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irmarie Purchased

Hello! Just purchase the template. Great template but for some reason it is not displaying correctly on Internet Explorer. It displays fine in Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox. Any idea why? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Hi, thanks for your purchase! What IE version did you meant?

Not to worry… I already fixed the issue…. I needed to change the path of the stylesheets. Thank you very much! Excellent template!



jkp-edj Purchased

take a look at and tell me how to make the logo larger without the sticky header overlapping it in 1200px width…??? Please help

Hi, thanks for your purchase! Sorry for late reply, can you explain more your issue?

Great looking site, any plans for a Bootstrap 3 version?

Hi, thanks for your purchase! Yes we have plan to upgrade this template for next update.

I have purchased your theme and I think it is great. I do have a question though. How is it that I setup the property search widget. Is there a .js I need to add. Please point me in the right the direction.

Thank you Rob

Hi I’m a developer and interested in buying this template for a client of mine who is in the Real Estate. The back-end system is already up and running and used by a number of negotiators. Now we’re looking for a desgin template.

What I need I know is this a) I want the template to read data from an external system. I will take care of that myself since the back-end system is already in place. Would this be possible or would I have to use another db provided by the template ?

b) From what I’ve seen, this template is pure html/ javascript. Is that right ? This is what I’m after – I just want html, css, javascript and any images used in Home Page

c) Can I change any part of the page ?

d) What would be the total cost of using this template – just 16$ per year

Regards Jesmond Spiteri


Thanks for your interest! Please read below regarding your questions:

a) This is out scope of our support, you can template modification it by yourself.
b) Yes this template is pure html/js
c) Yes you can
d) Price is only for one purchase (for one website) not per year

I have bought the Homeplus – Responsive Real Estate Template

I currently have the template in use on a live website. Can you please send me a log of the changes done in the last update on 11th July 2015. I have downloaded the file again but can’t see what is new or changed.

Is there a change log somewhere please?

Thanks and Regards


The only changes is prettyPhoto js file replaced with latest version due some issue with older version.