Homeland - Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

Homeland – current version 2.3.1 available for download!

Homeland is a responsive and retina ready with minimalist approach, flat design and clean. Perfect solution for professionals and agencies working in the Real Estate domain. It expands its reach to more targeted audience and brings in more profits.
A great looking and user friendly design for portraying a professional image to your visitors and potential clients. It is a great way for real estate agents to build an online portfolio of listings. It includes a number of features which makes it very easy to not only add property listings to your site, but also organize and categorize them.
It has two theme layout (full width and boxed style). Widget ready, Custom Page templates, Custom Post and more. Compatible on WordPress 4.0.1

Theme Features

  • WordPress 4.0+ Ready
  • Fully Responsive. Mobile and Tablet
  • Retina Ready
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Tableless layout
  • 60 Built-in theme patterns
  • Aqua Page Builder
  • WPML Compatibility
  • dsIDXpress IDX Listings (Free Data Only)
  • Advance Property Search
  • 2 Theme Layout (Fullwidth & Boxed)
  • 8 Homepage Layouts
  • 5 Properties Layouts
  • 6 Blog Layouts
  • Tested and working in All major browsers
  • Full Documentation (HTML Type)
  • Unbranded Admin Theme Options: http://goo.gl/tWueFv
  • 3 Custom Post Types
  • 30 Custom Page Templates
  • 15 Custom Widgets
  • Multiple Header Styles
  • 30 Google Web Fonts
  • 3rd Level Threaded Comments
  • Custom Social Icons
  • Self Hosted Video for Blog and Properties
  • Post Thumbnail Images
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Functions
  • Unlimited Sidebar using WooSidebars
  • Image slider using Image/Video Attachments
  • Style and Script Enqueue
  • Standard WP Codes
  • Language Localization Support (English and Spanish)
  • Meta Keywords and Descriptions for SEO
  • Child Theme Ready
  • Password Protect for Blog and Properties
  • Sticky Post support
  • Supports FontAwesome icons: http://fontawesome.io/icons/
  • Supports HTML5 video Player
  • Supports Audio format for Blog
  • Responsive Background Image per post/page
  • Header Background Image per post/page
  • Includes .xml demo content
  • PSD Files: http://goo.gl/9hJFcp or contact us for download

WordPress Plugins

Custom Widgets

  • Agent
  • Contact Information
  • Dribbble Feed
  • Featured Work
  • Flickr Feed
  • Follow us
  • Popular Posts
  • Twitter Feed
  • Video
  • Search by Location
  • Search by Type
  • Search by Status
  • Advance Search
  • Facebook Like Box
  • Google Map

Post Format

  • Standard
  • Image
  • Video
  • Gallery
  • Audio

Custom Post Type

  • Properties
  • Services
  • Testimonials

Page Templates

  • Homepage
  • Homepage2
  • Homepage3
  • Homepage4
  • Homepage + Revolution Slider
  • Homepage + Google Map
  • Homepage + Video
  • Homepage + Google Map Large
  • About
  • Agents
  • Agents Fullwidth
  • Agents Left Sidebar
  • Blog Left Sidebar
  • Blog Right Sidebar
  • Blog Grid Right Sidebar
  • Blog Grid Left Sidebar
  • Blog 3 Columns
  • Blog 4 Columns
  • Contact
  • Coming Soon
  • Fullwidth
  • Properties
  • Properties Left Sidebar
  • Properties Right Sidebar
  • Properties 2 Columns
  • Properties 3 Columns
  • Properties 4 Columns
  • Advance Search
  • Services
  • Services Fullwidth
  • Sitemap
  • Left Sidebar
  • Testimonials


