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Nice one. That’s probably the first xmas item here that is actually useful :)

thanks! :) i appreciate the kind comments!

Design looks so nice and relaxing. If i had a mail with such design, i would be shopping there. Good luck with sales :)

thanks man! i appreciate it! :)

Like it! GLWS!

thanks for the kind comment! :)

thanks mike! :) appreciate it brother!

Is this template compatible with mailchimp?

Hi – all HTML emails are compatible with all email sending services – you will just need to replace generic info with the tags supplied by your specific email sending service for things like unsubscribe etc.

I uploaded the template to MailChimp and it looks good. But I can’t edit anything in MailChimp. Do I have to edit all my text in an HTML editor?
I just assumed, since you told @tamworthwebdesign that this template was compatible with MailChimp, that I would be able to use the MailChimp editor.

Hi – no sorry, this is not a mailchimp editor template, those are a different and specialized kind of templates for the drag n’ drop organizer etc.

This was produced with the mail chimp tags in place for subscription etc only (as per my reply to @tamworthwebdesign) – we also don’t advertise it as drag n’ drop editor compatible I’m afraid.

As mentioned in the description (and video on the item description page) this is modular based for editing in your html editor.


Okay Thanks! This is an awesome email template, and the documentation is great!

Your welcome! If you have issues just head over to the support center and I’ll jump in and help :)


Where can I get the Noteworthy Light font and other fonts used in your Photoshop files?

Greetings – authors are not allowed to distribute fonts (obviously) so they are not included in the download. However if you take a look at your help file I explain the one font ‘Noteworthy’ and that it is a system font on Mac and I offer a link to a free alternative from Google.


Oh Thank you! Sorry about that.

No problem – no need to be sorry! :)