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Is it posible to add light orange colour to 6 predefined colours? Is there an easy way without modifying css? (i don’t know css well)

It is very important – because my brand is assosiated with orange colour


you can choose one of 6 predefined color styles, or you can set your own, by using color picker in template administration panel (or if you wish you can set your own color in HEX format in color picker tool). There is no need to edit CSS code.

Best Regards, Tomasz

I have one more question: I have lots of pictures named as product SKY number. How can i upload them all to products k2 category automaticaly? Without selecting each image manualy…

You can upload all images via Joomla media manager. You will have to choose one image for every single k2 item/product. If you have more images for every single product, you can purchase SIG Pro gallery extension for K2, where you can upload mutliple images for single item to create image galleries straight from K2 item edit form.

Best Regards, Tomasz

Hi I just purchased the theme. How do I get it to show the two menus in the Live Preview?

1. Starting with “Lorem ispum dolor sit amet? – (+80) 123 456 789”

2. Main menu starting with Home

Do you have any “dummy” content to me started? I have made hundreds of Wordpress sites but are quite new to Joomla.

Yes, QuickStart package is build on latest version 3.3.6.

You can update Joomla with “one click” straight from Joomla administration panel. In administration panel, after log in you will get a notification every time when new version is availabe. (Joomla always checks updates for core and extensions that support “one click” update).

It’s all up to you, but installing the complete QuickStart is this the only way to get a demo content. You can try to recreate it, but that will be time consuming, especially that you are new to Joomla.

It’s always much more easier to start to edit existing content, instead of trying to recreate it.

You can always install QuickStart package on localhost or under subdomain on your server, just for testing purpose. While having complete copy of demo, you can always check any specific settings, modules configuration etc. and you can apply those changes to different installation.


Allrighty, thanks for your patience with my fumbling around some new software. I should get the hang of it in a few days, I took your advice and installed the QuickStart package so that should be a lot of help.

No problem at all, if you will have any more questions, please just contact me directly via contact form from my profile page:


How to force Google fonts in body and header?

as I mentioned above please use: body.helvetica (only lowercase)

Indeed! Thanks a lot.

You’re welcome!

Hi Tomasz,

what about multilingual solutions in the Template , for example with modules like Falang ore something others like Joomla board tools ??



Hello Tommy,

The template works fully correctly with the Joomla! native multilingual features.

I can’t comment about third party extensions, but as long as they work with Joomla core templates, I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t with HLi.

Kind Regards,


Hi. I noticed on article pages that maintop-a and mainbottom-a appear above and below the article content. I want nothing to appear above ore bellow. how do I change that?

please take alook at page here: http://www.vidanpeled.com/clients/romanian/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&layout=edit&id=38

I did not ask maintop-a module to appear in template and I have been using your QuickStart package to build on

is it possible that I have no “module settings”? I see module manager but no “module settings” nor menu assignment”.


no, this is not possible, those are basic features of Joomla! CMS ;)

In the module manager in Joomla backend you can edit,add,remove, change ordering of any module.

When you will open module for edit you can change module settings (different module offers a different set of options), while editing any module in tab “menu assignment” you can choose on which pages (menu items), module should be displayed.

I’m guessing that you are new to Joomla, so I strongly suggest to watch all video tutorials from this series:


This should give you a really good introduction to the basics of Joomla, Including content creation, managing the menus, modules …

Kind Regards, Tomasz

Hi. I have a problem with sponsored links. Google rejected my website because of malware software or something. I also see that modules with names of pages are disabled when Admuncher is on. Could you help me with that? Thanks!

Hello Maciek, your problems are not related with the template, which is fully secure and it doesn’t control the content on your website.

You may want to make an audit at https://myjoomla.com/ to check if your website was compromised. Are you using any third party extensions? Does the Joomla and all extensions were up to date and running at latest stable versions?

Admuncher may block all links to advertised pages. What module is it? Please try to provide a link to your website and I can try to say something more.

Kind Regards, Tomasz


shui726 Purchased

Hi, I created a contact and the menu setup is done.. How can I add a google map in the contact page? thx.

Hello Shui,

the simplest way is to install any Google map module for Joomla! 3.x, you can publish module in one of the module positions above or below content, and assign module to your contact menu item.

You can check modules that are available at extensions.joomla.org , or please contact us directly via contact form placed at support tab, and we can provide you our own Google Maps module, currently used in our Loyale template.

Kind Regards, Tomasz