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Im interested in purchasing this theme but i have some questions:

1 – The theme demo page loading has a white background and an animation of a coloured cube. Can i turn that off in my site?

2 – I’ll be using qTranslate for multilanguage support. Does this theme support it?

3 – I see you have a “login” button in the theme. Is this login to the wordpress backoffice, or is it a login for a client area with cart, client data, etc?

3.1 – If the theme supports multiple clients accounts, can i have website content showing only for a specific client? ex: client John Doe gets to see images of his property but other clients cannot.


1. In the current version 2.6.2 you can turn it off by changing/removing a piece of code.. We are about to release v2.7.0 and you can simply turn it off in our Theme Options..

2. Yes qTranslate is compatible on this theme..

3. This will go to your WordPress admin area..

3.1 Yes WordPress has already a feature for this.. once John Doe login only john doe properties will be shown on the list..


Hi, I have a pre-sales question.

As I see in your demo http://themecss.com/wp/Homeland/ you use an advanced search form <section class="advance-search-block"> which is great!

Is it possible for <select name="location" class="selectBox" style="display: none;">

to use instead of this

<select name="location" class="selectBox" style="display: none;">


<select name="location" class="selectBox" multiple="multiple">

in order for the user to select multiple locations for results?

Also, if I place my locations like this

- Kansas City
- Wichita
- Dodge City

An select Kansas, will the results include all the cities below (Kansas City, Wichita etc)

Thank you!


currently this is not available.. you need to modify some of the codes to achieve it..


Thanks for the speedy answer! Is it possible to do my modifications inside a “Child Theme”?

Yes all your customisations should be done in Child Theme..

Hey, I have purchased the theme and it is awesome. I have almost completed setting it up but there is just 1 problem! And its to do with the property search colour background on each page on the homepage it is grey: http://1a3.1f5.myftpupload.com/ – Which I like – however on the other pages it is red but if I try to change it in the theme colour options it doesn’t change the other pages, is there some code I can use in the custom CSS box to make the background grey instead of red on all of the pages? http://1a3.1f5.myftpupload.com/students/ – Thank you! Great Theme. Lucy


try adding this custom CSS code

.advance-search-block.advance-search-block-page { background: #F2F2F2 !important; }


Thank you! You absolute legend!

Your Welcome! Dont forget to rate :)

Hi there! On the main menu i have a link to the properties for rent (alquiler), and for properties on sale (venta). I link it to the property status category, and Venta is working good. But I have no idea why rent doesn’t show results. Now I have 4 properties for rent, with the correct property status tag… could you help me fihure this out? thanks!! http://fgbpropiedades.com.ar/


Yes you need to customise the code to achieve this… but currently we are not available on custom work, you can find someone to do this, I don’t know anyone can do it but you can post a custom work in ThemeForest forum..



Your Welcome!

Hello Everyone,

We just updated this theme to version 2.7.0 check out the list below.. A total of 72 updates.. write us your suggestions here and we will add it soon..

- ADDED: alternate contact us page template
- ADDED: 3 new header style options (header 4, header 5 and header 6) 
- ADDED: new option for contact us background and description in Theme Options 
- ADDED: new option to hide google map and street view map on each property
- ADDED: new option to hide agent/agency all over the theme
- ADDED: 4 new language localisation files (Czech, Swedish, Russian and Brazil) 
- ADDED: 10 new google web fonts 
- ADDED: 4 new footer styles 
- ADDED: footer menu support in custom menus 
- ADDED: callouts shortcode 
- ADDED: tags support for portfolio custom post type 
- ADDED: tags taxonomy page for portfolio 
- ADDED: new header and subtitle options for archive page in theme options
- ADDED: typography options in Theme Options 
- ADDED: box style in columns shortcode 
- ADDED: new option for property preferred size in theme options 
- ADDED: new theme layout style (box left) 
- ADDED: property search amenities widget 
- ADDED: featured star icon in property single page if property is set to featured 
- ADDED: lightbox on portfolio image slider in portfolio single page 
- ADDED: dual sidebar for property page 
- ADDED: new widget support for dual sidebar
- ADDED: amenities header options in theme options 
- ADDED: rooms, stories, basement, structure type and roofing custom fields for properties 
- ADDED: truncate for property agent descriptions 
- ADDED: new option for amenities list to be clickable or not 
- ADDED: new portfolio page layout with (right and left sidebar) 
- ADDED: new option for portfolio in theme options (archive layout and taxonomy page layout) 
- ADDED: right and left sidebar layout for single page portfolio 
- ADDED: new option turn on/off for theme preloader 
- FIXED: blog search layout issue on chrome browser 
- FIXED: portfolio issue on theme options and homepage 
- FIXED: sticky post for blog timeline layout 
- FIXED: twitter widget issue and changed twitter jQuery to minified version 
- FIXED: header and subtitle text for single and archive custom post type pages 
- FIXED: default post format for blog post icon 
- FIXED: portfolio category archive issue 
- FIXED: minor issues when WP_DEBUG set to true 
- FIXED: pagination issue on archive custom post type pages 
- FIXED: masonry in single property page for related properties section 
- FIXED: services icons not displaying when visual composer is activated in admin area  
- FIXED: minor issue when visual composer plugin is activated
- IMPROVED: image shortcode with touchtouch lightbox
- IMPROVED: alert, buttons and blockquote shortcode 
- IMPROVED: testimonials custom page template 
- IMPROVED: custom post type slug localisation 
- IMPROVED: theme options coding 
- IMPROVED: connect with us widget css styles 
- IMPROVED: property details box in single property page 
- IMPROVED: blog video post format in homepage 
- IMPROVED: responsive stylesheet
- UPDATED: codeex Shortcodes to v2.0.5 
- UPDATED: functions code in functions.php file 
- UPDATED: TGM plugin activation file 
- UPDATED: theme options panel "main.php" file 
- UPDATED: wpml-config.xml file 
- UPDATED: properties block in aqua page builder 
- UPDATED: blog block in aqua page builder 
- UPDATED: featured properties block in aqua page builder 
- UPDATED: aqua page builder (.po/.mo) files 
- UPDATED: documentations 
- UPDATED: contact form 7 plugin to v4.2.1 compatibility 
- UPDATED: custom post types metabox and taxonomies 
- UPDATED: language localisation files (.mo/.po)
- UPDATED: custom CSS files (custom-css.php) for new typography options
- UPDATED: text domain by using a string
- UPDATED: WPML compatibility version to 3.2
- CHANGED: list icon for blog categories widget 
- CHANGED: list icon for blog archive widget
- CHANGED: header and subtitle for single pages to default post title 
- REMOVED: hide map street view option in theme options
- REMOVED: single page header and subtitle in theme options

