HOPE - Responsive WordPress Charity Theme

HOPE - Responsive WordPress Charity Theme

HOPE WordPress Theme is a fully responsive bootstrap theme that is ideal for citizens involved in non-profit and charity organizations.

It offers a responsive and fixed width layout, a clean modern user interface, awesome hover effects, full width feature slider with touch support, fullscreen backgrounds, fashionable tooltips, 600+ Google fonts, 300+ FontAwesome icons, Retina display support, tons of professional styling options, custom post types for events, organizers and galleries and much much more.

Updates :

HOPE Charity Theme v2.3 (Feb. 4 2016)

- Woocommerce template files updated
- New Events and Staff Posts shortcodes added
- Comment system bug fixed
- Load more removed on organisers template
- Minor css issues fixed
- Updated translation files
- Updated documentation
- Updated child theme

HOPE Charity Theme v2.2.9 (Jan. 14 2016)

- Visual composer plugin updated to version 4.9.2
- New sort options added to Events widget
- Security enhancments added to code
- Quick contact form is now 100% translatable
- Updated translation file
- Updated child theme

HOPE Charity Theme v2.2.8 (Dec. 15 2015)

- Visual composer plugin updated to version 4.9
- Updated Woocommerce template files
- New Global header image upload field added for posts and pages
- New radio option added under Global Options to disable zoom effect on news posts
- Logo URL option fixed
- Minor bugs fixed
- Updated child theme

HOPE Charity Theme v2.2.7 (October 29 2015)

- Visual composer plugin updated to version 4.8
- Sponsors carousel now powered by Owl carousel library
- New customizer option added under Global Options to change the URL of the logo (applies to both the header and footer logo)
- Minor bugs fixed
- Updated child theme

HOPE Charity Theme v2.2.6 (October 6 2015)

- Visual composer plugin updated to version 4.7.4
- Cart icon on products fixed (updated for FontAwesome 4)
- Default return to top value fixed in theme customizer (updated for FontAwesome 4)
- New "Display All" list option added to display all Organisers at once under theme customizer
- New "Display All" list option added to display all Events at once under theme customizer
- New dedicated gallery thumbnail field added - this field disables the zoom in effect on hover
- Updated child theme

HOPE Charity Theme v2.2.5 (September 2 2015)

- Visual composer now bundled
- Visual Composer pages added for Homepage, Our Cause and Contact
- Templatera template file added to Setup files folder (requires Templatera plug-in)
- FontAwesome library upgraded to version 4.4.0
- New featureBox shortcode added specifically for Visual Composer
- Updated demo content files and reorganized for easier accessibility
- Updated child theme

HOPE Charity Theme v2.2.4 (September 1 2015)

- PHP security issues addressed
- Widget constructor updated for WordPress 4.3
- Twitter Widget is now powered by Twitter Posts Fetcher (Twitter Widget ID is now required to fetch Tweets)
- Updated child theme

HOPE Charity Theme v2.2.3 (June 26 2015)

- PrettyPhoto XSS Fix
- New Gallery Template added (all galleries can now be accessed on a single page)
- Custom Slider support for third-party plugins added

HOPE Charity Theme v2.2.2 (May 13 2015)

- Twitter share URL added to twitter share button
- Events widget now displays correct event dates

HOPE Charity Theme v2.2.1 (April 25 2015)

- OptionTree updated to 2.5.4
- Woocommerce template files updated for version 2.3.8

HOPE Charity Theme v2.2 (April 20 2015)

- Responsiveness bug fixed
- Organizers load more bug fixed
- Events can now be ordered by event date (under Appearance -> Customize HOPE -> Custom post type options)
- WPML support added
- Custom language switcher added for WPML
- Multiple accordions and tab systems can now be added on a single page
- Google map shortcode now renders correctly in tab systems
- Late escaping security added to dynamic code
- Updated .po / .mo file
- Updated Woocommerce template files for version 2.3.7
- Updated demo content file
- Updated optiontree import file
- Optiontree framework updated to version 2.5.3
- Updated child theme
- Premium PayPal Manager version 1.4 now bundled
- New theme customizer import/export plugin now bundled
- New theme customizer settings file now bundled