Version 2.3.1 (12-04-2014)
- ADDED: featured property custom page template 
- ADDED: new option for default slider (display list)
- FIXED: property list google map limit issue 
- FIXED: advance search enable in search result page 
- FIXED: google map when coordinates are empty
- UPDATED: google map jquery to v0.4.16
- UPDATED: property slider to auto slide
- UPDATED: to WordPress 4.0.1 
- UPDATED: contact form 7 to v4.0.2 
- UPDATED: revolution slider to v4.6.3 
Version 2.3.0 (11-13-2014)
- ADDED: aqua page builder
- ADDED: WPML compatibility
- ADDED: new agent fullwidth page
- ADDED: new agent left sidebar page
- ADDED: new services left sidebar page
- ADDED: custom avatar for agents 
- ADDED: partners custom post type
- ADDED: new option for partners in Theme Options 
- ADDED: new price (per) options which is per square feet and weekly
- ADDED: print button in single property page 
- ADDED: new option to hide page title and subtitle 
- ADDED: sortable column of address and price in properties (admin area) 
- ADDED: google map street view for properties 
- FIXED: issue on featured properties when fields are empty 
- FIXED: google analytics code issues in footer 
- FIXED: mobile buttons style for webkit browsers 
- FIXED: properties order/sort issues on homepage in Theme Options 
- FIXED: featured properties widget minor issue 
- FIXED: contact form 7 sidebar widget width 
- FIXED: other elements for color scheme 
- FIXED: custom CSS backslash minor issue 
- FIXED: search issue in custom post type in admin area (Address, ID and Price)  
- FIXED: minor issue on taxonomy property location
- UPDATED: newsletter plugin to v2.0.4 
- UPDATED: contact form 7 plugin to v4.0.1 
- UPDATED: search by location unordered list icon 
- UPDATED: template contact us to hide empty fields 
- UPDATED: language translations files (.po/.mo)
- UPDATED: tgm plugin activation files
- CHANGED: theme preloader image gif
- CHANGED: theme screenshots in Themes directory (admin)
Version 2.2.3 (09-26-2014)
- ADDED: new option to change google map pointer design
- ADDED: new option to hide blog author details 
- ADDED: new option for agents (order and sort) 
- ADDED: color branding for social icons in header
- FIXED: featured properties hide labels if empty 
- FIXED: minor issue on child drop down for advance search
- UPDATED: dsIDXpress to v2.1.14
- UPDATED: typography shortcodes to v2.0.3 
- UPDATED: language localisation files 
- UPDATED: documentations 
- UPDATED: fontawesome icons to v4.2.0
- UPDATED: tgm plugin activation
Version 2.2.2 (09-06-2014)
- FIXED: agent social info when empty
- FIXED: index.php file loading issue 
- FIXED: minor issues on homepage video layout
- FIXED: header 2 issue on sticky header 
- UPDATED: contact form 7 to v3.9.3 
- UPDATED: to WordPress 4.0 
- UPDATED: revolution slider to v4.6 
- UPDATED: gmaps jquery file to v0.4.14 
- UPDATED: fitvids jquery file to v1.1 
- REMOVED: sticky header for mobile viewing
Version 2.2.1 (08-28-2014)
- ADDED: lightbox effect for gallery shortcode
- FIXED: property single page image slider when loaded
- FIXED: localisation for theme options 
- FIXED: homepage revolution slider z-index position 
- FIXED: advance search pagination minor error for homepage 
- FIXED: hide property ID if empty 
- UPDATED: dsIDXpress to v2.1.12
- UPDATED: typography shortcodes to v2.0.2
- UPDATED: language localisation files (.mo/.po)
Version 2.2.0 (08-20-2014)
- ADDED: property ID options for properties
- ADDED: property ID field in advance search
- ADDED: dynamic css in php 
- ADDED: 10 new built in background patterns 
- ADDED: 10 new google web fonts 
- ADDED: jQuery theme preloader 
- ADDED: background image option for welcome, services and testimonials
- FIXED: mls field of dsIDXpress css input width
- FIXED: contact form 7 fields border
- FIXED: properties default to price sorting 
- FIXED: minor issues of advance search price sorting
- FIXED: google map in taxonomy pages 
- FIXED: homeland child theme 
- FIXED: advance search hierarchical structure of selectbox 
- FIXED: flexslider hover arrow effect 
- FIXED: blog single page gallery post format flexslider 
- UPDATED: theme speed
- UPDATED: to WordPress 3.9.2
- UPDATED: contact form 7 plugins to v3.9.1
- UPDATED: dsIDXpress to v2.1.11 
- UPDATED: property single page ui 
- UPDATED: property post type columns in admin area
- UPDATED: advance search ui design 
- UPDATED: documentations
- UPDATED: responsive stylesheet for mobile 
- CHANGED: garage icon
Version 2.1.7 (07-27-2014)
- ADDED: layout options for property search results (left, 2,3 and 4 cols)
- ADDED: spanish translation (.po/.mo) files
- ADDED: services fullwidth layout
- ADDED: services option in Theme Options 
- ADDED: options for latest blog for category display selection
- ADDED: google map for properties pages 
- FIXED: google map widget when mouse scroll
