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how does the blog works? can the blog automatically come from wordpress articles?




Right now, this template is just written in pure HTML / CSS which means that even though everything is prepared accordingly, it doesn’t perform any dynamic functionalities as it is and needs to be integrated into the content management solution of your choice prior to that.

It would be possible to do this using WordPress as well of course, but the template as it is doesn’t ship with that functionality.

I hope I could answer to your question so far and will remain available of course if there’s anything else you’d like to know.

Wishing you a pleasant festive season!


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Is there a way to hide Safari’s URL bar on this theme? (iOS 4.0)

I have tried this below with no luck:

function hideURLbar() { window.scrollTo(0, 1); } addEventListener(‘load’, function() { setTimeout(hideURLbar, 0) }, false); window.onorientationchange = hideURLbar;

Hello and thanks a lot for purchasing one of my templates!

Actually I didn’t implement a JavaScript solution which hides the URL bar because it seemed to be quite difficult to get this right on any device the template should be running on, i.e. the cross-browser compatibility and performance was rather poor.

As far as I know, there are some JavaScript solutions available such as the one you mentioned above already, but I personally wouldn’t recommend using them to be honest. Every bit of JavaScript added to a mobile template slows it down a bit and even though it works properly on fast phones like the iPhone 4 or 4s it might be really slow on low-end devices or older phones.

That said, I’m unfortunately not aware of a bullet-proof JavaScript solution which could solve this in a suitable way — instead it might be a good idea to guide your visitors so they add your site to the home screen of their phone. That way, a native function would be used and those who come back frequently would get more screen real estate.

I hope I could help you at least a bit with my answer and will remain available if there’s anything I could do for you in addition of course. Please note though, that I’ll be away on vacation until January 6, 2012 now and I’m not sure if I’ll get access to the internet there.

Have a great start into the new year!


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Hello, is it possible to disable the landscape mode? Just potrait, no orientation.

greets Roman



First of all, I’d like to thank you very much for purchasing one of my templates — it’s much appreciated!

As far as I know you can do so using various pieces of JavaScript available elsewhere on the internet, but all of them seem to have in common that they just work particularly on some devices and so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend using any of them.

I just came back into my office and still currently evaluate the possibility of adding a fully functional landscape mode to the template which uses the full width — however, I can’t say for sure yet wether this will be possible or not.

Here’s one attempt which tries to disable the orientation mode switch, but just like I mentioned, many of these seem to lack support for all devices: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5298467/prevent-orientation-change-in-ios-safari

I hope I could help you and will remain here in case you need my help of course!


Did you use jQuery Mobile for this or did you build it up from scratch?



This template uses the default, minified version of jQuery and so all of the effects used have been created from scratch and it doesn’t use the mobile animations offered by jQuery mobile.

I hope I could answer to your question and will remain available if there’s anything else you’d like to know of course!

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Hey there,

theme looks great but the scrolling is VERY sluggish on my handset: a SGSII as well as my tablet SGT 10 .1.

I have also noticed that the form elements do not work.

Can you please provide a solution for Android?

Love your work so really looking forward to getting these issues fixed.

Thank you!



Hello Dave!

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Initially, the template just used very basic jQuery and CSS3 code in order to achieve the sliding sidebar effect.

However, due to the fact that iOS4 devices didn’t support this solution properly, I had to switch to a JavaScript based alternative which can be a bit slow from time to time and particularly causes problems with the input fields.

I’m already working on a maintenance update which will fix both problems and should be submitted to the marketplace by the beginning of the week then.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience and will remain available if you should have any further questions meanwhile of course!



Can you tell me how you removed the scrollbar in your preview? I’m currently developing a mobile theme but the scrollbar is screwing things up.




Sure, you’ll just have to set a fixed width and height to a container element and add overflow: auto; to these accordingly. In order to make scrolling work properly across all common mobile devices you might want to have a look into libraries like iScroll JS or similar in order to get a better impression about what needs to be done to achieve that.

