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Have you made it possible to remove the middle widget area? It would look awesome to have all that left side as one widget area to show big images like a blog.

Your blog option is not appealing because of the tiny image and fine font. So using widgets would make it look like a real blog. Imagine using it for a food blog or fashion? Big images are essential.

The solution is not to customize the blog of every person who ask you but simply to update the theme to offer this feature…It’s good when updates reflects what customers are asking for…

The other way around this is to improve the blog option to show big images with small summary and title for each post. If the blog option was done good like this then.. no one would be asking to remove the middle widget in the first place. They would simple go to theme options and switch to blog. But no one wants a blog with thumbnail pictures..Let the photo take up the whole left space.

This may be an easier option than messing with the middle widget area.

Hi rivey001,

Thanks for the suggestion and I will certainly take this into consideration for a future update.

I am having trouble with the Featured Post slider, Sticky Menu and News Tickler. Neither of these items are showing up once installed. I am unable to find documentation that specifies how to set the website up like the demo content. Please provide assistance.

Hi msshantiray,

Please make sure you selected the “All files & documentation” option when downloading the theme files from Themeforest. Then, once you unzip that file you downloaded,you will find the documentation in the /documentation folder of the main theme file.

If you have any more questions, feel free to re-open your ticket and I will address them there. Thanks!

I have read over the documentation approximately 7 times now. I also reopened the ticket yesterday and have not received a response as of today. If you can point out in the documentation where it addresses this issue that would be great because reviewing it and clicking on each section using the table of contents at the top does not address the questions that I have.

Hi msshantiray,

Please make sure you are also not trying to use a static homepage. Go to Settings > Reading and make sure “Front page displays” is set to “Your latest posts”.

But thanks for re-opening your ticket. While I do typically answer tickets within 24 hours, it may take longer on weekends and holidays. I appreciate your patience and I will answer your ticket in the order it was submitted. Thanks!

Are we ok to update Wordpress to 4.2.3 using this theme?

Hi t1l5t,

Yes, you are OK to update Wordpress.

Suggestion for a future update: Put an “offset” option (skip the first N posts) for the ticker, feature section, and the homepage widgets, so that there isn’t as much repetition if you use the same tags. The only other way to do this right is to constantly re-tag posts to keep them showing up in all the right places, and none of the wrong ones.

For example: First 5 feature posts in the “feature” section, then the next 5 posts in the Widget, and then the 5-10 after that appearing in the ticker.

It’d be nice to just tag the posts once and have them fall into the right slots.

Hi media412,

This is currently on the list of potential updates, but I can’t guarantee that it will be included.


Is it possible to choose which categories the Home Page blog displays? By default, it looks like every post will display, however I don’t want certain categories on the Home Page blog.

Hi MS01,

Unfortunately, this is not a feature of the theme since the blog section will automatically display all posts.


how to create Child Theme?

Hi evilmc,

Here is some information on how to create a Child Theme:

Love MVP Themes & HT! Really sharp. Our question: is it possible to control which items appear at the top of each category blog page? For instance, we’d like to keep certain posts per category featured at the top just like on the front page. Any suggestions please let us know – thanks!

Hi brianmac2021,

Unfortunately, that is something you would need to edit on your own from within the category.php file.

Hello! I’m just looking at getting your theme for a client and just had a couple of pre-sale questions.

1) Can I add reddit to the social sharing buttons? 2) I saw a couple of comments about the middle widget on the homepage – the client doesn’t want this – is it possible to remove? 3) We want to move the news slider to be under the grid on the home page, is this possible?

We are happy to pay for extra development if it is required, is this something you can offer?


Hi egglabmedia,

These are all not features of the theme and are things you would need to modify on your own from within the theme files. And unfortunately, I am not available for custom work at the moment.


tvingi Purchased


I see at the bottom on left side is one Youtube video. I was try to put youtube video embed code several times and nothing via widgets. Can you explain how to add Youtube video to play on front page like on demo?


