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i cant find the pricing table pls help!

Is this template well documented, if yes please lets see it

translation wher can I do it ?

I bought this template last night, uploaded it on Wordpress; IT’S NOT WORKING. Only the white background shows up. Please help me make this Template work just like your Demo Website. I really have to get my hosting business going. I’m Hungry! Please help or issue a refund. Thank you!!!

I also submitted a ticket and contacted seller though support page.


Congrats and a very nice template! I’ve purchased this, but have a few small issues and a real lack of time. Would you be interested in installing this for me for a fee?

Thank you and best wishes.


I have 2 questions before I purchase 1) is this a responsive theme? 2) How can I change the navigation bar color

Im having the same issue as djgucci the colors on the backgrounds are off there not showing up like the demo theme. also the sidebar widgets are only showing 2 on all pages except the front page.

Fixed the issue where there was only 2 widgets showing up on other pages besides the front but still cannot figure out how you made the color back ground or the testimonials have the scroll effect

fixed this issue as well no need to reply to my post

This template hasn’ t been updated in over a year

Hi, I just bought this theme and after downloading the theme I can’t find the .zip file for uploading to wordpress. Where I can find the zip file?


hello Failed to import ????? “pf1” Failed to import ????? “slide1” Failed to import ????? “pf1”

This theme seems abondoned?

We will update this theme, but still in queue… thanks

Are there any updates for this? It’s been a while since I purchased this theme. V1.0

Hi, I am using WHMCS live chat support which was running before their last update. I contacted their support (at http://livehelp.stardevelop.com/ ) and they said the J-query library should be updated for this them. I replaced your library with teh latest 2.x version but I faced more problems!

Can you please assist me?

Hi there, running the template with WordPress 3.9? Andy

Why dont you support at all?! I paid for this and it is completely useless for me!

I would like to buy this template but I am concerned that there has no updates and also is this mobile compatible?

Good Morning,

I really like this wordpress theme but it doesn’t look like it is capable with 4.1. So before I purchase it will it work with 4.1?