Check our demo’s Fullwidth | Boxed Style

thank you very much for the support!


I have installed the new update.

on the home page in the latest properties i have 6 properties showing on my page. The 6th one the alignment is not proper for the image .

Where do i need to make changes for the image to appear properly. There is a height alignment issue.


Can i change the Map hover where u click to view the property.

If i want different woo side bars for different pages how do i do that.

please let me know.


1. We used masonry jquery for that since the 3rd property image is short compare to others.. Also this is a dynamic height in which will automatically adjust height.. to achieve the same height as others you need to use a taller image for property “Castel Royale Excellente Homes”..

2. You mean you want to change the map mouse event? to hover? please clarify..

3. In your admin area. Go to “Appearance >> Widget Areas” click add new and check the box “Conditions” tick any box.. once done go to your “Appearance >> Widgets” drag and drop your widgets their..


Hi! I need your help. I can’t finish this site for my client… the main menu is erratic. It was working and now, without touching anything, it loops the homepage again. Please check and let me know what to do. If you need the info to access and check something let me know. The site is http://fgbpropiedades.com.ar/ Thanks


try de-activating your plugins one by one, this might cause your issue..


I have a Wordpress in which the properties are managed AgentPress Listings (https://wordpress.org/plugins/agentpress-listings/). I need to know if your theme is compatible, and I need to import that information.


This theme works in all WordPress plugins but you need to make changes/customisation on the CSS of that plugin to make it look like the themes element..



inca04nd Purchased

Hi. I purchased this theme and just actived my dsIDXpress. I have no other plugins installed except for the recommended ones by this theme. Unfortunately I am having trouble viewing the images on a single listing when viewing IDX pages. When I switch to the twentyfifteen theme the photos show up without a problem. I also tried registering on your site to gain access to the support forum and was never sent a password. I’ve done a lot of work on this site so far and would hate to have to scrap it… If you can help out with this I would appreciate it.


Can I see your website? send me the exact link of your issue..


I can’t get support, when i go to support forum i use my envatomarket username and purchase code and i can’t register my account to have support. I can send you by mail (sistemeslinux@gmail.com)


please read this: http://goo.gl/72DAKd


I did it, but doesn’t work, you can go to http://immolloretserveis.com/?page_id=834 and when you choose “ubicacion”-> “Lloret de Mar” and press Search, always go to homepage, is like the filter search doesn’t work


you need to change your “Permalinks” structure first.



We just want to announce here that we already released version 2.7.1 of this theme..

- FIXED: else statement issue on portfolio archive page 
- FIXED: undefined translation issue on codeex Shortcodes 
- FIXED: blog post when selected “standard” post format 
- UPDATED: contact form 7 sidebar width for form elements CSS 
- UPDATED: responsive stylesheets code 
- UPDATED: wpml-config.xml file 



dquintero Purchased

i need to exclude some properties from the search, what code do i need to change?


codeex Author


You need to add a new custom field in your properties and then modify the $args code.. You can achieve this if you have a WordPress skills..


My apologies if this has already been answered but I couldn’t find a solution here. I bought your theme and am having some trouble. The colors for the theme are supposed to be unlimited? However, I cannot get the colors to change how I want. I want the property search box to have #000066 for the drop down arrows, with a light gray background, and dark gray text. The only way I have been able to get the down arrows the color I want is by going to typography> Global Color. However, when I do this, it automatically makes the background a lighter blue color, and I seem to have no way of changing it to a light gray, and the text to a dark gray? I am attaching a screenshot for reference. Thank you. http://i60.tinypic.com/w9frf9.jpg


Yes colors are unlimited but for selected elements only.. not all elements on this theme can be change colors in Theme Options.. Instead you need to add a custom CSS code here “Appearance >> Theme Options >> General >> Styles >> Custom CSS”..


I really like this theme but saying “unlimited” colors is a bit deceiving. I am not sure what the background / block is called in order for me to change it to light gray in custom CSS? I know it isn’t .advance-search-block label { I am not sure what else it could be labeled as?