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Nice theme. Got a pre-purchase question.

In the Portfolio layout where you have the photos scrolling across, currently on the demo when you click on one you get the full-screen image. Is it possible to add a caption/text info to the full-screen image popup?


Thanks! In that scheme you can choose what to do display from the Theme Customizer as you can see here: https://0.s3.envato.com/files/82723390/horizontall_customizer_9.jpg

Not really a caption but you could display just the title of the post or just the content, if that fits what you are looking for. Let me know if I was clear, Best Alvaro

Hi Horizontall, just a simple question, is it possible to set the height for ModalBox/Single Article ?


Hi, I am afraid there is not a setting for this. In Deconstructed mode,however, you can control “Scroller wrapper top single” and “Scroller wrapper bottom single”, which might be able to acomplish it in a similar way. Thanks you

How do I add picture galleries for my pages?


Hi Stylist_Franzy, Support is made through support forum (http://support.horizontall.co/). If you could please sign up there and post your doubt I would be glad to help you. When you do so please provide as much details as you can, some link as well as a reference to the demo page would be helpful. Best, Alvaro

beautiful theme bu i’ve Got a pre-purchase question. In “photos mode”I can associate an action to click (like text pop up) or I can just only scroll them? thanks


The Portfolio & Blog (new) schemes use the Featured image (WordPress default functionality) for both the index and the single page background (what in the theme is called Desconstructed mode). Each image you are seeing is the Featured image of a post. In both you can choose what to do display from the Theme Customizer as you can see here: https://0.s3.envato.com/files/82723390/horizontall_customizer_9.jpg

So if you are interested you could display only the Header in the index page and Header + Content in the single page. This is is an example with a little variations so you can also see what other things can be done: http://one.horizontall.co/category/shortcodes/


ok, thanks. but (sorry) I don’t know if this shortcode are apllicable to photo as well as the “portfolio & blog”


No problem, thank you for your interest.

Hi, i have a pre-purchase question. i really liked this theme, especially the main scheme. I’d like to use it as my personal architecture portfolio. But i need image galleries for every different in each post. is it possible to do it with your theme?


Hi limonluk, Thanks for the kind words, I studied architecture too :) You could add your images in your posts as in this scheme: http://more.horizontall.co/category/thin/ The theme is very customizable so you could give whatever sizes you need. Let me know if you have some doubt, Thanks, Alvaro


love this theme! been looking for this to replace my current horizontal theme which I love but the author has stopped updating and sux at responding to requests.

i’m wondering if pages can be the columns on the home page instead of blog posts and whether it is possible to configure the blog posts to one scrolling column?

thanks in advance!!!


Hi Rooster, Thank you for nice comment :) Well, the theme follows WordPress default post functionality. So Im afraid the loop displays the posts only. About your second question, do you mean using a vertical post display instead of horizontal? Thans, Alvaro

thanks for the quick response. I would like it to be something similar to this http://universalpartnership.org/ where everything is horizontal but has vertical scrolling with the columns


this is fantastic! thanks much! def looking into buying. when was this updated last & are you all planning to update or keep it relevant for a bit?


You can check all updates in the Theme Description, latest was November 2. You can customize the theme quite much so you can create your own touch with it (Im not refering just to tweak colors). Sure, I try to fix bugs users publish in the forum to keep the theme clean :)


sweet! again, thanks so, so much!

sorry got few more questions…

can the columns be adjusted to be different widths? can I have the first column be scrolling of more than one post?

thanks in advanced!


Sure, ask to see if the theme fits your needs. Neither of those is possible. All posts (columns) need to have the same width. And each of those columns belongs to one post. Thanks, Alvaro

hiegl Purchased


don’t know if someone already asked, but is it possible to set the column width in % instead of px? Even better would be to set it to 100%.

I want to make a site, that scrolls horizontally but shows only one article per page. Resizing the browser window should retain this situation with only one article. I really hope, this is achievable in some way.

Thanks, Bernhard


Hi hiegl, Sure its possible to achieve it. You can assign a very high value in px for the width, as there is a max-width set for articles your article will stay 100% of screen. On the down side if you are using the Left bar, It will always display hidden (as expected). Best, Alvaro

hiegl Purchased

Great! Never tried to enter a width by hand as the slide setting offers only 1000 as max. :-) Now I set 1800 and navigating via the arrows on my keyboard works nicely, as the article moves “into place”. Unfortunately moving the page via cursor swiping allows to stop anywhere. Is it possible to always have the article snap in place?


Lets continue the conversation in the forum :) http://support.horizontall.co/

I registered on the support forum but login system looks broken (even if I log in, the site says I’m logged out), so I’ll ask here: why the Article – Text Color and Article Header – Text Color are not working? They are stuck on black.


Hi Danjel Ricci, The LogIn link in the top menu of the forum will still appear after you log in but doesnt mean you are not logged correctly, Ill fix this. About your concern, I just checked and text colors work correctly. Please notice there is a different Text color and Header color setting in “Articles” and another in “Modalbox & Single Article”. Best, Alvaro


Thanks, I guess I had some problems with the browser because when I clicked on “Add new post” on the support forum, it was asking me to log in again, and again… Now it’s working! Also, I was missing the different text color settings. Thanks! :)

Hi there, I’m very interested in this theme. Just a few questions:

I like the first layout option here: http://themeforest.net/item/horizontall/full_screen_preview/6177433

1. I’m using it mainly to display photos though but I want to keep the text excerpt for each post in the horizontal slider layout…how is possible to incorporate a high quality gallery or display multiple photos for each post?

2. Is it possible to make the background a video for a post in the horizontal scroller?

3. The clicking to go to the full post seems weird sometimes. Are you supposed to be able to click the image or text excerpt once to visit the individual post page? It seems like sometimes I have to double click.

4. Can the background have more than one image, like you scroll down to view multiple images, or you have to include them in the actual post?

5. Can the menu always be in the left sidebar instead of on top, like for single pages?

Thanks for your help!


Just to clarify, I only would want to use the first option layout/design here, not the thin or photos one: http://themeforest.net/item/horizontall/full_screen_preview/6177433


Hi globey20, Thanks for your interest. I think if you take a look at the Theme Customizer demo you would be able to feel better how the theme works. http://one.horizontall.co/theme-customizer/

About your questions. 1. The theme has 2 ways of Post display. *Deconstructed, In which the Featured image will be the background of the Post for example: http://one.horizontall.co/ or http://one.horizontall.co/category/shortcodes/ . *Boxed, where the Featured image (if there is) will be fixed at the top and hided when scrolling or clicked, for example: http://horizontall.co/ or http://more.horizontall.co/ If you want to display multiple photos for each post you should include them in the post content like its done here: http://more.horizontall.co/category/photos/

2.Its not Possible to add a video as background, It wouldnt be much performance friendly.

3. The Modalbox Post will open when double clicking the Article, Clicking the Title of the Post, Clicking the Background image (Deconstructed mode, when there is no Post content over it, even transparent).

4. I think 1 already included the explanation for this

5. You can select to have a Left sidebar, Top sidebar or both. Check the Theme Customizer demo I refered before to see it better by yourself.

Thanks :)