Hi tvingi,

You can do this with the default Text Widget that comes with Wordpress and insert the video embed code. If you have questions about how to do this, feel free to submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help.

hello i want to ask how can i place this type of social sharing buttons exactly in this url under the post title : ... as my website is .. i want to use like that on my website… please reply.. thanks

Actually i purchased the theme from some other login and i forgot that login details.. please tell me what to do for such sharing buttons?

also the tweet button is not working at current social sharing plugin…

Hi umarimtiaz33,

I am unable to provide support unless you can confirm your purchase, so you will either need to find the login to your other username or purchase another copy of the theme so I can confirm your purchase. Thanks!


MS01 Purchased

Hi. Some of the images including our logo doesn’t appear in Safari mobile?

Hi MS01,

Please disable all of your plugins to make sure they are not causing this issue. If the issue goes away, then you can enable them one by one to find out which one is causing the issue. If you still have issues after you have disabled all of your plugins, feel free to submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll look into this for you.


MS01 Purchased

Found it! It was the FG import Joomla to Wordpress plugin. Thanks for the great support!

I’m glad you were able to resolve the issue!

If you have a second, I would greatly appreciate it if you could rate the theme (preferably with 5 stars ;) ) via the Downloads section of your profile page. Thanks!

Hi, love the theme, however I was wondering if it was possible to extend the vertical news feed?. Its quite short and my sidebar widgets go a lot further

Hi PressA2Join,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll look into this for you.

Ok thank you

Hi, How do I add an advert to the ad widget at the top of the page (970×90)? Also, does it have to be 970×90 or can I add 980×120 as well?

Secondly, at the top of the site, there is a ‘contact’ button there, how do I get that to lead to a contact section where I oculd have a contact form and contact details.

Next to the ‘contact’ is Login, how do it edit that too?

Hi delphilips,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help you with this. Thanks!

I have found nothing while checking your posts in Google Rich Snippet testing tool. How your theme is seo optimized ?

Hi wpreads,

While Rich Snippets is something that will be implemented in this theme in a future update, there is more to SEO optimization than just Rich Snippets. One of the most popular Entertainment sites on the net ( uses Hot Topix with great success.


MS01 Purchased

The menu on the live preview is different to the one I received, am I missing an option somewhere? My one scrolls up from the bottom, the preview menu comes out from the side (fly-out navigation). From past comments it looks like I need the Menufication plugin? However I can’t find it.

Hi MS01,

The Menufication plugin is included with the theme. The documentation will explain where you can find the file and how to install the plugin. If you have any specific questions after reading through the documentation, feel free to submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help.


dsciandra Purchased


I recently updated from V. 2.7 to V. 2.9 and I noticed that my share count on all of my posts practically reset to zero.

For instance, I had a post with over 200 shares, that now says ‘27.’ Another had over 100, and now says ‘9.’

Is there any way to get my original share count back?? I worked hard to promote and get my content shared, and I’d like the count to reflect this. I’m very discouraged by this and am now wondering if my share counts reset each time I upgraded the them in the past.

Hi dsciandra,

The update added a new feature that changes the format of shared counts over 1,000 to 1K, over 1,000,000 to 1M, etc.

You may have something in your set up that is conflicting with the new formatting, so please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll look into this for you.


dsciandra Purchased

Ok, I will submit a ticket. I activated another social share plugin, and it displays the correct share count, but I prefer to use the one included with the theme.

It appears that a lot of the missing shares are from Google+ shares. For instance, on one post 167 shares to G+ are not reflected in the count, but Facebook and Twitter counts are.

Hi dsciandra,

I responded to your ticket and found/resolved the issue for you (which did involve the Google+ count). The change will also be reflected in the next update, which should be available very soon.

Can you send me screenshots of the Theme admin panels?

Hi tpinkus,

There is a screenshot of the Theme Options if you click on the “Screenshots” button on the main theme page.

Hello, I bought your theme a year ago. I have an error on serve scaled image. I do not know if there is any way to specify this in the theme because I strongly influences the speed of page loading. What can I do?

Thanks and sorry for my English. I am Spanish.

Hi lovetalavera,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll look into this for you.


pishka Purchased

Hi, I am considering buying this theme, are you providing RTL support yet? Thanks!

Hi pishka,

It is on the list of potential updates, but that is currently not a feature of the theme.