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That is one sexy email template :)

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Stunning mate, just stunning :o

Great job


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Dude WOW ! I love this one.


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Very cool. Well done sir.


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Beautiful work man, colors, layout, pure hotness


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This is a beauty, splendid work!


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Hi there, nice looking mail.

I’m new to html email but I would like to buy this and modify for a client. They want to be able to edit the live text themselves prior to sending the email out to various people.

The problem that I’ve got is that I only know how to do this on a Mac using Safari.

File > Mail contents of this page > html opens in Mail and can be edited prior to sending.

Is there an alternative way that this can be done for people using PC?

Many Thanks,



There is absolutely no point in sending html emails via a desktop client as it gives you no data once sent – who opened? What did they click? Was it delivered? What time of day were people mainly opening the emails etc etc – no data.

You need to collect data therefore use a service like mailchimp or campaign monitor.

Hi there Jonathan and thanks for the quick reply. I understand what you are saying however in this situation my client just wants an HTML email that they can send out to there employees who will then customize the text prior to sending to there contacts. They do not have the need to track. Will this be doable?

Thanks again.


Sure – it’s just plain HTML so any email client that can send HTML emails can send this – however I can’t give full directions for a particular email client, however a quick google search I am sure will give you the info you need.

As for editing the text, you still need to know how to edit text in HTML to be able to change it.

Great work, really like it.

But… unless I’m blind, I can’t seem to find the fonts you’ve used anywhere in the zips?

Do you not supply them??


You can’t distribute fonts – the main font is times new roman – you should have that and it’s illegal to distribute – thanks

gambinog Purchased

Great File, Aweosme PSD Files too! Thanks!

Hi Jonathan. Fantastic files, but how do I export my images to replace the stock ones? The PSD ’s don’t seem to have slices, which is what I’d expect.

Thanks, James.


Hi – you just export the layer of your image using the same name as the supplied image to just replace – no one slices PSD designs anymore sorry it’s an old way of doing things as most colors etc are via css inline styles.

Hope that helps.


Hi Jonathan, thanks for the quick reply. Understand now, didn’t know you could export layers to be honest, hence why I have been doing it the slices way.


I really wish I had a use for this! Incredibly high quality work! Well done!


Thank you very much for the kind comments!

Wow, what a brilliant designer you are.

Do you teach as well? I am studying web design and you come across as someone who knows his stuff very well.

Definitely getting this for our newsletter. Thanks.


Many thanks for your very nice comment – I do not teach but I will be sure to let everyone know if that changes hahaha


Your holiday christmas templates is very beatiful

Saludos. navidad


Thank you – appreciate you dropping us a comment – all the very best for the Holiday Season.