- FIXED: 2 and 3 columns for different homepages bottom style 
- FIXED: minor issues on language localisation (.po/.mo) files 
- FIXED: contact us page header issue if advance search box is disable 
- UPDATED: fontawesome to v4.1.0
- UPDATED: contact form 7 to v3.9
- UPDATED: dsIDXpress to v2.1.9
Version 2.1.6 (07-08-2014)
- ADDED: taxonomy page for property location
- ADDED: subtitle field in property location taxonomy 
- ADDED: agents property count columns in users page (Admin) 
- ADDED: to hide excerpt in properties page  
- ADDED: new labels for custom post types 
- FIXED: masonry issue on blog 3cols and 4 cols page 
- FIXED: template-properties.php file 
- FIXED: property taxonomy pagination issues 
- UPDATED: dsIDXpress plugin to v2.1.7 
- UPDATED: language localisation (.po/.mo) 
- UPDATED: countdown timer js to version 2.0 
Version 2.1.5 (06-24-2014)
- ADDED: map only for homepage 
- ADDED: custom icons for services list 
- ADDED: shortcodes support in widgets
- ADDED: new option to hide contact us map
- FIXED: map scrollwheel of google map
- FIXED: flexslider image loading container 
- FIXED: icons if empty values
- FIXED: property custom post type save data if 0 value
- FIXED: header images height on pages 
- UPDATED: language localisation (.po/.mo)
Version 2.1.4 (06-08-2014)
- ADDED: options to show/hide login and register button
- ADDED: options for login/register url
- ADDED: number format options for property pricing (comma, dot and none) 
- FIXED: minor issue on jquery ordering for properties page
- FIXED: IDX search widget elements 
- FIXED: other strings for translations 
- FIXED: responsive stylesheet
- UPDATED: dsIDXpress plugin to v2.1.6 
- UPDATED: theme options for background options 
- UPDATED: language localisation (.mo/.po)
Version 2.1.3 (05-22-2014)
- ADDED: google map pins in advance search
- ADDED: custom fields support for custom post types 
- FIXED: agents list in sitemap page 
- FIXED: agent role contributor the ability to upload files 
- FIXED: auto assign custom fields for pages/posts 
- FIXED: shortcodes within shortcodes issue
- UPDATED: contact form 7 to 3.8.1
- UPDATED: typography shortcode to v2.0.1
- UPDATED: save post/pages custom fields
Version 2.1.2 (05-12-2014)
- ADDED: property left sidebar template 
- ADDED: background colour option in theme options 
- FIXED: css issue for follow us widget sidebar 
- FIXED: minor background options issue 
- FIXED: mobile header minor issues
Version 2.1.1 (05-09-2014)
- FIXED: css minor issue for register button in chrome 
- FIXED: message sent label auto hide issue 
- FIXED: property order/sort in homepage 
- FIXED: css code for search icon button 
- FIXED: google analytics footer issue 
- FIXED: agent contact form in single property page 
- UPDATED: typography shortcodes to v2.0.0
- UPDATED: to WordPress 3.9.1
Version 2.1.0 (04-21-2014)
- ADDED: coming soon page 
- ADDED: custom link option for services list 
- ADDED: registration link in header
- ADDED: order and sorted options in property page 
- ADDED: options to hide property map
- ADDED: bedroom and bathrooms select options in Theme Options
- FIXED: responsive logo minor issue with css 
- FIXED: taxonomy subtitle issue 
- FIXED: homepage video in boxed style
- FIXED: homepage advance search hide using other template
- UPDATED: to WordPress 3.9 
- UPDATED: some text in Theme Options 
- UPDATED: contact form 7 to v3.8 
- UPDATED: social icons width size 
- UPDATED: services fontawesome icons when click
- UPDATED: documentations
- UPDATED: language localisation
Version 2.0.3 (04-14-2014)
- ADDED: homepage with video template
- FIXED: revolution slider font issue 
- FIXED: logo element extra padding 
- FIXED: agent pagination minor issue
- FIXED: number_format() minor issue
- UPDATED: revolution slider to v4.3.5
- UPDATED: documentations
Version 2.0.2 (04-09-2014)
- ADDED: google plus social icon 
- ADDED: option to hide slider details 
- FIXED: agent and author info auto p tag issue 
- FIXED: columns in properties custom post type 
- FIXED: header title and subtitle for static page when choosing Posts page
- FIXED: standard TinyMCE functions in all pages 
- FIXED: z-index position in property details when sticky header is enable
- FIXED: empty property status background 
- FIXED: form checkboxes and radio buttons issue 
- UPDATED: advance search fields in Theme Options 
- UPDATED: to WordPress 3.8.2 
- UPDATED: dsIDXpress plugin to version 2.1.3
Version 2.0.1 (04-01-2014)
- ADDED: instagram social icon 
- ADDED: IDX search widget into advance search box 
- ADDED: options to disable agent forms and other properties
- FIXED: agent form (email) in single property page 
- FIXED: IDX styles colour scheme 
- FIXED: agent top header minor issue 
- UPDATED: TGM plugin to current version 2.4.0 
- UPDATED: superfish menu dropdown to version 1.7.4 
