Showcase your work in an unique horizontal navigation, suitable for all kind of content. Portfolio images or plain text content can fit in any of the 14 schemes that come with the theme.

Scripts and styles are compressed and images are loaded with lazyload so your content can load fast. The content of individual articles is loaded dynamically into the home page or category page, while the address bar changes accordingly to what you are viewing. This way your users can access the content without reloading the page, and share it or bookmark it to come back later.

The theme is extremely customizable, with the premise of horizontal navigation you can customize sizes, colors, elements to display, and almost anything from the theme. You can display 3 different sections of your site with an absolutely different custom style (choose one of the 14 or create your own). The navigation of the site can be made dragging with the mouse, scrolling, or even using the keyboard.

List of features

  • Fluid Design with Responsive queries that adapts to any screen size
  • Ajax loading (dynamic content) for pages, articles and comments
  • Html5 + CSS3 + jQuery
  • Full Background image for each Post (new)
  • Full Background image with Parallax effect
  • 14 schemes
  • Apply 3 different schemes in the same domain
  • Language ready. The theme includes .po file for ready to translate.
  • Spanish Language already included.
  • Theme customizer with Live preview settings
  • SEO friendly with the use of h1,h2,alt,title,minified scripts and styles, lazyloading images…
  • Very customizable to use for multiple purpose (photography, blogging…)
  • Unique scrollbar that shows the number of posts in the page
  • Image and video modalbox
  • Shortcodes
  • Unique scroll experience
  • Unique infinite scroll navigation
  • Top-Left-Bottom sidebars
  • Widget Ready (2 widget areas)
  • Custom height, widths, margins, sizes, etc. Powerful settings panel, extremely customizable. Take a look at the screenshots
  • Google web fonts
  • Social media icons
  • Cross browser Optimization
  • Optimized for CSS3 animation effects and fallback with jQuery
  • Update browser message for ie8 and below
  • Documentation and support forum
  • Custom Contact Page

Live Preview the Theme Customizer


27 December 2014: Version 1.2

+ Translation compatible
+ Spanish .po included
* Fixed scheme switch in Customizer
* Small styling fixes

20 December 2014: Version 1.1.9

^ Improved javascript (way of appending extra scripts/styles)
* Fixed bug when iframe cover is not active, calculate correct aspect ratio
* Fixed Safari didnt display Close modalbox icon in deconstructed mode
* Fixed Firefox mousewheel scrolling too slow
* Small styling fixes

2 November 2014: Version 1.1.8

* Fixed conflict in javascript in ie9
* Fixed wp_audio bug
* Double click now works in deconstructed mode to open Modalbox article
* Removed Chrome frame link (no longer available) from old browsers message

12 October 2014: Version 1.1.7

* Fixed bug with Wordpress audio player
* Fixed bug in Theme Customizer for old versions of Wordpress

8 October 2014: Version 1.1.6

^ Some improvements and fixes in Theme Customizer
^ Moved SEO conditionals from <title> tag to wp_title filter
* Fixed sanitize for images in Theme Customizer
* Added back again all Google fonts that were available in version 1.1.4

7 October 2014: Version 1.1.5

+ Uppon request: Added modalbox functionality to pass between all modalbox images of the page without leaving modalbox view
^ Theme Customizer: added number (type) input
^ Theme Customizer: some improvements in style and scripts
^ Improved css/less and javascript folder structure and names. Javascript functions are separated in files for better access. Only one script is loaded (in both minified unminified version) which includes all plugins and scripts
^ Updated javascript plugins to latest versions
* Fixed bug with Youtube iframe dimensions when using modalbox_video shortcode
* Fixed bug in WordPress 3.9 (& higher) post editor with Fieldset shortcode
* Fixed display bottom bar without widgets conflict
* Removed useless thumb size creation

30 July 2014: Version 1.1.4

* Fixed bug in WordPress 3.9 post editor

17 July 2014: Version 1.1.3

+ Added new setting for choosing email address which will receive email instead of default admin email, in contact form
+ Added more social icons:
    + Devianart
    + Steam
    + Soundcloud
    + Reddit
    + Delicious
    + Stackoverflow
    + Flattr
    + Foursquare
    + Yelp
    + Github
    + Stumbleupon
    + Pinterest
    + Xing
    + Instagram
* Bugs fixed:
    * Contact page icons displayed incorrectly when double or more lines
    * Data-title showed in Contact page when Article header was not selected in Main Page settings
    * When single width 100% is selected and there is only one article the Thumb displayed incorrectly
^ Cleaned files. Settings are retrieved in a much cleaner way. Check h_settings() in functions.php
^ Made some changes to adapt to version 3.9 of WordPress (tinymce and theme customizer)