I hope I could provide a helpful hint to you with that answer and will remain available if you should have any further questions regarding that topic of course.


Hello indiqo,

Thanks for such a nice template.

I must admit that the forms are driving me crazy, the submit button doesn’t work, using an iPhone 4S and clicking on it doesn’t make any action.

And you have to press the label to make the keyboard appear and focus over the field where you want to type in. Are you planning to fix this? can you provide a quick fix?



Thanks for your feedback!

As far as I can tell, this behavior has been caused by the iScroll JS library used in order to make sure the scrolling works properly on older iOS devices as well.

I’m already working on a fix which should be submitted and approved by the beginning of the week — it also includes various additional improvements and additions in order to add even more value to the template.

Please keep an eye on the releases during the course of the week or feel free to send me an email if you should have any further questions of course.




I’ve been adding some extra bits to the template that I can show to you.

Where I can email you?

I’ve already developed a big thing with your template, I would like to comment with you those fixes that you’re implementing next week to know where to add them instead of overwriting.

Take care!


Sure, no problem — please feel free to send an email to hello@indiqo.eu at any time so I can see what I can do!

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Hey Max – thanks for the prompt reply!

Great – anxiously waiting for your fix! :P

Do you have ETA at all?


No problem! :-)

I just came back from vacation a few days ago and so I’ll have to sort a few things out today, but I’ll try to complete the update either today or tomorrow at least so it should be submitted to the marketplace accordingly then.

Hope that helps! :-)


Hello, Your theme is very beautiful! J have installed the theme ett when I visualize in my iphone, I can not write in the form of chams, nor in that of the newletter,

What is the problem?

thank you


Thanks a lot for your feedback and for purchasing this template!

I’m working on an update as I write these lines already and it seems to work properly and even improves the overall performance. Any chance you could send an email to hello@indiqo.eu so I can share the link to a preview version with you just to make sure it works properly for you as well before I’ll submit it to the marketplace?


potgied Purchased

Hi Max,

I have noticed that you have done an update. Thanks for doing as you said you would – however:

- scrolling on android is still slow - text field inputs are selectable but text entered does not reflect - text fields accepts and displays correct text (jay) - tickbox not selectable. - submit button is not clickable

I am supposed to deliver a project tomorrow and can not wait any longer for a fix. Can you possible correct or refund?

Thanks – and sorry to be pedantic. Your work is beautiful and amazing – just this instance is not functioning correctly. Pity!



Hi Dave,

Thanks for your feedback — as usual it is much appreciated!

Please let me try to explain something — maybe that makes clear why scrolling is slower than it used to be and how we might be able to solve it even though that won’t be suitable for the official release:

The initial version of the template was significantly more responsive but some users noticed that a CSS property used in order to make those two panels scroll independently wasn’t supported by iOS4 devices yet and even though Apple offers free updates for iOS, many people still seem to use it. (iOS5 worked great though but just supporting the most recent version didn’t seem to do the trick unfortunately)

In order to solve that problem, I had to add a JavaScript based workaround and decided to use one of the most widely used solutions which was iScroll JS first. However, any JavaScript solution like this seems to perform rather slow on many Android devices depending on the speed of the device itself and the Android version applied to it, while it works good down to the very first iPhone running iOS3 which is really not that powerful as you may know.

The problem was that iScroll JS had a pretty annoying, known bug with the input fields not selectable on older webkit versions on iOS and Android alike and so I rewrote this part entirely, implemented another solution which is a bit more responsive too and which solved the input field issue on any device I tested it with myself accordingly. (Motorola Defy running Android 2.2.2 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 running on 2.2)

From what I can see so far it doesn’t seem to be possible to serve both kinds of devices properly at the same time — iOS versions prior to iOS5 don’t support overflow:scroll; which would have been the snappy CSS only solution and some Android devices don’t seem to be powerful enough to render the JS based workaround as quick as it should be.

During my series of tests, the template worked acceptable even on some older Android devices which was important to me, but getting things working perfectly on any older iOS and Android version seems to be as difficult as creating a complex web application interface which looks properly down to IE5 .

