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Hello! Please provide answers regarding Hotec theme.

1. Does “Rooms” section have custom field for room’s price? 2. CSS styles — are they editing-friendly (not compressed)?

Yep, all of them ;)

Thank you. How does the theme respond to other (not Hotec) plugins usage? For instance, I’d like to install additional shortcode plugin to be able to use text sliders — to slide blocks of text not images.

Hello.Can I center the logo in this template?


can I setup the amount of the rooms int the reservation system?

Hi there is no reservation system in Hotec :)

OK., Thank You!

Hi, I’m interest in this theme but HostGator has just Wordpress 4.4.2. I would like to know if this theme is compatible with this version. Tks!

Another thing… It comes with sample data?

Yes, compatible with 4.4.2 and it come with demo data :)

Hello, if I bought the theme , there will be in this ? In page :

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

But you don’t have a buyer badge

Is there any documentation for developers on how to integrate some other payment gateway with this theme?

It’s just a HTML template :)


bonabo Purchased

Hello, I would like to ask how can I update Hotec theme, because it is not working. I’m not able to update plugins of the theme and WP is also not able to update. It just looks like it is updating itself, but it looks likei t was freezed or just not doing anything. I tried to ask the provider, but they said they have everything ok.

Could you help me, please?

You can download latest theme version from your download page and then replace it with the one file theme on your server.



weulen Purchased

I’ve installed the template with sample data. When I edit a page, and then click Save is all gone. The page builder does not work properly. Can you help us?

Can you please post this question to our support forum?



mollica Purchased

When Upgrading To Wordpress 4.5 there can be Jquery Errors. Will there be a new upgrade of the theme to avoid possible errors?

Yes, we are working on it :)

I’ve tried to log into your support, but the password is not working. I’ve requested to have a new one sent twice but it doesn’t arrive (I’ve checked the spam folder). I was working on the site when suddenly the entire Theme Options console won’t work. I can’t upload a logo, I can’t even change from the logo options to font options – can’t change colors – nothing. It simply will not get out of the logo page of options.. I created another WordPress set up, installed the theme again to a different url to see if it would work and nothing. I’ve uploaded different images into the Rev slider, but they don’t change. I switched to the WordPress default theme and I can see the images have actually changed, but they don’t show on the Hotec theme. I’m at a total standstill. Any support would be appreciated.

Back again – after making two changes, the Theme Options control panel has ceased to work again. It gets stuck on one page (for instance logo) and you cannot click to another option. Thinking it was my computer, I went and used a friend’s computer, and the same thing happened. It doesn’t matter what browser is used. Has this happened to anyone else? The new WordPress install is 4.5 – maybe that is the issue. Any feedback would be appreciated.

No response in two days – this theme is broken. Tried it on several computers and browsers and still cannot makes any changes within Theme Options. I’ll use another theme for now, but look forward to the updated version that is compatible with WP 4.5 so I can use this on another site, as it’s got a great design.

Sorry for late reply, we are working an update for it and will update to ThemeForest in next few days.



yasza Purchased

possible to turn on / off responsive from backend?

Yes it’s possible, just remove file reponsive.css ;)

With the last update the theme is ready for Wordpress 4.5?

It’s ready :)

Hi, I updated the hotec WP template to version 2.3.

However, the theme options are stuck. If i click on any item, like for example ‘general settings’, ‘font style’ or ‘sliders’, the screen does not change and stays the same. In other words, I can not change anything in theme options. Other menus are working fine.

How can i solve this?

Please download lastest version form themeforest (updated few hours ago) and replace it. if still problem please send me your site info, i’ll check it.

Hello, issue pre-sale.

Is it possible to include in your theme plugin ‘Pinpoint Booking System’, which will allow me to manage my reservations with payment.

Thank you

We not tested with that plugin :)

Hello The page builder is not working on wordpress 4.5.2 ¿can you help me?

Unsupported . Things like that give a bad name to ThemeForest and made me decide to more elegant options

Can you report the issue to our support forum here please? :

22 hours ago I did


Sowelu Purchased

Hello, I have a question: i bought the hotec theme some time ago and now the website was attacked by hackers. Means for to make sure that the wordpress-system is safe now, I have to upgrade it to the newest version. No I can’t find any update from the hotec theme for WP 4.5. so what can I do?? Please help! If you have a solution, I’d be happy to renew the support for the Theme.