I can’t remove : it’s “View items” button under categories’ images. I’ve succeeded to remove ”+” in hli k2 css file but text still appears. Could you help me to remove it please ? Thanks a lot Carine

Hello Carine, thank you for your kind words!

Regarding to your question, to hide this element please add following CSS code to the custom.css file in the template:

.subCategory a.moreItems {
    display: none;
  • Please omit the “pre” tags from this comment.

There is no need to make changes in original CSS files, the custom.css file is loaded as the last one in the stack so it can override styles defined before, by placing any custom code here you will be safe to keep your changes with future updates.

In case of any further questions please just let us know.

Kind Regards, 7Studio

Hi 7Studio,

It works perfectly ! Thanks a lot.

King regards Carine

You’re welcome! Thank you for a info!

I have updated to the lateest template version. but now I cannot create or edit any k2 artices? I get a blue box with a triangle in and on the right of the box I get a red cross and question mark underneath and a green tick underneith that. How do I sort this as my client wants some articles editing! [help!]...

This box that appears when you try to save an edited article etc appears above the content box…. I can supply screen shots if required.

I can give you temporary access as admin. Where do I send the login details too?

Please use contact form from our profile page here at TF: http://themeforest.net/user/7studio

Hi Dan, just to let you know, we reported issue to K2 team, with proposed fix: https://github.com/getk2/k2/issues/331 , hopefully it will be included in the next release of K2.

As we spoke yesterday, please just make sure that all required fields are filled in, or that fields are not marked as required if those fields are not used.

Have a nice day,

Kind Regards, 7Studio

Hi 7Studio,

I would like to change color blocks on images’ categories (K2) (where names of categories are written). I’ve succeeded to do it by modifying accent color in template styles but it changed also menu colors… And I don’t want it. Could you help me to do that please ?

Then I’d like also to add a grey frame around categories’ images as there is around K2 article image. Could you also help me to do that please ?

Hope it’s clear. If not please feel free to ask me questions.

Thanks a lot Kind regards Carine

Hello Carine,

what I meant is to try to insert image via text editor directly in a category description, and add a link to this image, also in editor.

Kind Regards, 7Studio


Carinet Purchased

Well if I add an image in text editor, image won’t be treated as a category one. So there’ll be differences. But it was a good idea !

Another question : I’d like to translate “Read more” link of ST Newsflash Module but can’t find where. Is there a substitution ?

Also I’ve a problem with links automatically created between K2 articles (on bottom of page). Some of them are not logical. You can go on page http://www.carine-k.net/risso/les-huiles-risso/gamme-friture/risso-performance those are ok. But hose on page http://www.carine-k.net/risso/les-plus-risso/conseils/duree-de-vie/l-huile are not logical. On this page there must be only one link at right to “aliments frits”. And there’s 2. I’ve tried a lot of things : change publication and creation date, delete and create new menus to have menu IDs as pages where it works… Nothing changed. Do you have an idea of what the problem is ?

Thanks a lot Kind regards Carine

Hello Carine,

yes, unfortunately style of the image will be different in this case.

Regarding to your other questions:

1. To modify “read more” text in this module, you will have to create a override for the language string. This is easy task, please take a look at this article in Joomla documentation,


for the language constant please give: MOD_ST_NEWSFLASH_READMORE

and in the text field please give your translation.

2. Links to prev/next items in K2 depends on the order of items,which is defined in K2 category/menu item settings, so please check/change those settings to suit your needs.

Kind Regards, 7Studio

Hi, Just a couple of question before I purchase this template: I ‘m working with k2 component.Within the component k2 I have configured two categories and each has two subcategories . 1. I can configure the product categories module to display categories and their subcategories ? 2. The link to display the related products ( right side of the template) can be located in each subcategory ? Thanks

Hello, thank you for your interest in HLi.

Regarding to your questions:

1. Yes, of course, this a basic functionality of K2 tools module.

2. Related items that are displayed on product page are also a part of K2. You can choose to show/hide and set the amount of items to display in K2 category settings. K2 will display items that share the same tags.

Template provide the “look and feel” for the frontend, overall functionality of the backend of K2 remains the same.

In case of any further questions please just let us know. Kind Regards, 7Studio


This is such a great template!

Is it possible to have full screen layout instead of boxed?



Hi Adrian, thanks a lot!

Not by default, this change require few additional lines of code.

After purchase you can contact us directly and we may make that change for you or we can provide the code that needs to be added.

Please only note that the slider module was built with boxed layout in mind, so it will have to stay with fixed width or you will need to use other module.

Other than that, template itself will work just fine in a full width.

Kind Regards, 7Studio

Hi 7Studio,

Ok thats fantastic!

We will be in touch :)

Looking forward! :)