That said, an interface like this one just works either on the latest versions of mobile webkit without a JavaScript workaround or it works on almost all devices but not as snappy and responsive as it should be.

A refund isn’t possible from what I can see and as far as I know it’s not even a part of the ThemeForest terms of service where any item will be purchased as it is and even providing support wouldn’t be necessarily required — but it’s important to me to do everything I can to help of course.

As a full time freelancer for more than six years now I never let a client down and usually try to make sure they’re satisfied with the results. That said, please send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu and we’ll go through the CSS only solution together tomorrow using the device you’re testing with and might find a suitable solution for this specific case — I can’t promise that it will be exactly what you’re looking for but I’ll definitely try to help you as good as I can.

Thanks a lot for your patience — I’ll be looking forward to your message then!


hi, am trying to view this template demo from my mobile application but it does not auto rotate horizontally …can this be achieved



So far, the template doesn’t scale / expand in landscape mode due to its application like interface and should be used in portrait mode instead.

I’m still evaluating wether landscape support could be implemented properly in some way and so it might be available in an update soon.

I hope I could answer to your question so far and will remain available in case there’s anything else you’d like to know of course!


am intending on buying this template so i was wondering if you give a definite timeline as to when this will be accomplished


Well, a working version of this template already exists and I could send a preview copy to you as well of course as soon as you purchased the original template.

However, there are two things to keep in mind yet: First of all, the slider doesn’t scale which means the slideshow images are a bit smaller and don’t fill the entire width of the landscape mode screen.

Aside from that, I couldn’t test it in a wide variety of different operating systems, browsers and devices so it’s currently just a beta, but it looks very good nevertheless and you can try it here: http://indiqo.eu/demos/hotcake-landscape/

Hello Indiqo

I absolutely love this work of yours. Good job!

I have about 2 or 3 questions:

1. How easy will it be for me to add 2 extra tabs at the top of the page? Will simple HTML and CSS do?

2. Have you been able to resolve the javascript iScroll conflicts you mentioned, and when do you think you might get that done? if it affects only the iOS 5 (not my target user platform), then you can ignore this question.

3. How well do you think your theme is supported on RIM blackberry phones? (I don’t own one, but most of my possible target users do)


Hello Ancel,

Thanks a lot for your message — I’ll try to answer to all of your questions right below if you don’t mind:

1.) Yes indeed, the source code is very clean and you can add new tabs via HTML / CSS while the markup itself should explain itself in my opinion. The only thing which might be required would be to pick suitable icons for the new tabs — the PSD file included should help you applying the proper style to the items of your choice while you might want to have a look into the commercial Picons icon set which is the one I’ve been using myself (http://picons.me).

2.) Yes, this has been solved meanwhile. I replaced iScroll JS with another solution which improves the overall performance significantly as well and so I can confirm that it works down to iOS3 on a first generation iPhone. I couldn’t test it with an earlier version of the operating system because it’s not available to me anymore, but iOS3, iOS4 and iOS5 work properly.

3.) Truth be told, this is one of the devices I couldn’t test the template on myself because I don’t own one of these and I also don’t know anybody nearby who does. From what I can say though, the theme works best on Webkit powered devices such as iPhones or Android phones, but in general it should be also working properly on any device which supports CSS3 and JavaScript properly, even though some of the smooth animations might not be visible there.

That said, I don’t have any experience using a Blackberry and can’t say wether the built in browser will be capable to render the template accordingly — it works in any desktop browser I came across as well including Opera so it might be working properly on those devices too, I just can’t confirm that myself.

I hope I could answer to all of your questions so far — please feel free to ask me whenever there’s something you’d like to know. I’ll be glad to help! :-)



Thanks for your response Indiqo,

Now I have purchased a blackberry device and done my tests.

The only problem is that I am unable to scroll the page (its not touchscreen and scrollbars dont appear for me to drag with the cursor).

Do you think you can fix this, or make a custom fix for me? It is really important for this to work on blackberry devices.

