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This is one of the most elegant wordpress themes I’ve seen! It is very intuitive and beautiful! Good job!


Im glad you liked the theme :) Thanks for the nice comment

Amazing theme, but can’t figure out how for the life of me to customize the contact form. how do i make it so that when the user sends an email it comes to me?


i’m also trying to figure out how to change the hierarchy of the posts on the homepage. i can’t arrange the posts other than the order in which I publish them.


Thank you very much! Could you please post your doubts in the support forum ( http://support.horizontall.co ). If you have any problem posting there let me know at my email (horizontall.theme@gmail.com). Thanks :)

Hello, I’m wondering if it is possible to download the theme as it appears on the template? (with text and content included – would love to have it serve as a guide when setting up)

Cheers, -Anna


I will definitely think about it for future release. The theme relies on normal posts which helps portability. So in this sense it is easy to set content the “default WordPress way”. But I agree it would be a helpful feature.

Thank you very much for the suggestion :)

Hello, Thx for wonderful theme. But I need your supports on this theme, so I tried to join support.horizontall.com, but I can`t find purchase code. I already tried to rollover download link, I can download theme only, purchase code button not exists. Could you check it and tell me solution(s)? my transcation ID is b14b653a880511e39d28d4ae527ed1fc.


Hi! Thanks for the comment. Could you please send me an email with your doubt to horizontall.theme@gmail.com. Ill make you an account and give you the user/password through email. Thanks!

Hi horizontall.

I have two doubts,

1. If the post using tag ”<!-more->”, the post can’t display page navigation, it is a bug?

2. The top menu could not been seen if the user has already logged in, it is masked by wordpress native top admin menu.

Thanks for the great theme !!



Hi, Thanks for the comment. Could you please submit your doubts here: http://support.horizontall.co/ (email me if you have any problem with registration horizontall.theme@gmail.com). About the first question, on the forum, please give me a little more information on how is your post content.

Thank you very much

hiegl Purchased

Really a great new approach. Enjoying it so far. :-) Some questions though:

Is it possible to have more fonts available? As the actual selection is from Google already why not add the complete Google library list. This would be really helpfull for me.

It would be good to have a setting for Article header background color and Article header bottom border. The article content is moving behind the fixed header when scrolled and some users are surprised right now, as this behaviour is not expected without a visual hint.

Is it possible to apply the alternative article background color for each item individually instead of randomly?

Thanks in advance, Bernhard

hiegl Purchased

Is there already the whole google fonts library available for Horizontall? Would be really helpful for a coming project.

Thanks in advance, Bernhard


It is not yet available. However I am working on it right now :)


Its ready now, check the new update



If I have 20-30-50-100 posts… Is there a page navigation?


Right now the theme relies on an infinite-scroll similar way of displaying articles. But I will think about giving the possiblity of choosing a page navigation for a future update. Thanks


With infinite scrolling how long should be the background image in “full background” mode?

And one more question – in full background mode can the theme display number of comments?

And one more – by clicking on post title new page with post will open. Can I tune this page? Width, color and others…

“Full background” mode is perfect but one post view is quite a different style. I would like to make them similar to each other. Can I do it myself or do you planned an update?


The way infinite scroll works is placing all posts the loop would retrieve, the first page posts will display when the page is loaded, and the second, third,etc posts will be “empty” until the user scrolls to the corresponding empty posts. (the drag and drop utility uses css3 transitions, be concerned about placing too many posts and performance with transparency and other effects). The background image which is scrolled has 150% width of the screen size, so the more posts the less it will scroll until it reaches its right side within the last post.

The number of comments will display if the footer is active and if there is one or more comments.

Ijn Modalbox page (the one you refer to) you can choose Article width, Modalbox container color and closing, loading, icons dark/light color. I am planning on updating images of the settings to the item description here in themeforest this week.

