HOPE - Responsive WordPress Charity Theme

HOPE WordPress Theme is a fully responsive HTML5 theme that is ideal for citizens involved in non-profit and charity organizations.

It offers a responsive and fixed width layout, a clean modern user interface, awesome hover effects, full width feature slider with touch support, fullscreen backgrounds, fashionable tooltips, 600+ Google fonts, 300+ FontAwesome icons, Retina display support, tons of professional styling options, custom post types for events, organizers and galleries and much much more.

Hope Charity theme has lots of awesome features. We’ve highlighted a few of our features below such as: fully responsive, retina ready, advanced admin panel, WPML ready and our super easy 3 minute setup. Our theme also includes 600+ Google Fonts support, 300+ FontAwesome icons, custom post types for events, organizers and galleries, theme color sampler and so much more. We offer outstanding 5-Star customer support on our themes and plug-ins!

Updates :

HOPE Charity Theme v 2.0 (October 16 2014)

New customer requests added in 2.0 :

- New "postItems" shortcode added (allows you to display your recent blog posts anywhere)
- Correct CSS class is now being applied to the footer copyright text (updated required-css.txt file)
- New parameter added to the "imagePanel" shortcode allowing you to change the rollover icon
- New "staffProfile" shortcode added (allows you to display a single staff profile anywhere)

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.9

New updates and bugs addressed in 1.9 :

- Client carousel is now working correctly in parent theme
- Footer social icons now gets secondary color applied correctly
- Sidebar widgets clear elements correctly
- Page sidebar is now working correctly
- hopeButton shortcode now accepts a hex value for the color parameter
- Multiple quick contact forms can now be used on a single page
- Share buttons for news posts are now URL encoded
- New eventPost shortcode added allowing you to add event posts anywhere in your page or post

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.8

New updates added in 1.8 :

- Updated for WordPress 3.9
- OptionTree updated to version 3.2.4
- Woocommerce support added
- Theme customizer support added for easier theme management.
- button shortcode has been renamed to hopeButton (original button shortcode stopped working in WordPress 3.9 visual editor)
- Twitter API keys must now be supplied to get the twitter widget to work. You can find this under Appearance -> Customize HOPE
- Updated documentation
- Updated .po and .mo translation files
- Updated CSS text file (required-css.txt has woocommerce classes added) 
- Updated Optiontree settings file (this file is optional for existing customers)
- Youtube icon bug fixed
- columnContainer shortcode now allows background image and background color to be applied simultaneously

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.7

New updates added in 1.7 :

- OptionTree framework updated for WordPress 8.1 - should see improved performance.
- Visual editor shortcode buttons have now been added making it quick and easy to add shortcodes.
- Footer navigation and social buttons added
- NEW Shortcode options added under Theme Options
- NEW PrettyPhoto options added under Theme Options
- NEW footer layouts added
- NEW Google map shortcode added
- Breadcrumb navigation can now be disabled or enabled under Theme Options.
- Sidebar layout can now be adjusted per page or per post.
- fullScreenContainer shortcode has been removed in favor of columnContainer shortcode
- progressBar shortcode has been updated for Bootstrap animated progress bars
- Twitter Widget cache interval has been increased to 35 minutes to reduce Twitter timeline outages caused by numerous requests.
- Instagram URL is now working correctly.
- Updated Setup files.
- NEW required_css.txt file added under Setup Files folder
- Expert tab under Theme Options has been renamed to Required CSS

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.6

New updates added in 1.6 :

- panelHeader shortcode is now more flexible (icon can be disabled and background color can be updated manually)
- Search bar in main navigation can now be disabled under Header Options.
- Global Donate button fields have been moved under Header Options. 
- Updated documentation

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.5

New Feature Requests added in 1.5 :

- Added new Header Options section under Theme Options (header height can now be increased and a header slogan can also be added to the right of the logo) 
- Added new styling option for the main navigation bar (updates quick navigation bar simultaneously) 
- Updated documentation 
- Updated OptionTree layout settings to v9

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.4

Whats New in 1.4 :

- Added custom slug support for custom post types
- Event dates now automatically abbreviate
- Twitter icon in widget feed is now displaying correctly
- Added a few new theme options for fonts
- Fixed minor css bugs
- Added new CSS classes to documentation

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.3

Whats New in 1.3 :

- Fixed several bug issues with main slider
- Added new CSS classes for default WordPress menu widget 
- Added Youtube icon field to theme options 
- Updated documentation (now includes required CSS classes for theme options "Expert" tab) 
- Updated translation files

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.2

Whats New in 1.2 :

- Reconfigured and added some new Theme option settings 
- Fixed some css styling issues - (header and footer sections)

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.1

Whats New in 1.1 :

- Minor css styling issues addressed 
- Additional Google Fonts added to font library