Anticipating your reply.


Hi Ancel,

Thanks a lot for your feedback — I guess it should be able to find a custom solution for that. In order to evaluate wether this could work or not, would you mind to just send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu please?



i am really interested about this item, but please, tell me:

do you include any code to add to my normal website so the user receive a message or window alert to ask him if he want to watch the hotcake mobile version??

i really want to buy it, but I need to give the option to the users, not make it mandatory, just i want to give them the option with a message (shwed when it recognize the browser mobile).

many thanks in advance and congrats for the template!

best regards, Enrique Tortosa


Hi Enrique,

Thanks a lot for your feedback — I’m glad you like this template! :-)

A mobile browser redirect is not included within this package but you can easily pick the solution of your choice right over here, no matter if you prefer a server sided or client sided one: http://detectmobilebrowsers.com

The descriptions on that site are very good too — if you should need any further assistance regarding this topic or if you should get stuck, you can always send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu as well and I’ll see what I can do of course!



Firstly it’s a great mobile site excluding a couple of small issues with it such as rotating it landscape and the URL bar on the iPhone in Safari.

Other than that it is great! I have a quick question, would you be releasing soon a portfolio page to go with this site? It would be amazing if you did, a place where graphic designers like me can put our latest work for people to see in one nice area. At present, I have just got a button pointing to my desktop version of portfolio.

Thank you for your answer in advance.

Warmest Regards,



Hello Dan,

Thanks a lot for your feedback and for purchasing one of my templates of course — I honestly appreciate that a lot!

Actually, a landscape enabled version of the template is already in development and you can see how it looks like currently right over here — it should work properly already but I couldn’t test it on various different devices yet and so couldn’t release it so far: http://indiqo.eu/demos/hotcake-landscape

The modification itself in order to achieve that is quite simple fortunately so please have a look at it yourself and let me know if it works for you or send me an email and I’ll show you how to modify it accordingly.

I actually intended to remove the URL bar myself but realized that there didn’t seem to be solution which works properly on all kinds of devices and operating systems, so I left it out in order to avoid problems caused by that.

So far, I didn’t think about an additional portfolio page, but I just wrote that down and will try to add it to one of the next releases — I think that’s a very good idea and I’ll do my very best to find a suitable solution soon.

Please feel free to send me an email or to leave a comment at any time whenever you need me — feedback like yours is always appreciated and helpful to improve those templates even further, so thanks a lot for your help! :-)



Wow, Thanks, Max! You’re a great person. You’re very welcome, like I said. It is a great site! The best on envato in my opinion, that’s why I chose yours over all the others.

I’ve had a look at the landscape version and it works perfectly on my iPhone, well done! :)

I don’t mind waiting for the next release to update the current site, it may be simple for you but not necessarily for me!

The removal of the URL bar problem which you encountered makes sense! It isn’t necessary or vital so it’s not a huge problem. But if the solution does come around and hit you in the face one day, would be great! :)

Like I said, the portfolio doesn’t need to be complex. A simple grid system which enlarges images once click would work perfect. I would do it myself but like I said, wouldn’t know where to start.

And I had another idea for the rotating banner, maybe instead of the buttons to change the image, maybe having a swipe feature also for touch screen phones for easy scrolling? It’s like the URL Bar, not necessary at all but maybe a nice extra?

Thank you once again for your reply! I really appreciate your help and do not regret buying this site at all! :)

Have a great day, Max!

Dan :)


Hi Dan,

Thanks a lot for your feedback — I’ll definitely make sure that landscape mode will be available in the next release event though probably just optional as long as I couldn’t test it carefully.

The portfolio section absolutely makes sense to me and I’ll probably add it to one of the next releases as well. A swipe enabled slideshow / banner would be an option as well — I probably will have to swap the current system with a completely new one but might add it too as soon as I find a suitable one whose license works properly as well.

So once again, thanks a lot for your feedback and the suggestions you made — I’ll be working on the update by the end of the week again so it should be available quite soon from now already.