Single post view takes the same background, and colors,etc as the main page (except width which is shared with Modalbox page mentioned before). http://horizontall.co/9-schemes/

I hope I could help, if you have any other quesiton feel free to drop me an email horizontall.theme@gmail.com Thanks, Alvaro


amazing theme, super clean, bravo!

just 2 questions:

- Can we put the main menu bar at the bottom of the screen ? - Can we provide a list of audio track easily ?

Thank you!


Hi Degueldre, Thanks! 1. You can make use of the Bottom sidebar, but this one is different from the Top one, it is not intended for menu or logo, sorry. 2. Could you please give an example of what you mean? Something like embedding soundcloud?

Thank you, Alvaro


Yes, something like embedding soundcloud, is it possible ?

and just anoher question :

- the theme is wpml compatible ?



I can not ensure it will be compatible with the plugin you are asking right now. But about adding soundcloud widget, sure, there is no problem. Thanks :)

Pre purchase question please. Firs congratulations for your work! we are thinking in purchase this theme for a big project since your first release and have some questions please: . Really like the update scheme ‘blog’ and we want to know if it’s possible wen you click in title if can get only background image and title, without text. . Are you thinking in multilingual ready for next release? Thanks and best regards!


Hi Minimizan, Thanks for the compliments :)

You can choose to display the header,footer, scrollbar. If you set the scheme like Blog new (deconstructed mode which implies the Thumb is in the background of the post), then you can also choose if displaying the content. For example:


is only displaying the Header in the index page and the Thumb when you click the title. About multilingual, although it is in my to-do list it is not inminent right now. I hope I could be helpful. Best Regards

Hello, I love your theme! I just purchased and cannot find the purchase code to access your support forum. I am basically looking trying to set up a site exactly like the portfolio example and am looking to view the answer to this question:

I am having a very hard time creating a full page background image for each of the posts on the homepage like in the first example of this theme. We essentially want the site to look like the very first example. If its not to much trouble could you just walk me through how to set up one post and then I can build out the rest?

Any help? Thank you!


Hi etiffany, Im very glad you loved the theme :) To find the purchase code you can follow the instruction here: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/simple-generic-envato-purchase-code-instructions/57593 To set an image for the background of each Post simply add a Featured image or Thumb image in the post editor. Please try to register to the forum and check the answers there. If you still have problems with the registration, let me know in the email: horizontall.theme@gmail.com Thank you :)

Hi, Would love to take a look at your site but the demo is not loading.


Thanks for the notice. It seems to work ok for me, please recheck it: http://one.horizontall.co/

hi. this is awesome and I am thinking about buying it. I was wondering if the theme allows for the landing or home page to be a combo of posts as well as pages. like this universalpartnership.org

I would like the first column to be scrollable blog posts and the rest to be pages that are static on the home page.

thanks in advance


Hi rooster, Thanks for the comment. In the theme each vertically-scrollable div is a post. The home page displays the default WordPress behaviour, the latest posts. It is not possible to add a blogroll inside a vertical div. as the example you show. Also notice that all posts displayed in the theme have the same width (differently to your example). I hope I could help, Alvaro

I bought this theme a few weeks ago and waited to make my own experience of it, see how it works, its capabilities and limits, how fast and efficient the support is… Verdict: I’m stunned.

This theme is fantastic, beautifully designed, even in the most little details. And it is TOTALLY user-friendly. As I’m not a coding expert, I just had to add 2 lines of custom css, all the rest can be managed directly through the user panel with the great new “live” function (which allows you to see in real time your changes, without publishing and refreshing your page). Shortcodes are also awesome.

I tested many themes, and this one is by far the best I found. Building my new website has never been so easy and so fast. Have a look at http://www.180.fr if you want see what this theme is capable of. Really impressive.

A word about the support: Alvaro’s answers came very fast (within a few hours, often a few minutes!) and he has been very patient and efficient, even with some of my stupid questions ;) Thanks so much Alvaro!