13 May 2014: Version 1.1.2

+ Added a lot more of Google fonts.
* Bugs fixed:
    * Compatibility with Child Theme
    * Track pad horizontall scroll loads new pages
    * Other small fixes

14 March 2014: Version 1.1.1

+ Added new setting for selecting iframe/modalbox cover backgroundcolor
* Bugs fixed:
    * Dragging the scrollbar loads next pages after a small timeout
    * Soundcloud and Twitter embeds height
    * Article without header displays small title at the bottom
    * Contact page header left aligned
    * Other small fixes

25 February 2014: Version 1.1

+ Added new way of displaying articles. Check Article Display > deconstructed in Theme Customizer
    + Article content (display article content)
    + Article thumbnail click opens Modalbox
    + Thumb top, left, right, bottom
    + Scroller wrapper left/right
    + Scroller wrapper top, left, right, bottom
    + Scroller top
    + Article single content
    + Thumb single Full width
    + Thumb single top, bottom
    + Scroller wrapper single top, bottom
    + Scroller top single
+ Theme Customizer settings (such as colors and sizes) update instantly in the preview window
+ Added 4 new schemes that make use of the deconstructed display
+ New settings:
    + Article Header - Border Bottom
    + Article Header - Background color
    + Article header - Align center
    + Page-iScroll snap offset
    + Page scrollbar articles
    + Hand cursor - default, move
    + Top bar Bottom border
    + Left bar Right border
    + Use (Modalbox background color) in single page too
    + Article single - text color
    + Article header single - text color
    + Center Article single in the middle of the window
    + Article Display settings mentioned above
    + 4 new schemes!
^ Changed some internal settings of iScroll to make it smoother
^ Improved the way the Left menu slides up/down
^ Cleaned some files (javascript, theme_settings.php...)
^ Google fonts make only one call for all the font-families
^ Css from settings is minimized too
* Fixed bug with embeded iframes height
* Other bug fixes

18 January 2014: Version 1.0.2

+ Added new scheme, I hope you like it and can see more possible displays of the theme.
+ Added 'Fading article scrollbar' setting (Main/Category > Article) to fade out scrollbar when the Article is not being scrolled.
+ Added 'When clicking Article thumbnail' setting (Main/Category > Article) to select between hide the Thumb or open Modalbox/Single Article page.
+ Added 'Page-iScroll snap to Articles' setting (Main/Category > Article) to choose if Page scroller snaps to articles or doesn't snap at all.
+ Added 'Article header height' setting (Main/Category > Article).
+ Added 'Cover embeded videos with layer' setting (Common settings > Performance) to activate/deactivate layer over embeded iframes such as videos.
+ Added 'Top menu elements display on click' setting (Common settings > Navigation) to select between Hover or Click for desktop devices.
+ Added 'Left menu elements display on click' setting (Common settings > Navigation) to select between Hover or Click for desktop devices.
^ Improved javascript performance. iScroll, Thumbnail and Lazyload.
^ Redesigned Theme Customizer. Now its much cleaner.
^ Improved SEO with the use of h1,h2 tags, improved title tag and Article Thumbnail images alt now display the Article title.
^ Scrollbars now shrink when scrolling outside of the boundaries.
^ More exaplanations about theme features in the help file.
* Fixed bug with Favicon which was not appearing.
* Modalbox images and articles display correctly even when fast clicking is made.
* Fixed bug with Windows 8 tablets and Internet Explorer 11 touch events.

5 January 2014: Version 1.0.1

+ Added 'Modalbox Articles' setting to activate/deactivate Modalbox option in Articles (dynamic loading of articles)
+ Added 'No conflict Mode' setting. There could be css#id attribute conflict with Modalbox Article feature
* Fixed bug with paragraph shortcode and floats
* Fixed bug when seeing single article from Theme Customizer without minified scripts

3 January 2014: Version 1 (Release)


The following resources are used to create this theme, and display the demo:

I would like to thank them all for their great resources. Images used in the preview as well as the setting bar are for demo purposes only, and do not come with the theme.


I will be glad to help you if you have any questions related to the theme. I’ll do my best to assist. Support is made through the support forum. I will try to reach you as soon as possible. I hope you like the theme. Thanks.