One question: does the landscape mode will be included in this pack template, or it will be another template to buy?


Thanks a lot for your question!

The landscape mode is currently in beta and will be released with the next update of this template, so there won’t be another version to buy of course.

Hope I could help you!


ibexti Purchased

Hi indiqo,

First of all, what a great theme!. Thanks for the scroll-fix update.

The theme works perfect on Safari Mobile, but I’m having serious problems in Opera Mobile (http://my.jetscreenshot.com/3748/20120203-prxj-39kb).

Do you know the reason why the theme it cut at the bottom?

Best Regards, Guillermo Díaz

ibexti Purchased

Hi Max,

Yes!, I installed Safari on my iPhone. The url is m.ibex.cl

We could wait till sunday or monday :)



Hi Guillermo,

That’s great — I just wrote it down and will test that myself as soon as I’m back in my office then. Please keep an eye on this comment thread then because I’ll submit my answer and results to this if you don’t mind.

Have a good weekend meanwhile! :-)



Hi Guillermo,

I hope you had a good week so far!

While having a look at the Opera Mini browser available for iOS myself I also noticed the issue you’ve been experiencing. I couldn’t find a way to solve that and I guess it probably won’t be possible anyway unfortunately — during my research I came across the following article on Wikipedia which might explain why scrolling and JavaScript in general doesn’t seem to work:


The JavaScript support of that mobile browser seems to be really limited and since the HotCake template has been created for modern browsers on powerful devices I don’t think we’ll be able to find any way around this.

The problem is, that Opera Mini doesn’t seem to be capable to render complex JavaScript code at all for some reason and so the template itself doesn’t seem to be compatible with it.

I hope I could help at least a bit clarifying why it doesn’t work with this browser. Just like I mentioned already, the HotCake template has been built to look and behave like a modern touch application interface and Opera Mini rather seems to be suitable to display very small and simple, almost WAP optimized websites properly which isn’t sufficient to support an interface concept like the one we got here.


This template comes with the script to update twitter? escontro where the script for Twitter updates? I liked the template. It occupies the entire screen on an iPad?


Thanks a lot for your message!

The template comes with a script which displays the most recent tweets from your Twitter stream, but it doesn’t post anything to Twitter if you should mean that.

Aside from that, a landscape mode version is currently still in beta and will be shipped free with the next update as an optional setting you can enable accordingly.

You can see the beta version of it running here already — it will be part of the next release coming very soon then: http://indiqo.eu/demos/hotcake-landscape



I liked the landscape version. I’ll buy it right now. On twitter, I expressed myself poorly. I wanted to ask if the script featured the twitter updates. But you understood correctly. And gave me a great answer. sorry for bad english. Thank you.


Thanks a lot! I’m glad I could help you and will include the landscape mode version into the package with the next, upcoming release then so it will be free to download for anybody who purchased the template already.

Hello indiqo, i have downloaded your template and installed and it looks great in every web based browser and the android devices, but i cannot get the Iphone4 to display certain images in safari mobile. Its really strange, the main slide images are displaying as well as the background images for most elements. But the main tabbed icons are not displaying in the safari mobile the active image is displaying properly but the grayed out icons will not show. All icons in the slide out menu are not displaying either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hello and thanks a lot for purchasing one of my templates!

I’m not in office anymore this weekend but could you send me an email with the link to the site where you currently host it? I’ll take my laptop with me and will see what I can find out during the course of the weekend if you don’t mind.

I’m sure we’ll find a cause and a solution for that even though I assume that it’s a quite simple mistake.

I’ll be looking forward to your email wishing you a good weekend!


Thanks Max, im sure it is too, i will email you the address.

thanks ross


Thanks for your email!

I already sent a reply to you and I guess I found out why those icons didn’t show up properly on an iPhone 4 / 4s. Please make sure to check wether image files are available on your server at all and if the file permissions permit anybody to view them in a browser.

Aside from that, I’ll remain available in case you should have any further questions or need my help of course.