HOPE Charity Theme v2.1 (Feb. 8 2015)

- Default Theme customizer options added for WordPress 4.1
- Improved Theme customizer settings
- Woocommerce Template files updated

HOPE Charity Theme v 2.0 (October 16 2014)

New customer requests added in 2.0 :

- New "postItems" shortcode added (allows you to display your recent blog posts anywhere)
- Correct CSS class is now being applied to the footer copyright text (updated required-css.txt file)
- New parameter added to the "imagePanel" shortcode allowing you to change the rollover icon
- New "staffProfile" shortcode added (allows you to display a single staff profile anywhere)

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.9

New updates and bugs addressed in 1.9 :

- Client carousel is now working correctly in parent theme
- Footer social icons now gets secondary color applied correctly
- Sidebar widgets clear elements correctly
- Page sidebar is now working correctly
- hopeButton shortcode now accepts a hex value for the color parameter
- Multiple quick contact forms can now be used on a single page
- Share buttons for news posts are now URL encoded
- New eventPost shortcode added allowing you to add event posts anywhere in your page or post

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.8

New updates added in 1.8 :

- Updated for WordPress 3.9
- OptionTree updated to version 3.2.4
- Woocommerce support added
- Theme customizer support added for easier theme management.
- button shortcode has been renamed to hopeButton (original button shortcode stopped working in WordPress 3.9 visual editor)
- Twitter API keys must now be supplied to get the twitter widget to work. You can find this under Appearance -> Customize HOPE
- Updated documentation
- Updated .po and .mo translation files
- Updated CSS text file (required-css.txt has woocommerce classes added) 
- Updated Optiontree settings file (this file is optional for existing customers)
- Youtube icon bug fixed
- columnContainer shortcode now allows background image and background color to be applied simultaneously

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.7

New updates added in 1.7 :

- OptionTree framework updated for WordPress 8.1 - should see improved performance.
- Visual editor shortcode buttons have now been added making it quick and easy to add shortcodes.
- Footer navigation and social buttons added
- NEW Shortcode options added under Theme Options
- NEW PrettyPhoto options added under Theme Options
- NEW footer layouts added
- NEW Google map shortcode added
- Breadcrumb navigation can now be disabled or enabled under Theme Options.
- Sidebar layout can now be adjusted per page or per post.
- fullScreenContainer shortcode has been removed in favor of columnContainer shortcode
- progressBar shortcode has been updated for Bootstrap animated progress bars
- Twitter Widget cache interval has been increased to 35 minutes to reduce Twitter timeline outages caused by numerous requests.
- Instagram URL is now working correctly.
- Updated Setup files.
- NEW required_css.txt file added under Setup Files folder
- Expert tab under Theme Options has been renamed to Required CSS

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.6

New updates added in 1.6 :

- panelHeader shortcode is now more flexible (icon can be disabled and background color can be updated manually)
- Search bar in main navigation can now be disabled under Header Options.
- Global Donate button fields have been moved under Header Options. 
- Updated documentation

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.5

New Feature Requests added in 1.5 :

- Added new Header Options section under Theme Options (header height can now be increased and a header slogan can also be added to the right of the logo) 
- Added new styling option for the main navigation bar (updates quick navigation bar simultaneously) 
- Updated documentation 
- Updated OptionTree layout settings to v9

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.4

Whats New in 1.4 :

- Added custom slug support for custom post types
- Event dates now automatically abbreviate
- Twitter icon in widget feed is now displaying correctly
- Added a few new theme options for fonts
- Fixed minor css bugs
- Added new CSS classes to documentation

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.3

Whats New in 1.3 :

- Fixed several bug issues with main slider
- Added new CSS classes for default WordPress menu widget 
- Added Youtube icon field to theme options 
- Updated documentation (now includes required CSS classes for theme options "Expert" tab) 
- Updated translation files

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.2

Whats New in 1.2 :

- Reconfigured and added some new Theme option settings 
- Fixed some css styling issues - (header and footer sections)

HOPE Charity Theme v 1.1

Whats New in 1.1 :

- Minor css styling issues addressed 
- Additional Google Fonts added to font library