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Hi, Please i have a problems with WHMCS 6 , please how can i integrate with WHMCS 6 as your demo link above ???

Please send me your wp-admin access to support@iwthemes.com and gladly we will help. the portal theme no work in the six version of whmcs.


i just sent mail to you from engkareemmansour@gmail.com please solve the design issue and whmcs 6 issues as your new demo link below http://wp.iwthemes.com/megahost/clients-area/

ok, we will review and resolve.


Hi guys

Regarding regular license

I have one doubt. I want to install multilangues in my site

I want to know if its possible with this license

I want to put like this

www.mysite.com/pt www.mysite.com/en www.mysite.com/fr

or like this

pt.mysite.com en.mysite.com fr.mysite.com

Please guyes tell me it this license allows me to do that.

Hi, thanks for your purchase, yes. you can use the theme without no problem.


WHMCS domain checker free?

Hi, thanks for your interest in our work.

You must have an active whmcs installation.


Hello, i have a question, kinda lost. If i get a reseller account at Hostgator, for example, with your template can i access the reseller panel and the whmcs panel? Is that it?

Hi, thanks for your interest in our work.

This yes possible.


Does it work with whmpress clientintegration? The new layout as in your demo.

Hi, thanks for your interest in our work.

Integration with guarantee “whmcs bridge”.

If whmpress works with short codes, work correctly.


Animate to buy, this is our demo, 100% compatible with whmcs 6:


Using the pro version of whmcs bridge


Does it work with wpmudev whmcs integration?

Hello, sorry only whmcs bridge.

Please check:



So the theme is pretty useless without the pro version of whmcs bridge?

Beware of this theme. It is not integrated with WHMCS correctly.

Hello, you say this?

If you want you can write to support@iwthemes.com and gladly we will help.


when you fix update compatibiltiy with whcms 4.6 ?

Hi, thanks for your interest in our work.

I do not understand what you mean.

Whmcs is at version 6.0.2, that you ask for the 4.6?

yes i meant 6.0.2 is not compatible this theme with that version when youcan ix it?

Hello, yes is supported.

This is the pro version of whmcs bridge:


And this with the free version:


Animate to buy, we will gladly help.



Danirub Purchased

HI can have you got the theme working in RTL ? Thanks Dani

Hello, tastefully we can help implement your rtl site.

Please type in the support area.


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does the demo content include all the images

hello, yes include all the images.


Hi, just want to know, I’m interested to buy your theme, your theme is compatible with WHMCS new version 6+ ? and we can fully integrate with WHMCS ?

Hi thanks for your reply, as per my understanding, megahost theme cost is $44, whcms bridge free plugin is not working/support with current WHMCS version 6.0.2, so it means it’s useless to use free pluign, as for “whmcs bridge pro” it’s cost $54.95 annually, in this way it’s expensive solution !!!!!, I noticed there some other themes also available wihch comeup with WHMCS integration without any plugin, just pay theme cost and every thing is ready for live, what’s your openion for this matter ?

One more question please, what’s the differecne of your megahost wordpress theme & it’s html version, if use html version it’s comeup with it’s admin panel or anything else ?

Hi, I must say that the free version of “whmcs bridge” if it works with version 6.02 of whmcs. it is not necessary to buy the pro version.

here is the example:


The difference lies in the html version does not have an administration panel. all must be edited manually.



hdm Purchased

Hi, thanks for this awesome theme at first! :) i’d like to ask you if you can give me a helping hand: where do i have to write which code to activate html tags (like a href) in the product desc zone?

many thanks in advance!

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

Please send me your wp-admin access to support@iwthemes.com and gladly we will help.



Theme option has only 8 Skins Colors, if i want to use anyother except these colors, please let me know how to do ?

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Please send me your wp-admin access to support@iwthemes.com and gladly we will help. Regards!

Already sent email on yesterday, I’ve 7 more questions, as said in email, is it possible, please provide any other fastest way for communication e.g. Skype/Gtalk/YM etc ? My 7 questions are might be very simple, but it’ll take more than 1 week for one by one !!!

Hello, sorry but our support is through email, chat can not guarantee personalized to each customer.

Gladly we will resolve each of their concerns THROUGH the mail.

Please handle the same history-mail for questions, not create a new post for each question.



wonhost Purchased

I’ve sent email yesterday, but didn’t find reply from your side, as i can see in Support session, “This author’s response time can be up to 1 business day.”, please let us know it is 100% true, your time will reply withing 1 business day ???

Hello, we have reviewed your mail, please send the same email to access your wp admin and we will gladly help.



wonhost Purchased

want to know, from where i can see my sent emails ticket history ? you are not using any ticket system ?

Hello, we do not use ticket system.We work through email only.


Hello, I want to change the link “about-01” to “sobre-nosotros” and the link “shared-hosting/” to “servicios”. How I can make this?

Hello, you should only edit the permanent link page:



Admin, please reply my questions which already sent via email 3 days ago, didn’t find reply yet !!!!

is it require WHMCS software in the backend?

Ok, so I’ve read through many of your posts and replies here and this is the conclusion that I’ve come to. I am seriously considering the purchase of your product, however 2 things are of concern before I decide to move forward:

1. The “free” version of WHMCS Bridge, does not have responsive design and it also doesn’t have SSO (single sign on) – which requires a purchase price of an additional $29.95 or $54.95, adding to the overall cost. I want my design to be fully responsive WITHOUT spending additional monies. I already spend the money on WHMCS and now I have to spend it on the WHMCS Bridge as well?

2. If I need assistance, I do not want anyone accessing my site (wp-admin) login to make any modifications, etc. Is this one of your requirements? That you guys always log into the site and make changes? I have customers personal information in there and I certainly do not want strangers in that site doing or looking at things.

Please advise…. thank you.