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I have installed the theme on my server and cannot seem to get the homepage to look like the sample. When i imported the xml file it said it couldnt do some because no menu slug not sure what that means i havent had that issue with other themes. Also how do i get the modules to work on the home page for pricing and the boxes around the different areas.

please send a message to me via my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/swalian including this questions/problems, your site url and theme name.

It will not let me message you from your profile.

Excuse me i’m checking the template and its good for a customer project the thing is the template support translation or multiple languages ?

Hi I was looking at this theme and I was thinking about purchasing it. Can you make the slider fill the page, if I did not want a sidebar? If how can I do that?

It needs a small modification to make the slider full width page… there is also page without sidebar…


So what would be that modification? I would want the slider I just would want it full width. I want to make sure I can do the modification before I invest the money.

I have added portfolio categories and portfolio items, and also applied the portfolio template to a page, but no albums or portfolio items show up. Ideas?

please send a message to me via my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/templatesquare including your questions/problems, your site url and theme name.

Hi there. I am thinking about purchasing this theme ASAP . I can see its Wordpress v 3.0

Is there an update for wordpress3.4 , or will there be one soon?

Regards, Tracey

I’ve just purchased this template and installed it into word press. It looks nothing like the demo. :( How do I make it look like the demo? the demo is the site i want.

Need some help with the menu. I know it’s a CSS issue but I can’t seem to make the adjustments without breaking the menu functionality. What I want is simple,

I just want to increase the font size of the menu to 14px without breaking the rest of the menu, and I’d like to be able to have 2 word menu items without it breaking to a second line. Why does the character spacing seem to be limited in the menu?

Can you help? Thanks.

I am interested to buy the Theme but i have one issue. As a hosting Company you need to sell domains as well. i don’t see any place in the Theme to work with domains. there must be at least a place for whois lookup and so on. can you please comment?

Hi, you can integrate the theme with whmcs and it have domain search by default… thanks

Hey, Great Theme, very easy to work with, thanks :) Just one little question. In the demo site the Guarantees in Content1 and Our services in Pages sidebar have boxes around them but when I but the text box in these areas and add the text and code on my site I don’t get the box. Is there something I’m missing or do I just need to code a box in?

Many Thanks and keep up the good work

My client has purchased this theme. I’ve just added a subnav page and I’m finding the drop-down menu to be very glitchy and frustrating in the amount of times I have to attempt to click the subpage link. What can I do to make it less glitchy?

Oh I had to adjust the absolute positioning of the subnav top because I had increased the font size of the navigation. Just wanted to let you know that I figured it out.


is it possible to change the transition speed of the testimonial slider, and if yes, how can I do that? Thanks for support!

Is there a responsive version on it’s way?

No, we will inform if we will update this theme to responsive… thanks

Is there an example or showcase?

I love this template and I am ready to purchase it. The only thing that may stop me from purchasing it is… On the Pricing Box Widget, is it set as a default to have “Order Now!”?? I would like to use another phrase instead. Please help so I can make a decision quick. Thanks in advance.

SHOULD I BUY THIS? I noticed that Firefox isn’t one of the compatible browsers…. what problems will users on Firefox come across? – Anyone know?


Firefox is compatible, we just update the info… thanks

Is your theme localization / internationalization (i18n) ready?

How about mobility? I read some comments earlier about mobile viewing issues.

I guess there is

this theme is not responsive

Does this theme work on mobile devices? Any compatibility issues?