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The best !!!!


Thanks mate.

Is it possible to make it RTL ? Thanks


At this point I’m afraid that is not easily doable. Of course you can do it via CSS , but the RTL text implies more design decisions that I think had to be done in the earlier implementation phases, not now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey Guys, can you tell me what admin panel i can use so that our workers can post things by thereself ?



You can use our WordPress admin panel, but we are not selling the WP theme here. Can’t post the link I’m afraid (against Envato policies).

but 99$! . is there anychance to get a HTML Admin Place ?



Well Marco, it went a lot of energy, development and design into this project . We’ve implemented a bunch of very complex features that work out of the box. Not many can say that, believe me. If you’d do a bit of research you would see that $99 is actually on the low side considering this kind of themes.

No an admin panel isn’t possible on the HTML theme. You’ll need a CMS behind.

okay good.. but next question WHY are you not selling your wordpress themes over Themeforest ? because you know no one buy’s a template for 99$... maximum here on themeforest is 50$ and you see dad you will get more buyers..


our WP themes are worth more then the level of price they practice here for WordPress themes, and we give you upgrades and support included. As you know Envato doesn’t guarantee support for the theme you purchase from here and doesn’t force the users to offer support for their themes, so basically support is not included in the prices here.

entersys Purchased

How i can edit the “Transaction” to “Venda” and “Aluguel” (brazilian portuguese)?


can you please post this on our Support Forum (http://themefuse.com/forum) with as many details as possible. Thanks, we’ll reply asap.

Why does the Twitter update by default not work on full view ?? If we just *resize the browser or view on a different size its all working and fine;

Please advise. thank you !!!

(also ; do not feel like signing up to another board to ask what should have been working out the box);


sorry, i don’t really understand what the problem is. Can you be more specific?


The Twitter update on the landing page / index.html does not work when in full page default mode. *<!- latest news line -> line 257 (actually it works; but is not in view). until its viewed in a different size IE: resizing the browser; By default the template has *place holders in the

    . Again this is only an issue with the default full size view; and its nothing more then just not showing up correctly; the feed is there ..etc…. hope this helps clarify the situation :)

We’ve fixed it. There was a small bug in the screen.css file. We’ve updated the file. All you need to do is download the archive again from your account.

(I’ve just uploaded the files again. Give it an hour or two to give the envato guys time to update the project).

Nice work :) respect. cK


Ty mate.

I can’t get your Live Preview to load oneither my computer and ipad.


Try again now. We had a hosting server issue.


I really liked the layout and imagine the work that this development must have cost him, really congratulations. I am very interested in purchasing this layout but I have some doubts. I will create an external control panel that will feed each layout information from this panel will be made in AdobeFlex, as it has no problem I wonder if all the source code is released, if the purchase I get this layout. PSD the thema and if I want to change something as placement of certain items is easy to change. I have knowledge of HTML and JS.

I am very interested in continuing with the development of this layout to suit my company and I wonder if I can personal for your MSN fecharmos extra service this layout?


Hey, thanks for the kind words. Together with the HTML you will get all the files that we have created HTML and also PSD files. All the code is there, no hidden catch.

Unfortunately we can’t help with further development because we are not taking any custom jobs. We are 110% focused on ThemeFuse in bringing more themes to life and we have our hands full.


This same theme is html and has nothing to do with WordPress right?


Yes it is the HTML version of our real estate theme. It was used to create the WordPress version, other then that it’s a stand alone HTML theme.


Very nice theme with great attention to details !!! Before purchasing it, I would like to ask one thing.

Inspecting the demo code, there is a lot going on to generate the wide google maps with all the properties listed with custom markers and info boxes. I saw that you are requesting a JSON to the WP theme. I would like to know how detailed is the documentation regarding this part. Basically which functions have to be called on load to parse the JSON and place the markers, what kind of data is expected to be passed and so on…. I am not expecting you to provide me the admin-ajax.php since its tied to the wordpress theme and it would not be suited for the database structure I am going to design, but only a general structure/flow on how that gmaps is generated/handled, since its probably one of the selling points for this html theme.

I would buy the wordpress theme, but for my client is an overkill and too complicated to manage.



I had one question:

Is there a specific search plugin you can use with the website so anyone using the search feature on the website can view any property on the local MLS ?

Having your own listings on the website wouldnt be that difficult, but sometimes people want to search the market instead of just your listings….

Is there a way for that to work? Any recommendations? Have they been tested for compatibility?



This being a HTML theme, it doesn’t work like that I’m sure you know. You’ll have to implement it in WordPress or other CMS , or purchase it directly implemented. (Can’t share link, sorry)

Unfortunately we don’t know of any plugin that would do what you are looking for. Of course, if you have what it takes, there is always room for further development.

Hi, not sure if this has been addressed in the forum yet, but I am thinking about buying this theme for someone looking to develop a real estate site, and I’m not sure how adjustable the layout is. For instance: a) can the top search area be taken out of the page layouts? Ex: on the homepage there would be only the slideshow w/o the searchbox to the right. also, the same concept on the single property pages, instead of the search header, it would start directly with the property address and image gallery with description below. (because it’s a small business and there are not many properties for sale, the person doesn’t want any kind of search, they prefer the clients go individually through each of the properties… b) can the map start closed? and then manually open by clicking the arrow? I would assume a “true” or “false” code script? Thanks a lot, great theme and if these elements are adjustable… it’s mine :)


Sorry for the late reply.

Yes if you need to take things out, that is pretty easy considering that this is a HTML theme. Regarding the map, yes you can start with the map collapsed. Hope this helps.


I just purchased this theme and I don’t know how to upload it on to my website. I am using HostPapa. Would you be able to supply me with step-by-step instructions on how to do this? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Get in contact with your hosting company. They usually have a Control Panel from where you can upload all your files to your server.

Another option will be to use a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client to connect directly to your server but you’ll need an username and password for your server.

Hope this helps.

themefuse support on vacation? anyone available for responding?


Yes we are on our dedicated support forum. We don’t give support here because it is imposible to track by other that might encounter the same issues or have the same questions. Of course some of the questions are already answered on the forum.

HomeQuest Support Forum

Thanks for the understanding and support.

JetonS Purchased

Hi there,

First of all nice theme, loved it. I have just a small problem maybe you could help me: Even though I am changing the screen.css or style.css file, it doesn’t seem to get the changes. Is there a special way to change the css files or am I doing smth wrong? For ex. I change this portion to remove padding but it does not apply the changes: .search_home .search_title { padding:0} Or I changed some font size to make a some text a bit smaller, but again the changes are not made.

Thnx in advance.

JetonS Purchased

Never mind man! I have been changing the wrong css file .


No worries, glad you could figure it out.

Hi guys, I would like to buy the wordpress theme of this template and before purchasing it, I would like to ask one thing.

I plan to use a template for a travel site. I would like to know if I can change the search parameters and add new ones? I know Html and CSS.


Don’t buy this for a travel website, because we are about to launch a travel theme that will fit better on your needs ;)


I demand a pre-order! Ahah! Thx! this is good news!

joshx1 Purchased


Where is the css for the markers you guys use on the property page?

AKA: http://i.imgur.com/4ok2TnI.png