Finally, some suggestions for the next updates:

1. You can manage 3 different sections, using 3 different schemes. More than 3 would be awesome.

2. The theme doesn’t support multi language yet, that can be a problem for many users.

3. Navigation options: I like this horizontal concept, how it’s handy on tablets and smartphones, but many users aren’t used to it, as most of the themes are vertically designed. When displayed on a desktop, you see immediately that an article is followed by another on the right, so intuitively you scroll to the right. But on smartphones, only one article is displayed: many users won’t have the reflex to scroll right. The theme has a scrolling page bar option, which is nice, but maybe not enough for some users. An arrow option displayed over the article sides would be great.

4. The menu in top bar is also horizontally scrollable, which is logical considering the whole them. But, again, some users can be lost. For instance, if your logo on the left is very large, only a part of the text of the first menu item will be displayed. Adding an option to have a scroll down menu with the usual three horizontal bars would also be a nice improvement.

Hi, i think this is a so cool theme, bt before buy, i have to ask you if can i set a different with for posts. ( e.g. first 200px second 350px … )

maybe using custom css code…

Thnk you so much M.


Hi Maurissimo, Thanks for the comments. Im sorry but this is not possible. You can choose any custom width for posts but it has to be the same for all of them. The width of the posts and the number of them which is going to be displayed, affects several things, like the container,javascript..

Thanks so much for your interest :)

Hi, Love this design. Just a pre-purchase question – on the Blog type, is it possible to list different categories on the left sidebar? That way, users can browse through different topics?



Hi Victoria, Thanks for the comment. In the left sidebar you can display both menu and widgets. Default from WordPress (http://en.support.wordpress.com/menus/). So yes, you can include category links. (In fact the demo is displaying category links). Let me know if you have more doubts :) Best, Alvaro


Hi thanks! I purchased the template but am unable to gain access to the support group.


Thanks :) You need to register using your themeforest username and purchase code: http://support.horizontall.co/wp-login.php?action=register (Find the purchase code here: http://support.horizontall.co/wp-content/plugins/Aqua-Verifier-master/img/find-item-purchase-code.png)

If you still have problem registering in the forum, please send me an email: horizontall.theme@gmail.com

gdmnw Purchased


The support forum is not recognising my purchase code. Copy and paste from the downloaded documentation.

Should I be using a different code?


Hi, Ill create you an account. Please send me an email to horizontall.theme@gmail.com so I can send you a username and password. Regards, Alvaro

Hey there! I just got the theme and I absolutely love it. Great job. One thing I couldn’t get to work is, that I want to display a feed of articles (that works fine so far) but when I click on one, I want a photo to be displayed in the background and I don’t want it to be fullscreen but I want to preserve the aspect ratio and show it completely.

I hope you understand what I mean. Just think of it as an art gallery. I load a category and all the paintings are displayed with their respective titles. When clicking on a title, I want to go to a single page where I can see the whole painting with some description text.

Would be great if you could help me!


Hi umbertofederico, Thanks for your purchase and nice comment. Could you please sign up and post your doubt in the Support forum: http://support.horizontall.co/ We can continue the conversation there. If you could also post an image or example of what you are trying to achieve it would really help. Thanks


Hey! I tried but I can’t post anything. I registered and I was also able to login, but when I try to add a topic, it says that I have to be registered. Something’s wrong with the site.


The theme used for the support forum sometimes has a weird bug where you have to refresh the page after login in (or where ever it asks you to log in when you already did it). Try this way please, if not send me an email to horizontall.theme@gmail.com , and lets talk there . Thank you

gcodemk Purchased

I just purchased this theme and it’s awesome. But i have some questions.1. How to put social icons in bottom on left bar. 2.How to put background image instead bg color in left bar. Thanks in advance.


Hi gcodemk, Thanks for your comment. 1. Icons appear by default on the right. To do so you could add some Custom Css: #social_container{right:auto;} 2. Left bar cant display an image as background. Support is made through the support forum: http://support.horizontall.co/ If you can, please sign up for further doubts. Thanks, Alvaro

gcodemk Purchased

In css file instead #social_container{position:absolute;right:20px;z-index:99} i put #social_container{right:auto;} but doesnt show in left bar in bottom. It’s stay on same place in right side of the screen.


gcodemk, lets continue the conversation in the forum