- UPDATED: documentations
Version 2.0.0 (03-19-2014)
- ADDED: new option for property sizes (sq. ft, sq. m and acres)
- ADDED: new option for property price (months, quarterly, yearly or fixed)
- ADDED: new option for property (year built)
- ADDED: property link for agent form email
- ADDED: blog 4 columns
- ADDED: blog list left sidebar 
- ADDED: blog grid left sidebar 
- ADDED: custom logo and link for login area 
- ADDED: option to disable thumbnails in property single page 
- ADDED: top sliding bar widget
- ADDED: colour option for top sliding bar 
- ADDED: automatic comma on prices value 
- ADDED: unlimited sidebar plugin (WooSidebars) 
- ADDED: IDX listings support 
- ADDED: 8 new google web fonts 
- ADDED: next/previous link for blog single page
- ADDED: google map widget 
- ADDED: translation label for advance search 
- ADDED: translation label for other pages 
- ADDED: the_excerpt option for blog
- ADDED: advance search options in Theme Options 
- FIXED: variables that has backslashes created 
- FIXED: featured listing slider when load 
- FIXED: google map slashes minor error 
- FIXED: custom CSS code minor issue
- FIXED: minor advance search pricing error 
- UPDATED: theme options background images 
- UPDATED: theme options header images
- UPDATED: language localization (.po/.mo) 
Version 1.3.3 (02-28-2014)
- ADDED: testimonial custom page
- ADDED: color option for menu background 
- ADDED: fitvids js support
- FIXED: undefined issue in advance search
- FIXED: header block minor issue
- UPDATED: contact form 7 to v3.7.2 
- UPDATED: TGM plugin activation
Version 1.3.2 (02-24-2014)
- FIXED: footer copyright for link
- FIXED: property currency in property single page 
- FIXED: template site map custom page text domain issue
- UPDATED: comments.php file
- UPDATED: language localization
Version 1.3.1 (02-21-2014)
- ADDED: selected options in advance search
- ADDED: properties comments section optional
- ADDED: color scheme for footer background/text
- ADDED: cpt header images options
- FIXED: image issue in Theme Options 
- UPDATED: contact form 7 plugin to new version
- UPDATED: documentations
- UPDATED: tgm plugin activation
Version 1.3.0 (02-07-2014)
- ADDED: facebook like box widget 
- ADDED: revslider sample files 
- ADDED: tipsy tooltip for single pages (social) 
- ADDED: 10 Google Web Fonts 
- ADDED: 2 page template (grid and fullwidth) style for blog page 
- ADDED: multiple header style options 
- ADDED: audio post format support for blog 
- ADDED: new options for font family 
- FIXED: minor agent error in template-about file 
- FIXED: touchTouch lightbox issue in IE9/10/11 
- FIXED: post title on singular post 
- FIXED: sticky header on template homepage revslider 
- FIXED: minor issue on widget-follow-us 
- FIXED: password protect for properties single page 
- FIXED: widget popular post for audio post format 
- UPDATED: contact form 7 to latest version 
- UPDATED: typography shortcodes 
- UPDATED: tgm activation file 
- UPDATED: contact form error border 
- UPDATED: functions and header files 
- UPDATED: language localization (.po/.mo) 
Version 1.2.1 (01-26-2014)
- ADDED: property currency in theme options
- FIXED: currency dropdown minor issue
- FIXED: agents with contributor role
- FIXED: container default background 
- FIXED: header banner minor issue
- UPDATED: to WordPress 3.8.1
- REMOVED: property currency in cpt properties
Version 1.2.0 (01-23-2014)
- ADDED: left sidebar page template
- ADDED: sitemap page template
- ADDED: other portfolio list for single property page
- ADDED: google map properties marker for homepage
- ADDED: zoom options for google maps
- ADDED: taxonomy layout options
- ADDED: google map options in homepage 
- UPDATED: language localization (.mo/.po)
- UPDATED: responsive stylesheet
Version 1.1.3 (01-20-2014)
- ADDED: taxonomy page for properties status
- ADDED: enable/disable options for advance search
- FIXED: js elastislide path for child theme
- FIXED: subtitle container when empty
- FIXED: default gallery css code for shortcode
Version 1.1.2 (01-13-2014)
- ADDED: sticky header option 
- ADDED: widget place for top header slider
- ADDED: dummy SQL content
- FIXED: header background minor issue
- FIXED: homepage revolution slider file
Version 1.1.1 (01-11-2014)
- FIXED: sidebar advance search widget responsive 
- FIXED: agent contact form responsive issue
- FIXED: tgm activation file
- UPDATED: xml content file
Version 1.1.0 (01-10-2014)
- ADDED: twitter widget 
- ADDED: contact form for agents 
- ADDED: map marker in property single page
- ADDED: revolution slider
- ADDED: advance search widget 
- ADDED: search by location widget
- ADDED: search by status widget
- ADDED: search by type widget
- FIXED: template advance search minor error
- FIXED: contact map arrow error
- UPDATED: language localization files
Version 1.0.0 (01-05-2014)
- Initial Released