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I would like to buy this theme, but the owner’s website still have 404…

Yes, we have encountered some issues with our demo server, but it’s all working not. You can check it out.

How can I get rid of this code? The property detail page where the gallery slideshow is relies on this script include below. How can I make it work without this PHP call? It’s not a Pure HTML version, I dont want to call your server when my sites load. Please help <script> tf_script={TF_THEME_PREFIX“} </script>

Please post on our dedicated Support Forum ( where our team will help you out in no time. Here, on comments, is very difficult to track and foolow the back-and-forth replies.

Hi! how can I change the text of the button switch and put it in my language? the switch button in the psd file is not ‘divided into different levels for the image and the text. I can not even change the colors of the search panel.

can you help me? thank you very much Antonio

Please post on our dedicated Support Forum ( where our team will help you out in no time. Here, on comments, is very difficult to track and foolow the back-and-forth replies.

Which line(s) do I input the lat/long for the google map area on the contact page? And which site do you recommend getting the lat/long for an address?

Please post on our dedicated Support Forum ( where our team will help you out in no time. Here, on comments, is very difficult to track and foolow the back-and-forth replies.

Well done. Thank you for the extremely well built framework. Easy to play with and easy to enjoy. Nice job.

Thanks for the kind comment, cheers mate!

Well deserved. Works perfectly, and is very suited to smaller outfits as well. Even integrate an FMLS to this without too much trouble. Good stuff. Recommended.

Hello why this site sell only 17$ but themefuse selling for 99$? tell me any difference? Thanks!

the $17 is a HTML theme, the $99 is a WordPress theme

i wanna buy this theme but there is a problem with 768×1024 there is no menu in this resolution & Chrome.. under IE 10 is working fine

can you share a screen with us? We have tested in latest version of Chrome both Win & Mac but don’t see the issue.

i was thinking it is a WP theme !!! Just fired U$ 19,00 !!! Big Sh….t

we can offer you a discount when purchasing the WP version from our website, so you won’t waste any money. (can’t post link here)

Just purchased the theme, love it!

Question: How can I take off the “Search For Homes” option on the homepage and just extend the slider?

Please be so kind and come to our dedicated support forum. Unfortunately we don’t offer support here, it’s hard to follow.

HomeQuest HTML Support Forum


I bought the $ 17 version, believing it is full theme. What can I do now to buy the full theme?


This is the full theme. I’m not sure what you mean by full theme. If you are referring to the WordPress theme, it’s true this is not it, as it clearly says in the title and on the theme detail page. The WordPress theme is sold on our website (can’t share a link I’m afraid, it’s against the policy here). Contact us on email ( and we’ll figure something up. Thanks for your business.

Hi, before buying I would like to know a few things in the demo because I can not test the rental, I can select? Calendar dates? Does it make a calculation of cost per day? A very interesting design.

This is the HTML version, the WordPress version available on our site has a Test area where you can play with the theme and its admin back-end.

i looking the WP version and i like, but need the reserve calendar like a widget, it is possible? thanks

The WordPress version has a fully featured calendar as a widget. You can try it for yourself before purchasing it on our website (can;t post link here i;m afraid).

Hi, im from Argentina. I dont speak englsih very well.. i speak spanish. before buying I would like to know a few things:

1)How to upload properties to the web? just adding pages to the directory?

2)”SEARCH FOR HOMES” Does the search work fine? How to conect a new propertie with the search?


Hi, this is the HTML version of the theme, it does not have a back end admin so in order to add properties you’ll have to either add new HTML pages for every property (requires HTML/CSS skills) and it’s not that productive if you have a lot of them, or to implement the HTML with your favorite CMS (this requires a lot of skills HTML/CSS, JS, PHP, etc). We do sell a WordPress version of the theme, but not here and unfortunately I can’t share a link due to the policy here.

Send us an email on and we’ll pick it up from there. Cheers.

hi, I have somme troubles with IE8 i don’t understand why sorry for my english

Hi, we don’t offer support here in the comments, it’s very hard to follow and that is why we offer support on our dedicated support forum. Hope this helps.

Hi there purchased the theme about a month ago i guess . Love the overall design , one buggy thingy take for instance the home page and load up the location selection box with over 30 locations and try to use that box on a mobile device it won’t let you scroll down . ( any fix for this ? ) besides from that wonderfull theme


please provide a link to your website and also let us know the device you’re using and we will have a look into this.


Hi Max ,

I’m still working on it locally , but i’ve uploaded here so you can see . if you take the Gemeente / Stad dropdown box . And i tested it on ipad / ipod / and some android smartphones . The Site is still a work in progress thou so don’t hate :3 .



I’ve tried on iPhone and it works using the UP/DOWN arrows.

Cheers, Max.

Hi, On the homepage, can the search box be replaced by the contact form?


this can be done but it will require custom code. If you’re good with changing code then it can be done for sure.



david83 Purchased

Hi! what happened to wordpress version of HomeQuest theme? I would like to purchase it.


wordpress version of the theme is available on our website only, you can buy it from there. Let us know if you have any other questions.



david83 Purchased

thank you.

You welcome

The wordpress version on your site, does it have IDX integration?


Marcelinaa Author Team


Sorry but by default our theme doesn’t work with IDX, so if you want to have it integrated with IDX then you need to hire someone to do this for you or to make the changes on your own.

All the best,